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Journey and Incarnation

Journey and Incarnation By Jan Engels-Smith

Journey and Incarnation By Jan Engels-Smith



Jim was struggling with a career decision. He was about eighteen years old when John Lennon died and he felt Lennon’s spirit enter his body. This powerful experience changed the course of Jim’s life. He committed himself to John’s spirit and became obsessed with learning all of his music. Jim was a talented musician and developed a very successful band, which played Beatle standards. This supported Jim both financially and soulfully, but after many years, Jim felt as if he were becoming lost as an individual. He wanted to develop his own style of music and be recognized for himself. Jim was ready to hang up his Sergeant Pepper’s suit, but he had much indecision and remorse about this career change. He felt as though he were breaking his commitment to keep John and his music alive. He asked me to journey to John’s spirit.

My spirit helpers almost always show me things metaphorically during a journey, somewhat like a dream. Luckily for me my spirit helpers also usually explain the metaphors to me, unlike a dream where I must figure out the symbology for myself. The first scene that came to me in the journey was Jim lying on the floor sobbing into his hands. John walked over and pulled Jim to his knees and embraced him tightly. Jim continued to sob on John’s shoulder with John supporting and consoling him.

The scene then changed to Jim and John flying through the air with their bodies actually blended as if they were superimposed on each other. Each of them had one arm and one leg free and off to the side, but their inside arms and legs were superimposed. John was about a head’s length in front of Jim.

After several moments of this, the scene changed to Jim and John curling up into a ball or sphere that appeared like rolling light. I then saw Earth off in the distance as if I were viewing the planet from a space capsule.

I asked for an explanation of the metaphors. The first scene where John was consoling Jim had a real twist in it for my client. Jim had been a drug addict and his involvement with John’s music actually was part of his own healing. The Beatle band had kept Jim productive, responsible, and clean. In order to be a success, he had to take care of himself. John was actually keeping Jim alive, not the other way around.

The second scene with them flying through the air superimposed was explained as Jim and John actually being the same soul expressed in two different incarnations at the same time! Absolutely amazing! The reason that John’s head was shown a head’s length in front of Jim was that he was about twenty years older than Jim and further along in the expression of his life. I marveled at the meaning contained in such a simple image. I found it incredible. The spirits then went on to explain the imagery of the spherical ball of light that Jim and John had become. They stressed again through this imagery that time is not linear Time is holographic and there really is no such thing as past or future lives. Everything is happening simultaneously in different dimensions of time. Earth was used to illustrate that we can look at all individuals and see different incarnations of our soul being lived out. We have got a whole planet of people who are different expressions of us.

John Lennon’s words from “I Am the Walrus” are interestingly appropriate to Jim’s experience, like a message to him across time: “I am he, and he is me, and we are all together.”

Is this what the great masters and teachers such as Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad have been implying for centuries? If so, I was beginning to understand it.

The spirits have expanded their teaching about incarnations since this journey. They fondly expressed to me that when we have real attachments to things, such as to a particular writer, poet, artist, or sculptor, and are drawn to his or her work, it is probably because we were actually the creator of that piece of work. If we read something from history that profoundly teaches us, we may have been part of the actual event. Even if we are extremely attached or moved to help someone, perhaps to support a child in a Third World country, then we are probably that child in a different lifetime expression. Do unto others as you would do unto yourself; the other might actually be you! Now there’s a thought.

I am still processing this information and probably will be for several years to come. It is amazing. The spirits have since taught me to journey to my other lifetimes and to remember the wisdom I gained from each lifetime expression. I have also learned to journey to souls I would like to learn more about. The possibilities available through journeying are unlimited. Journeys to other lifetimes can be extremely informative, but also lots of fun. I highly recommend them for anyone practicing their journey skills.

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Energy, Beliefs and Thoughts

Energy, Beliefs and Thoughts by Jan Engels-Smith

Energy orbs


An energy field surrounds everything. Energy pulses out from objects, interacting with and absorbing other energies. A person’s energy field is generated inside the body and extends outward to surround it which is commonly called an aura. Understanding the electrical and magnetic nature of energy is important to understanding healing.

