A Circle of Support from My Spiritual Team

This idea of a SPIRITUAL TEAM has really been fun for me. I can feel my team of spirit helpers surround me like a circle of support, a circle of love engulfing me. As I sit in my prayer room/office I am literally enveloped with this energy. Every wall, or table has something that depicts spirit. They may look like pictures or statues to someone else, but I know that the energy of that being is REALLY there. That the pictures and statues are imbued with the energy of the spirit being and the spirit being IS in the room with me. I am literally contained by their presence. It makes me smile. I feel safe, and I feel the companionship of these allies. There is an intimacy that only WE share. Trusted friends with history and heart secrets that only SPECIAL LOVE can describe. As I contemplate this and let it absorb deep within my cells I KNOW and FEEL that I am loved beyond measure. And as long as I accept this love, and recognize this love, it will have the power to affect me in the most miraculous ways. Just the feeling alone is healing. My entire body, mind and soul relax, fill with joy and peace. Ahhhhhhhh my team.

Heart to Heart,