The Intention of Listening

I spend my day listening to people: listening for underlying patterns in the issues they are presenting; listening for word usage and how that can relate to belief systems; listening for signs of karmic related issues; listening to the spirits as they inform me as I listen to my clients. When I listen, I am concentrated and focused.

My father was a detective and I feel that those observational qualities of listening and watching were passed down to me in both genetic and environmental ways. We would do a mystery game in the paper each day. Dad would read the article and teach me how to put the clues together, like working a giant jigsaw puzzle in my mind. What did I hear, where are the clues, what is not being identified that needs to be investigated? I do this constantly throughout the day and I am doing it now as I write these blogs.

When I think of my last post, where else have I heard and observed the concept of “SINGING”? I am not speaking of the obvious, but the conceptual. In the movieAustralia, the little boy, often used the phrase, “I will sing you to me” or “I have sung you to me.” It was a sacred way of communicating where energetically the boy would focus his attention and intention to make contact with whomever he was focused on. From people, animals, or heart desires, he would sing them to him, a form of telepathic communication manifestation that had no space or time limitations. As I mentioned in my previous blog this same communication can be done for yourself, singing yourself back to you.