Imagination Is the Gateway into the Spiritual Realm

Imagination Is the Gateway into the Spiritual Realm by Jan Engels-Smith



To me, imagination is the gateway into the spiritual realm. It is not the spiritual realm, it is the way in. Imagination is a tool that we are given as children, but often forget how to use. Children usually have a profound awareness of the spiritual realm; they have wonderful vivid imaginations, and many have imaginary friends. Children become completely entranced with other realities; they easily talk to trees, sing to flowers, see magical kingdoms in sparkling sand, and physically “see” spirits.

Kids see and communicate with spirit beings quite naturally.

Unfortunately, these fabulous imaginations are often stifled as children grow up and conform to society. Family, school, church, and other external forces of the culture shape their beliefs and responses. Mothers lovingly but with authority, say, “Now honey, you should not lie. There really is not anyone sitting next to you. Rocks do not have mouths and they cannot really talk.” The fabulous, magical, fun, mystical connections are lost or blocked. What the spirits have taught me about imagination is that it is actually a gift from Spirit, it is how we as humans create and that Spirit is providing us with an avenue to creation and connection.Imagination connects you back into the magical, mystical worlds of Spirit you once knew as a child. When I work with people in journeying they will often say, “I feel like I am making the whole thing up, like it is just my imagination.” And I say, “Good.”

Imagination is the portal in.

It gives permission to the psyche (your limited mind) to experience something that is out of the realm of what you would call an ordinary experience, or real. Because of conditioning, you are extremely limited by your own perception of what you define as real.If the imagination can travel further into the realm of the unknown than your belief system allows, then by all means travel on the imagination. What you will find out is that you are not making it up at all. The spirits are alive and well, existing in other realities that you probably cannot see with your physical eyes, but are real just the same. The imagination provides the avenue to get there.So use your imagination, develop it, and allow it to expand, create, grow, and become. Spirit continually provides you with ideas, information, possibilities, and potentials for your own growth and development.