Support and Heal Japan

Support and Heal Japan by Jan Engels-Smith

If you are reading this message, I consider you part of the inclusive consciousness of LightSong, representing people as living celebrations of blissful communion among the enlightened masters, teachers, guides, angels, and power allies in non-ordinary reality who work with us so graciously.  In this difficult time in Japan and the aftermath of the Fukushima crisis, we are needed to offer support and healing.

There are particular people on the earth who serve very specific purposes in the greater scheme of the universe.  They are curative for others.  Their hearts and minds are open.  They have integrity and honesty. They are compassionate and humble.  Their light shines bright and they are interested in ever increasing their radiance.  They continue to self evaluate, learn, share and support.  Where they are present, there is brightness.  Humanity needs them to stimulate the changes and the evolution that is required for survival and progress.  These people can create miracles. They are not limited by what they see with ordinary vision. They hold the space in their bodies by holding a vibration of love and radiance no matter what is present in the outside environment. This vibration brings healing to the planet.  Spontaneous miracles occur throughout the world because of them.

These people believe in miracles and have the resources to apply direct divine action by employing their allies as well as their true selves to manifest desired outcomes. This magnetic belief is filled with inspiration, hope, divine action and joy. By employing prayer, 21st century shamanic techniques, and heart these higher vibrations become physical manifestations.

If you are reading this, you either are or can become one of these people. Please align with source energy, merge with your true self, bring forth your inner shamans and envision and heal Japan.  The perfect, seamless technology manifests to create a place that is healed, safe, honored, and rebuilt.  Her people unite and prosper.

The higher vibrations of envisioning and believing in this outcome bring it into manifestation.  Much of shamanism is what the spirits call for behind the scenes.  It does not necessarily require being on the front lines but it does require the fortitude to hold sacred space within yourself.

Let us unite and hold space. I know that mindful and heart centered endeavors will provide new channels and outlets for cutting edge, spirit-driven information to present to those that need that information to rebuild and restore their lands.  This sacred space will also provide miracles to manifest for the magnificent people of the magnificent land of Japan.

If you truly want to be of service, don’t drop into despair, fear, or worry, as these frequencies only create more of the same.  Break out of the old paradigm of powerlessness and be of divine service by envisioning and holding the frequency of knowingness in the availability and awesome outcomes of miracles.

As the founder of LightSong I reach out to you with this message and believe you are attracted to it.

We also have a wonderful blessing and meditation to share with you!

heal japan


This was created in thanks for the work our Ascension + class did with Fukushima. Much work was done to energetically support the transmutation, filtering and cleaning of the land, water, air, plants and also to support the emotional, spiritual energy of the people working in the power plant, the surrounding town and the physical power plant itself.

Emi Ishizeki of Japan did the speaking and MJ Schwader added the music. The image was also created by Emi Ishizeki.