Big Dreams, Brilliant You

The last two posts were about dreams and how to access your true self. This post continues with another aspect of dreaming: nightmares. Even nightmares are shamanically seen as positive. A nightmare is BIG energy, lots of power, lots of potential. In the interpretation of this energy that something is out to get us, we are weak and incapable.
Those concepts are all coming from the egoic centers of the mind. The ego or conditioning of the culture will constantly place you in a weaker position to life that is out to get you. Again, to take your power back in this scenario is to show you HOW POWERFUL you actually are.

The dream is asking you to move into this super powerful arena and take control of your life. Not to be scared and at loss, but to turn toward this energy, and use this energy that the dream is showing you for yourself.

I believe that the spirits and the universe are constantly providing opportunities to move us into our brilliance, to provide opportunities for empowerment and freedom of the confines of an overactive ego. They do this throughout the day and also throughout the night.

So start paying attention to your dreams — and your nightmares — for the learning they contain. Then actively work toward changing the outcome of those dreams. Your true self is waiting for you to see just how powerful you are!

Heart to heart,