Ascension Immersion Course

monkey-nebula2Ascension Immersion Course

Prerequisite: None

Current Class Offering: TBD, Click here to view the LightSong calendar.

Course Fee: $595

Immerse yourself in 30 hours of ascension energies! Transcend, transmute, assimilate, exceed and surpass even your wildest dreams of well-being. You will never be the same again. Join us in this radically wonderful experience.


Hear what others are saying about this class:
Thank you for an incredible Ascension Immersion weekend and helping us strengthen our relationships with spirit and with each other. I am so grateful that you create these residential settings where I can fly in from New York and join the LightSong community. What a great ride we’re on as humans! ~ Lyn Berkley

Jan masterfully blends original information with consistent messages of spiritual evolution for the Ascension class that comes through many channels. Add to that Jan’s decades-long experience in core shamanism, and this all happens in a strong, energetic, spirit-led environment that is real and tangible. ~ Marty Nelson, Software Architect

The Ascension teachings have provided me with a rich catalyst for focusing on my expansion/ascension. My perspective on what this means and how to live it allows me to I feel an ownership of this process. The class is always completely enjoyable and I love the journeys, the information, and the support of the group. Thank you for an invaluable class! ~ Ruth Frances Greenberg, Artist & owner RFG Tile LLC

In the ascension class, I learned the power of meditation and am now not only doing the ascension meditations at home, I am enjoying them. My creative side is absolutely blossoming and I have ideas that keep coming. Jan’s teachings on appreciation are helping me to wake up daily in gratitude and that is awesome. I have manifested so many miracles because of this training! My favorite thing of all is my children seem to be ascending as well. It is such a blessing!  ~ Teresa Looper