The Intention of Listening

I spend my day listening to people: listening for underlying patterns in the issues they are presenting; listening for word usage and how that can relate to belief systems; listening for signs of karmic related issues; listening to the spirits as they inform me as I listen to my clients. When I listen, I am concentrated and focused.

My father was a detective and I feel that those observational qualities of listening and watching were passed down to me in both genetic and environmental ways. We would do a mystery game in the paper each day. Dad would read the article and teach me how to put the clues together, like working a giant jigsaw puzzle in my mind. What did I hear, where are the clues, what is not being identified that needs to be investigated? I do this constantly throughout the day and I am doing it now as I write these blogs.

When I think of my last post, where else have I heard and observed the concept of “SINGING”? I am not speaking of the obvious, but the conceptual. In the movieAustralia, the little boy, often used the phrase, “I will sing you to me” or “I have sung you to me.” It was a sacred way of communicating where energetically the boy would focus his attention and intention to make contact with whomever he was focused on. From people, animals, or heart desires, he would sing them to him, a form of telepathic communication manifestation that had no space or time limitations. As I mentioned in my previous blog this same communication can be done for yourself, singing yourself back to you.


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All I Want to Do, Is Dream…

The spirits see us as unlimited in what we can actually do to achieve wellness, happiness and health. The limits we feel are the limits that we create and then lock into our consciousness and subconscious. These limits often show up in our dreams. Taking our power back in the dream state leads to wellness in the “awakened” state of consciousness.

I often hear people be frustrated when they can’t remember their dreams. They feel as if they are not “up to par” or they are deficient in some way as a dreamer. Again this is a projection of our Western culture, that says you are “less than.” From a shamanic perspective there is a dismemberment that happens to the psyche in a dream. Dismemberment is a shamanic term that means to take someone or something apart so that it can REMEMBER its truth.

Human beings are naturally divine, capable, creator beings on the planet. However they forget this truth and go through life acting limited and unable. One of the dismemberment phases of dreaming is the dismemberment of these limitations and the ability to REMEMBER the power and the abilities that you actually have and are willing to take in to the dream time.

Shamanically speaking when a person has no memory of their dream, and sleeps soundly and deeply, it is because they completely dismember and go back into the light of creation. They rest there and they have the ability to reassimilate completely ANEW. However what most people do in the reassimilation process of reentry into their body is they put themselves back together exactly as they were before. They don’t take advantage of the power they hold to reassimilate healthy, or different. Shamanically speaking each slumber allows you to go back into creation and change what isn’t working for you. So instead of being deficient because you didn’t remember your dreams you were given the opportunity to return to the divine and be at peace. It is a beautiful state of deep reconnection.

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Merging With Your True Self Before Sleep

In my Level II class this month I gave the assignment of merging with the true self just before going to sleep. The true self is the actualized potential of each person in this lifetime, the perfect you that has never experienced hardships, wounds, or misfortune of any kind. It is the blueprint and actualized being of who you were to be in thisincarnation: healthy, vibrant, loving, brilliant and wise. My idea for the assignment was that if you took the time to move into this energy just before you went to sleep you will carry this energy into your dreams or into the light if you travel that far. The likelihood of staying more conscious of this magnificence could greatly increase, thus empowering you to a greater extent.

The more the realization that you are given daily opportunities through the death and rebirth cycles of night into morning to rid yourself of burdens, deficits, illness, or hardship, the more the realization is understood and internalized that life is working for you not against you. These systems have existed from the beginning of time to help humanity. All of the negative projections that we place on life are just that — negative projections. They come out of our own egoic creation of suffering and then they control all of our thoughts, distorting the truth of our own power and abilities to create ourselves.

If you would like a meditation to help you merge with your true self, I have a CD for just this purpose. Go here for more information.

Heart to heart,



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Bring Your Dreams to a New End!

By Jan Engels-Smith

Bring Your Dreams to a New End!


The spirits say to always bring your dreams to a good end. I first learned this in a shamanic dream class. We wore dream robes at night that were imbued with our own shamanic dream symbols. Going to bed was a ritual in itself, with pure intent to dream and heal in the dreaming process. This workshop was several years ago and my own spiritual allies have expanded on this teaching that I would like to share with you.

