Merging With Your True Self Before Sleep

In my Level II class this month I gave the assignment of merging with the true self just before going to sleep. The true self is the actualized potential of each person in this lifetime, the perfect you that has never experienced hardships, wounds, or misfortune of any kind. It is the blueprint and actualized being of who you were to be in thisincarnation: healthy, vibrant, loving, brilliant and wise. My idea for the assignment was that if you took the time to move into this energy just before you went to sleep you will carry this energy into your dreams or into the light if you travel that far. The likelihood of staying more conscious of this magnificence could greatly increase, thus empowering you to a greater extent.

The more the realization that you are given daily opportunities through the death and rebirth cycles of night into morning to rid yourself of burdens, deficits, illness, or hardship, the more the realization is understood and internalized that life is working for you not against you. These systems have existed from the beginning of time to help humanity. All of the negative projections that we place on life are just that — negative projections. They come out of our own egoic creation of suffering and then they control all of our thoughts, distorting the truth of our own power and abilities to create ourselves.

If you would like a meditation to help you merge with your true self, I have a CD for just this purpose. Go here for more information.

Heart to heart,