Bring Your Dreams to a New End!

By Jan Engels-Smith

Bring Your Dreams to a New End!


The spirits say to always bring your dreams to a good end. I first learned this in a shamanic dream class. We wore dream robes at night that were imbued with our own shamanic dream symbols. Going to bed was a ritual in itself, with pure intent to dream and heal in the dreaming process. This workshop was several years ago and my own spiritual allies have expanded on this teaching that I would like to share with you.

When you wake in the morning, get in the habit of reviewing your dreams. Not analyzing; analyzing is a western style, it is not shamanic. Notice what you liked about the dream or what you didn’t like. Where did you feel scared, dis-empowered, incapable, or insecure in your dream? Return into the dream from a more conscious state. You can do this through imagery, imagination, or intention. Change the dream in any way that you wish to bring it to a good end.

The dream state allows us to be magical and creative. It doesn’t follow the rules of ordinary consciousness. We can fly; have super powers, or super strengths. Anything is possible. Use this limitless template to redesign your dream. This course of action commands that you will become empowered, capable, and secure. As time goes on and this habit of review becomes imbedded with your subconscious, you will find that the ability to change your dream and bring it to a good end will happen automatically in the dream state. You won’t even wake up, but you will take charge of your life experience while dreaming.

The spirits have repeatedly said that as you empower yourself in the dream state, you will empower yourself in the waking state. And then they fondly remind me, “Life is all a dream anyway.” Everything is a dream from the spirits’ perspective and each lifetime that we incarnate is a dream.

We give ourselves permission to be powerful in a dream because we tend to think it is unreal, and we can break the physical laws that limit us. But the spirits say this is inaccurate. We can be limitless in the waking reality just as easily as the sleep reality by bringing each day, or each moment, to a good end. The dreaming exercise is great practice where it feels safe, easy and possible. As you feel comfortable with this process, you will begin to use it in more dramatic ways during the day. You can literally change the outcome of your life by bringing each day to a good end through the same review process. But the magic of this doesn’t stop here. The spirits also direct me to heal other lifetimes of people through similar methods.

Shamanic journeys allow people to energetically travel to any moment in time and take a look at what is happening, what happened and what will happen. A shamanic perspective is that all lifetimes are happening simultaneously, not on a linear time line of past, present, or future. A person may be blocked, stuck, or limited in this lifetime because of something that is happening, happened, or will happen in another lifetime. By journeying to this other lifetime and “bringing it to a good end” or changing it, the effects will be noticed in this lifetime. I find this method to be profound and effective.

The spirits see us as unlimited in what we can actually do to achieve wellness, happiness, and health. The limits we feel are the limits that we create and then lock into our consciousness and subconscious. These limits often show up in our dreams. Taking our power back in the dream state leads to wellness in the “awakened” state of consciousness.

I welcome your comments as you try this method of empowerment out!

Have fun!