When you wake in the morning, get in the habit of reviewing your dreams. Not analyzing; analyzing is a western style, it is not shamanic. Notice what you liked about the dream or what you didn’t like. Where did you feel scared, dis-empowered, incapable, or insecure in your dream? Return into the dream from a more conscious state. You can do this through imagery, imagination, or intention. Change the dream in any way that you wish to bring it to a good end.

The dream state allows us to be magical and creative. It doesn’t follow the rules of ordinary consciousness. We can fly; have super powers, or super strengths. Anything is possible. Use this limitless template to redesign your dream. This course of action commands that you will become empowered, capable, and secure. As time goes on and this habit of review becomes imbedded with your subconscious, you will find that the ability to change your dream and bring it to a good end will happen automatically in the dream state. You won’t even wake up, but you will take charge of your life experience while dreaming.

The spirits have repeatedly said that as you empower yourself in the dream state, you will empower yourself in the waking state. And then they fondly remind me, “Life is all a dream anyway.” Everything is a dream from the spirits’ perspective and each lifetime that we incarnate is a dream.

We give ourselves permission to be powerful in a dream because we tend to think it is unreal, and we can break the physical laws that limit us. But the spirits say this is inaccurate. We can be limitless in the waking reality just as easily as the sleep reality by bringing each day, or each moment, to a good end. The dreaming exercise is great practice where it feels safe, easy and possible. As you feel comfortable with this process, you will begin to use it in more dramatic ways during the day. You can literally change the outcome of your life by bringing each day to a good end through the same review process. But the magic of this doesn’t stop here. The spirits also direct me to heal other lifetimes of people through similar methods.

Shamanic journeys allow people to energetically travel to any moment in time and take a look at what is happening, what happened and what will happen. A shamanic perspective is that all lifetimes are happening simultaneously, not on a linear time line of past, present, or future. A person may be blocked, stuck, or limited in this lifetime because of something that is happening, happened, or will happen in another lifetime. By journeying to this other lifetime and “bringing it to a good end” or changing it, the effects will be noticed in this lifetime. I find this method to be profound and effective.

The spirits see us as unlimited in what we can actually do to achieve wellness, happiness, and health. The limits we feel are the limits that we create and then lock into our consciousness and subconscious. These limits often show up in our dreams. Taking our power back in the dream state leads to wellness in the “awakened” state of consciousness.

I welcome your comments as you try this method of empowerment out!

Have fun!

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Big Dreams, Brilliant You

The last two posts were about dreams and how to access your true self. This post continues with another aspect of dreaming: nightmares. Even nightmares are shamanically seen as positive. A nightmare is BIG energy, lots of power, lots of potential. In the interpretation of this energy that something is out to get us, we are weak and incapable.
Those concepts are all coming from the egoic centers of the mind. The ego or conditioning of the culture will constantly place you in a weaker position to life that is out to get you. Again, to take your power back in this scenario is to show you HOW POWERFUL you actually are.

The dream is asking you to move into this super powerful arena and take control of your life. Not to be scared and at loss, but to turn toward this energy, and use this energy that the dream is showing you for yourself.

I believe that the spirits and the universe are constantly providing opportunities to move us into our brilliance, to provide opportunities for empowerment and freedom of the confines of an overactive ego. They do this throughout the day and also throughout the night.

So start paying attention to your dreams — and your nightmares — for the learning they contain. Then actively work toward changing the outcome of those dreams. Your true self is waiting for you to see just how powerful you are!

Heart to heart,


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A Vortex of Desire

A Vortex of Desire by Jan Engels-Smith

I often listen to Abraham-Hicks material. I find it inspiring. Abraham is a group of spirits or non-physical beings that are channeled through a woman, Esther Hicks. Esther has been working with this group of beings for about 20 years and she has become quite proficient in bringing their message through to the world. I have listened to her for years and marvel at how she has changed because of carrying this higher vibrational energy. Abraham uses the expression, “create a vortex of aspiration or a vortex of what you desire and know that the universe is in motion responding to your desire.”

