Shamanic Drumming

shamanic drummingWhat is Shamanic Drumming?

Hand-held drums are among the oldest known instruments. Their use has been documented in all places on the planet, since before the written word. Shamanic drumming is a practice known to all indigenous peoples, and is used for healing, connecting, and celebrating.

All humans, and many in the animal kingdom, began their life here on Earth listening to their mother’s heartbeat in the womb. That steady beat soothes, connects, and guides our very breath. It is instantly familiar. Many people today are hearing the call of the drum, and returning to the vital spiritual connection it provides.

Shamanic drumming assists in reaching the sacred trance state necessary for healing and prophecy. The rhythm of the drum affects the brainwaves, speeding them up or slowing them down, improving focus and enabling access to meditative states. Shamanic drumming engages the mind in ways that help reduce our constant mind chatter.

There have been many scientific research studies performed to help us understand the role of sound in the healing process. By increasing blood flow in the brain, it has been shown that drumming helps the elderly and those with Alzheimers and Dementia. Drumming also helps children with ADD, and people who suffer from anxiety and depression.

Those who use the drum for ritual and healing understand that there is a unique Spirit in each drum. In Shamanism, all things are alive and have intelligence. The drum is especially magical. It is a circle, with no beginning and no end. It is often made up of wood from the Tree Nation, and a hide from the Four-Legged Ones. Every drum is different. Each has its own unique sound, and its own unique Spirit. It creates a bridge between the worlds, and your relationship with this Sacred Being adds to its power and beauty.

Shamanic drumming may be performed alone or in a group. The rituals of the earliest known religions included drumming. The power generated multiplies when there is a group, creating a deep sense of connection and solidarity.

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