All I Want to Do, Is Dream…

The spirits see us as unlimited in what we can actually do to achieve wellness, happiness and health. The limits we feel are the limits that we create and then lock into our consciousness and subconscious. These limits often show up in our dreams. Taking our power back in the dream state leads to wellness in the “awakened” state of consciousness.

I often hear people be frustrated when they can’t remember their dreams. They feel as if they are not “up to par” or they are deficient in some way as a dreamer. Again this is a projection of our Western culture, that says you are “less than.” From a shamanic perspective there is a dismemberment that happens to the psyche in a dream. Dismemberment is a shamanic term that means to take someone or something apart so that it can REMEMBER its truth.

Human beings are naturally divine, capable, creator beings on the planet. However they forget this truth and go through life acting limited and unable. One of the dismemberment phases of dreaming is the dismemberment of these limitations and the ability to REMEMBER the power and the abilities that you actually have and are willing to take in to the dream time.

Shamanically speaking when a person has no memory of their dream, and sleeps soundly and deeply, it is because they completely dismember and go back into the light of creation. They rest there and they have the ability to reassimilate completely ANEW. However what most people do in the reassimilation process of reentry into their body is they put themselves back together exactly as they were before. They don’t take advantage of the power they hold to reassimilate healthy, or different. Shamanically speaking each slumber allows you to go back into creation and change what isn’t working for you. So instead of being deficient because you didn’t remember your dreams you were given the opportunity to return to the divine and be at peace. It is a beautiful state of deep reconnection.