LightSong Podcast

LightSong Talking Stick #1

Jan 2, 2017

Topics covered:

  1. Where can I find a good spiritual community?
  2. What are steps to heal after a bad accident? How can I be energetically involved with my healing?
  3. Anxiety: I am anxious about animal’s health, responsible for their care. I am so anxious, why?
  4. Help me to understand the bigger picture of what is happening energetically to the earth and how it is effecting us all.

LightSong Talking Stick #2

Jan 16, 2017

Topics covered:

  1. I am filled with negative thinking, anxiety, and fears. Help!
  2. How do I get information from spirits about things going on in today’s world?

LightSong Talking Stick #3

Jan 23, 2017

Topics covered:

  1. What can I do with the amount of cruelty in the world? How do I cope with this?
  2. Please discuss whether or not fate or destiny is in control of our lives and if an outcome can be different or if we are just stuck with our fate.
  3. Please discuss the process of healing from an injury and how to keep envisioning wellness.

LightSong Talking Stick #4

Feb 6, 2017


Topics covered

  1. Friend’s daughter committed suicide, she is stuck in her pain, how do I help?
  2. Please talk about the dimensions of reality and how they are different, 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimension?
  3. Person is filled with anxiety and anxiety is ruining her life, what can she do?

LightSong Talking Stick #5
Feb 13, 2017

Topics covered:

  1. Is there a time that we should ever hold out our forgiveness to others? Should we fake it till we make it?
  1. How can a person in their 60’s who’s creative well seems empty, who’s financial resources are low, and experiences societal blockages move beyond these limitations into a greater state of being?
  1. What is a shamanic perspective on physical weight issues?
  1. Can we really have an effect on changing the world?

LightSong Talking Stick #6
Feb 20, 2017

Topics covered:

  1. How do you feel congruent with head and heart needs?
  1. If a person is having difficulty in relationships or not attracting the right person, what do you do?
  1. There is the world that we all live in, with certain parameters that are true, how do you attract what you want when the conditions are not conducive to your needs?
  1. What are some tools to balance our bodies in this new (ascension) energy that people seem to be experiencing? Such as sped up time and feeling anxious?
  1. Discussion on channeling- very basic instructions

LightSong Talking Stick # 7
Feb 27, 2017

Topics covered:

  1. Invocation
  1. Why am I here, what is my purpose or the purpose of life?
  1. My guru says that we all manifest our reality, I just don’t believe that a child would come into the world to manifest abuse. Help me with this.
  1. Please explain fire walking.
  1. Listener attended a talk where the topic was the symbols that we are exposed to and how symbols are used against us. Please explain.
  1. Ayahuasca the hallucinogenic drug, I have been dreaming about it and I want to know why?
  1. Listener says “Manifestation of abundance is harder than manifestation of wellness”, do you agree and please explain.

LightSong Talking Stick #8
Mar 6, 2017

Topics covered:

  1. Jan explains energy systems, chakras, how we broadcast and manifest.
  1. Questions pertaining to this subject.

LightSong PodCast: interview with Jan Engels-Smith, Miriam Knight, and MJ Schwader from New Consciousness Review
Mar 13, 2017
LightSong PodCast interview with Jan Engels-Smith, Miriam Knight, and
MJ Schwader from New Consciousness Review
1. What is shamanism?
2. How does it connect to energy medicine?
3. What about people like Caroline Myss or Donna Eden how does this compare?
4. What about psychic skills or intuition?
5. Right brain Left brain description
6. What is the shamanic journey?
7. 21st Century shamanism
8. What is core shamanism?
LightSong PodCast: interview with Karen Wyatt MD, Afterlife Discussion
Mar 20, 2017
  1. Tell us more about your own story how did you become interested in shamanism?
  2. What is shamanism for listeners who are not familiar with it?
  3. What benefits can shamanic practices provide for those seeking healing or spiritual growth?
  4. What is journeying and who might benefit from this practice?
  5. Describe your workshop for the Afterlife Conference in June:
    1. What will it consist of?
    2. Who do you recommend it for?
  6. Describe the services/teaching you provide in your work.
  7. How can listeners connect with you if they would like to learn more or work with you?

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