Sing Your Self Home

Years ago, I learned that one way indigenous cultures identified soul loss in a person was that they had stopped singing. The joy they usually showed in their natural state of wholeness was no longer emanating from them. A part or parts of them had fragmented and the result was a lack of joyfulness. Something was immediately done to bring that energy back to the person when another noticed this lack of joy. Fragmentation was dangerous to both the person and the rest of the community. Staying balanced and in a good heart space was a priority and attention and intention was directed at staying well, individually and collectively.

In most of our lives, this attention to maintaining balance and joy is absent. Many people no longer “sing” (broadcasting a state of joy and wellness). Soul loss that happened years ago and has not been retrieved, causes fragmentation to move outward to others, like the ripples in water caused by a pebble, until the whole of society is lacking wholeness, balance, and joy.

What seems overwhelming is not. Each day, you can care for your soul. You can sing yourself home, bring back your energy, and stay whole and full.

Although you don’t have to literally sing, you can “sing” yourself back home intentionally. Envision different places or events where you have left your energy. For example, you had a difficult interaction with a co-worker or family member that left you drained and upset. The feelings you experience are an indication that you lost some of your divine essence or life force to that situation.

As you remember the event, call your energy back to you. Reach out your arms and hands to collect and pull it to your heart. Literally feel it move back into you.

You can do this anytime you feel you have lost a part of yourself to another person or event. Other examples are when you are driving and have an interaction with another driver or at work, you feel lost in the hubbub of those around you. Get in a habit of doing this when you feel the loss or every night before bed and you will feel amazing changes in your life.

In my classes, I teach shamanism as a healing art and a lifestyle. You practice shamanism because you care, love, seek balance and divine wellness for those with whom you work. In fact, the word shamanism means, “seeing in the dark with your heart.” When I wrote my book, Becoming Yourself: The Journey from Head to Heart, I explained this concept in varying ways. Although years have passed since I wrote it, I still find that all my experiences in healing are still based in that foundational framework.

Singing yourself home is equivalent to a mini Soul Retrieval — the act of bringing back your divine essence, of becoming whole yourself, so that you are balanced and your joy changes the world around you.

Recently, I gave an Advanced Soul Retrieval class. I listened to the students who had all taken the required curriculum to gain access to this class and was amazed at the love that poured out of them. Their attention to healing, the level of love and commitment they displayed, their expression and conceptualization of their understanding of this work, was absolutely amazing. I had worked with each person both individually and collectively through his or her training. As I listened to them, my heart burst with love and pride for what they have become.

They are all living their dream as a healer although that has manifested in different ways and expressions. They are part of the evolution of a new human being on the planet, one based in love and spirituality. There is a spiritual awakening in motion, and in that class I had a glimpse of what the future holds.

Each person recognized the importance of balance and joy in life; of putting their intention and attention on wholeness, and of living from that place for the benefit of all.

I give great thanks to all my students. Each class, from the Level I Basic Journey class on through the entire program, fills me with delight. Thank you! It FEELS fantastic!

Heart to Heart