Your Spirit Helper “Team”

I recently had a client that was very involved in basketball, a team sport. I found myself thinking about the whole analogy of team sport and how it relates to shamanism, correlating the idea that the spirits that surround me are my team. Just as it would be a burden and not very efficient to play a team sport with only self as the main member, so it is with life. It is a burden and not very efficient to not call upon the spiritual helpers that surround me. The “team” needs to be trusted with the ball, there needs to be communication, there needs to be such an understanding of the other members that a knowingness and certainty presents itself in every moment. I need to use them constantly as I navigate my life

Sometimes I actually comment to them, this is your job. I need you to do this for me. You do this so much better than me. My responsibility is to stay in a vibrational match to receive. If they do their part I must do mine and believe in the system working as a whole. I must enjoy the “game”, believing in the others while being a great team member. As in any team sport, the more the team works together in a cohesive group, the greater the trust, the easier the flow, and the more fun everyone on the team will have.

Heart to Heart