The energy field you generate is created by your beliefs and thoughts. You send out concentric pulses of energy that broaden and weaken as they move farther away like a radio tower. An electromagnetic charge exists immediately around your body and this magnetism impacts all it comes in contact with and by extension influences the entire universe. Your field of energy draws other energies to it and absorbs the power of them like a strong magnet. The energies you attract and the ways they are absorbed are influenced by your belief systems. Your beliefs filter and alter other energies as they enter your power source and in turn become part of the energy that emanates from you.

This magnetic power draws to you the situations, people, and events that will reinforce whatever you believe. If you believe you are a victim, that people constantly exploit you and that you are unlovable, your electromagnetic field will be charged with those beliefs and will draw to you circumstances that reinforce this. If you believe you are a divine being, that all doors of opportunity are open to you, that you are loved by yourself and others, and that good things always come your way, then your magnetic energy will draw to you positive life conditions which reinforce your positive energy.

Take a moment to think about what you really believe and notice what you are drawing into your life. What do you believe about yourself, about God, about money, about your job, about your family, about your friends, and about life in general? Review your beliefs to understand which energies you attract. You will attract events and people that manifest negative beliefs if you impart negative thoughts to your energy field; negative energy begets negative experience, which reinforces negative beliefs. Conversely, if you radiate positive beliefs and thoughts, you will draw the situations to you that confirm your beliefs and reinforce your positive life experience.

The advantage of positive thoughts is that they are electrically charged at a higher frequency than negative thoughts and extend farther out and with greater strength into the universe. They leave you with a feeling of expansiveness, lightness, and growth. Positive thoughts are light and high in vibration while negative thoughts are dense and heavy. Observe people’s body posture and you can get a sense of how these frequencies affect them physically. People who are self-confident usually hold themselves tall and upright, as though they could lift right off the ground. Their breathing is full and expands the lungs, chest, and abdomen. People with heavy and dense negative energy look as though they are carrying a heavy backpack at all times. Their shoulders are often rounded, their head tilts down, and their breathing is shallow as if there just is not any room for breath in their lungs. They often feel tightness and stress in the upper back and shoulders. The density of negative energy causes the body to collapse inwardly. Healing is the art and science of managing not only these energy fields, but also their root cause.

You can feel the different nature of energies in another person. Try this experiment: Have the person think intense negative thoughts of self-loathing and poor self-worth. Place your hands above their head and try to feel the energy radiating out. You will have the impression of a collapsing, dense aura. Next, help the same person think strong positive thoughts of their importance and self-worth. You can literally feel the difference in the energy as it expands outward with lightness and happiness. Remember to finish on the positive note when working with someone in this activity.

Energy changes instantaneously and powerfully with intention. Changing your electromagnetic field of energy is immediate and is not difficult, nor does it take years of study or practice. You can understand this by simply changing your thoughts and noticing the instant shift in the energy within and around you. You can better manage through practice the energy that surrounds you moment to moment. Your work in self-discovery, digging deeply into your belief system and scrutinizing your core beliefs, allows you to permanently intensify the positive energy you radiate and attract. You can project energies that contribute meaningfully to a better universe and a better life for all people.

All objects possess an energy field and radiate and attract energy. Energy can transfer and be shared between objects, which creates a bond or magnetism. This energy exchange explains the phenomenon of dowsing rods, which have been used for thousands of years to locate sources of water. They are still used today by power companies who employ them to locate water mains. This shared transfer and bonding of energy is also what psychics use to find missing objects or people. An article of clothing or jewelry provides an energy source, which connects to the missing person and allows the psychic to determine the location. I have done psychometry readings for people by holding a piece of their jewelry and intuitively reading their energy. I have received amazing information about their current condition, past experiences, health, and emotional problems.

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Affirmations and Mantras

Affirmations and Mantras by Jan Engels-Smith

Affirmations and mantras are statements you say to yourself in a repetitive and rote way. Counseling uses affirmations for clients with varying degrees of success and monks have used mantras to train their minds for thousands of years. Affirmations and mantras are both methods of focused attention and concentration. Their success is based on the number of repetitions and the level of commitment to the process. Do you think the counseling clients or the monks have been more successful with this process?