I like the word vortex because in my mind’s eye I can see a cone-shaped area that is full of my desires, my prayers, and my intentions. It is spinning and there is all this wonderful high frequency energy being broadcasted from the vortex. I can see and sense this energy and know that things are in motion. I can also see in my mind’s eye if I am in the vortex or not. Sometimes the only component missing in my vortex is ME. For whatever reason I am on the outside of my vortex. The only way I can be in the vortex is to be an energetic match for it. I then have an action to take to put me in the vortex. I like action because I am a doer. The action is something that will enable my feelings to change, to bring them up to the high frequency component of the vortex. I know that if I change my thoughts, and decide to think of something fun, or appreciative, my feelings will change accordingly and I can visualize myself hopping into the vortex. It is a game that I play with myself, but it seems to work.

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A Circle of Support from My Spiritual Team

This idea of a SPIRITUAL TEAM has really been fun for me. I can feel my team of spirit helpers surround me like a circle of support, a circle of love engulfing me. As I sit in my prayer room/office I am literally enveloped with this energy. Every wall, or table has something that depicts spirit. They may look like pictures or statues to someone else, but I know that the energy of that being is REALLY there. That the pictures and statues are imbued with the energy of the spirit being and the spirit being IS in the room with me. I am literally contained by their presence. It makes me smile. I feel safe, and I feel the companionship of these allies. There is an intimacy that only WE share. Trusted friends with history and heart secrets that only SPECIAL LOVE can describe. As I contemplate this and let it absorb deep within my cells I KNOW and FEEL that I am loved beyond measure. And as long as I accept this love, and recognize this love, it will have the power to affect me in the most miraculous ways. Just the feeling alone is healing. My entire body, mind and soul relax, fill with joy and peace. Ahhhhhhhh my team.

Heart to Heart,


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Your Spirit Helper “Team”

I recently had a client that was very involved in basketball, a team sport. I found myself thinking about the whole analogy of team sport and how it relates to shamanism, correlating the idea that the spirits that surround me are my team. Just as it would be a burden and not very efficient to play a team sport with only self as the main member, so it is with life. It is a burden and not very efficient to not call upon the spiritual helpers that surround me. The “team” needs to be trusted with the ball, there needs to be communication, there needs to be such an understanding of the other members that a knowingness and certainty presents itself in every moment. I need to use them constantly as I navigate my life

Sometimes I actually comment to them, this is your job. I need you to do this for me. You do this so much better than me. My responsibility is to stay in a vibrational match to receive. If they do their part I must do mine and believe in the system working as a whole. I must enjoy the “game”, believing in the others while being a great team member. As in any team sport, the more the team works together in a cohesive group, the greater the trust, the easier the flow, and the more fun everyone on the team will have.

Heart to Heart



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The Hidden Potential of Spring

I love this day, commonly called Ground-hogs day. Tradition has it that the ground hog seeing his shadow reveals how far away spring is or how long winter will linger.

The many of you who know me, know I love the winter months. I love the darkness and all that it offers in life. I love to get up early in the morning while it is still dark, light my candles and do my prayers, meditation, journeys, or internal searching. The darkness lends itself to the quietness before the rush of business the day often brings.

But another thing that I love is change, and of all the seasons, I marvel at what I call pre-spring. The first days of February I celebrate this pre-spring emergence.This time represents the hidden potential. All the new life that is ready to emerge but still looks deadened in the cold stillness of winter.

Yet during this time, there is organization of cells, deep internal feeding, new hope. A readiness stirs under the ground, hidden from the eye. It is the result of the quiet, of prayers, meditation, and journeys ready to form; the hidden, the dormant, the barren that is planning to emerge. It is the plan that is well thought out, well laid out, and full of hope, inspiration, and faith.

The earth feels it and I feel it internally. I celebrate this time for it is perfect.

Heart to Heart



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Curses Spells Oaths

Curses Spells Oaths by Jan Engels-Smith

Spiritual intrusions are vibrational intrusions that invade your energy system and can inflict a variety of problems.  Some intrusions are minor and we are exposed to them daily.  They may cause us to feel tired, irritable, or sad.  Other spiritual intrusions can be dramatic and pervasive.  These intrusions are capable of having a lasting effect on a person causing great havoc in one’s life.  These spiritual intrusions are caused by curses, spells, oaths, promises, declarations, vows, or contracts.  These types of intrusions are often generated from words and great emotion.  In our culture there is very little awareness of the power of words. In fact most people are quite sloppy with their words.  Verbiage is not considered damaging like a physical attack, yet the effects can have devastating results with healing taking much longer.

