Medicine for the Earth Course 214

carin-nebula2Medicine for the Earth Course

When: Next session is TBD.

Prerequisite: Level 1: Basic Shamanic Journey Skills and reading Medicine for the Earth by Sandra Ingerman.

Course Fee: Please inquire at

Medicine for the Earth CourseMedicine for the Earth is based on the book Medicine for the Earth by Sandra Ingerman. The course emphasizes you as a creator, and teaches you more about how the world is a reflection of that which you are within. When you heal yourself, you heal the Earth. During this course you become more conscious of what you are creating with every word, thought, action, and belief.

Medicine for the Earth is based on techniques of healing and empowerment for transmuting personal and global toxins. We focus on our relationships with the elements, and on our harmony and alignment with the land and the elements. Transmutation will be accomplished through the use of shamanic journeying, working with the elements, chanting and ceremony. We learn how to use intention, love, harmony, union, focus, concentration, and imagination to transmute negative energies and toxins.

Contemporary shamans say we are dreaming the wrong dream. To heal the world, we must vision and manifest a new dream for ourselves and our planet. When we are able to transmute the toxins inside ourselves, we enable the world to transmute. All healing comes first from within, and we carry this dream of health and wholeness outward into the world.

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