Shamanic Journeying

What is Shamanic Journeying?

shamanic journeyingThe primary method for contacting the Spirit realm, gathering information, and opening our minds to the limitless potential of the Universe is done by means of Shamanic Journeying.

Shamanic Journeying is a process that is available for everyone to use. It is a tool for spiritual growth, healing, and gathering information. It is an essential skill, an innate ability, and a talent that can be practiced and improved over time.

The Shamanic Journey occurs when the journeyer shifts their consciousness, most often by using a drum or a rattle.

Preparing in a good way is important to the success of your shamanic journey. You want to be in a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed. You may wish to set an altar, light a candle, and do some deep breathing to bring yourself to a centered, calm, grounded place. When you are just beginning, a drumming or rattling CD can be playing to allow you to focus entirely on the journey itself. As you become more skilled, you may choose to drum or rattle for yourself.

Success with the shamanic journey comes when you suspend your disbelief, take a leap of faith, and allow your senses to engage in a free-flowing way. Relaxing the critical mind and allowing your imagination to take the lead will bring great rewards. Imagination is our gateway to the vast unknown.

Be patient and know that your efforts will pay off, and the gifts are countless!

The Shamanic Journey is a form of communication, which enables building a relationship with the magic and the mystery of the unseen dimensions. There are many helpful Allies awaiting your presence, and excited about the possibility of getting to know you as you journey to their realms.

At LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine, people are taught to journey in a safe, protected, and powerful way. We offer a weekend workshop that will introduce you to the tools and methods you can use for own personal growth and healing. These life-enhancing tools will stay with you for the rest of your life.