An intention puts things into motion universally. Throughout history and in most cultures, sacrifices or blood ceremonies have been occurred to add extreme power to an intention.  Blood is seen as the ultimate “LIFE FORCE ENERGY”. Our current culture thinks of sacrifice as foreign and primitive, but many cultures still use a form of sacrifice to ensure the power and effectiveness of a ceremony. Chickens in Africa are used daily in ceremonial practice and then used to feed the community.  Even the church refers to the blood of Christ and the body of Christ in their sacraments, and Jesus is referred to as sacrificing himself to save others.

A person may seek many sources of healing by reading books, attending workshops, and making appointments with allopathic and alternative practitioners, but they find that their condition persists.  Chronic pain, misfortune, and failure continue.  One client I saw had chronic weight loss and was down to 118 pounds and no one could figure out what was causing this.

In these types of client situations, I find amazing success by looking into their other lifetimes.  Shamanism does not view lifetimes as linear: past, present, or future, but as all happening simultaneously. If a spell, curse, oath, promise, declaration, vow or contract was created in another lifetime, and still has a huge amount of life force, then the life force is still very likely alive and activated in the client’s energy system. In other words, the energy of the “contract” is still in motion and affecting the person in this lifetime. I journey into the client’s other lifetimes where the life force is still active and change the situation in that lifetime. This action literally changes the outcome that the client is living today.  I find this work fascinating and effective.

In the case of my 118-pound client, I found a curse that had been cast in ancient Egypt.  My client was involved in a power struggle in the Egyptian lifetime and a curse was cast to keep him small, ineffective and subservient to others of authority.  This crippled him in many areas of his life and often he found people taking control and advantage of him.  This especially became activated if he was trying to become independent in career environments.  With the unraveling of the curse, he obtained control over his life and regained the power to make decisions and become healthy and empowered.  He also gained weight and changed his stature considerably.

Curses and spells can be activated in many ways. All you have to do is watch a few movies to see how declarations, vows, and oaths were used in the past. Great ceremonies and rituals often sealed deals and put dynamic energy into motion.  How?  Imagine a scene where two men duel for the love of their lady.  They speak declarations of love, vow to fight to the death and declare their love for all eternity.  One of them dies after spilling blood and takes his vow of everlasting love into the afterlife.  Just because the person died, doesn’t mean the energy died.

In a current lifetime this romantic couple can meet again. The attraction between them reactivates but with different lifetime circumstances and choices this lifetime entails.  This everlasting love declaration can end up creating drama and out of proportion behaviors.  Hundreds of scenarios can be imagined that illustrate the adverse effects of this potent vow that was put into place.

The Hatfield’s and McCoy’s are a classic example of feuding that is passed on energetically to the offspring. The descendants are raised in an environment that automatically sees fault and distain for the other family just because of their name and the history of the original feud.  Now, think of countries that have been feuding for centuries and how ramped up the intense feelings of hatred and jealousy between the two peoples because of the vows, the curses and the spells that have been cast.  These intense emotions mixed with enormous amounts of bloodshed can create a devastating outcome for the future lifetime incarnations of participating souls.

Blood, negative emotion, and fear are often used to control or exert power over others.  The fear of burning in hell has been a controlling devise for centuries and has proven to be effective, harmful, and invasive.  This tactic seems to work to control and scare people because fear builds enormous thought forms that can have a planetary invasiveness affecting others.  The human need to survive is a root chakra that may create an inordinate amount of fear.  If this chakra is out of alignment and dominated by fear, the foundational wellbeing of a person can be altered. With enough individuals expressing this fear, the foundational wellbeing of a culture can be altered.

Many people, perhaps all, have some sort of curse or spell on them.  Negative self-talk or family phrases can infiltrate into a person’s psyche’.  A simple comment from a teacher, coach, family member or friend can change a life path for some. Unconsciously self-imposed curses can bind persons energetically from creating the type of life they want or prevent them from manifesting their dreams. However just as spells or curses can be cast, they can also be unraveled. Healing can and does occur, often with profound results that manifest in mind boggling proportions.


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