The spirits taught me about the power of affirmations and mantras as I was doing soul retrievals for people. Whenever I finished a journey, the spirits would assign a mantra for my client to repeat. I gave my client the mantra with instructions to repeat it a specific number of times the first thing in the morning for sixty to ninety days. The spirits then instructed me one day to tell a particular client to say a mantra for ten days, 600-700 times per day. I was shocked because the number of repetitions was staggering to me. The spirits informed me that this process was a necessary component to enhance the healing my client had just received. From then on, the spirits continued to assign mantras to my clients with large numbers of repetitions.

The spirits never let me off the hook, so I too received a mantra to practice. I diligently repeated my phrase and it took me about an hour each day. The impact of saying my daily mantra so amazed me the practice became rote and, in fact, a part of my being. The mantra became embedded in my psyche like a catchy tune because of the repetitions. Then a magical truth was created and revealed; the mantra stayed in my mind and eventually created a new core to my belief system. Days turned into months and years and I now have a hard time even remembering the faulty belief system that caused me so much pain in the past. Remember that you respond from a belief system with every choice, thought, or action you have. This is an automatic response so when you want to experience permanent change, address your belief system.

The spirits informed me that the purpose of a mantra is to change the patterning of the mind. The mind is rarely still and has background chatter that is activated (probably even as you are reading this) often referred to as “self-talk.” Self- talk is destructive in many cases and becomes your own personal berating system. Your early belief system was usually put into place years before and it takes much effort to reprogram your existing patterns. Saying an affirmation a few times a day probably will not have much effect even if it is for three months. But anything that you say 600-700 times a day will. You will find yourself saying your mantra while you wash your hair, do the dishes, and drive the car. This beautiful thought becomes your new self-talk and the new background noise.

Spiritual initiates have known the power of mantras for eons; religious doctrines are based on this concept. Prayer beads and rosaries are simple counting systems for repetitive statements. Initiates sit for hours, days, and years chanting mantras and programming their minds with spiritual doctrines. This ancient method works.

I prefer using a clock. I notice how long it takes to say the mantra the first time and then multiply that out to determine the total time needed. No exact count is now needed and I know that I will have said the mantra the required repetitions when I have completed the time. I can focus on my mantra without thinking about manipulating prayer beads. Know that this process takes a tremendous commitment whether you use prayer beads or timing however, the pay-off is the fast progress. Dedicate just ten days to 600 daily repetitions and you will experience an amazing difference in your self-talk. The more you practice, the faster the transformation that will take place. It can be done formally sitting in front of an altar or informally while doing other activities.

I made a pact with myself that I would not listen to the radio in the car and that I would say my mantra the entire trip no matter where I was going. I felt wonderful when I arrived at my destination and was amazed at the magic that followed. I d built up positive energy along the way and the energy hovered around me for hours afterward. I found incredible deals while shopping; parking places in crowded parking lots and had great interactions with people. I was charmed.

You may put your mantra or affirmation to music and sing your tune throughout the day. Pick a jingle that sticks with you and plug in the words. Music has a profound effect on the psyche and is a wonderful way to memorize. Can you imagine trying to learn the alphabet without singing the alphabet song?

Creating mantras or affirmations for your self is easy, but there are a few rules that should be followed. Keep the mantras positive and somewhat short. Remember that the subconscious mind does not recognize negative words such as not, don’t, or won’t, and should be avoided. “I love myself,” has greater impact than, “I don’t hate myself anymore.”

I will list several mantras the spirits have given my clients along with ones I have accumulated over my years of study. Trudy Bragg, my hypnosis teacher, contributed many. One of my favorites is an ancient Tibetan mantra:” May I be filled with loving kindness, May I be well, May I be peaceful and at ease. May I be happy.”

I especially like to say this one as I am gardening because of the grounding effect I receive.

Another favorite of mine is a song I learned in the Unity church: “I am walking in the light, in the light, in the light. I am walking in the light, in the light of God.”

The spirits have often said that they can heal us emotionally, physically and spiritually but not necessarily mentally. We have free will or what they call sacred choice. Our thoughts are a representation of this choice. Even though many people don’t WANT to think negatively anymore the habit is persistent. The mantra is a tool that works to reprogram the habit into something that is amazingly beneficial. Make mantras up, try new ones, and be proactive with your thinking.

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