Level 1: Through the Rabbit Hole Basic Shamanic Journey Skills Online Course


  • LightSong’s seven highly interactive classroom instructional videos described above, taught by world-renowned shamanic teacher and healer, Jan Engels-Smith ($397 value).
  • You’ll also receive Jan’s inspirational book, “Through the Rabbit Hole,” to further your knowledge and provide added insight ($20 value).
  • As part of ensuring you have a supported experience, you’ll also have access to our exclusive LightSong community discussion, where we interact, share tips, and create conversations based on the material we are learning ($200 value).


Years ago, the spirits told me that we see less than 1% of what is around us. Recently, quantum physicists confirmed what I was told by the spirits, finding that we actually see less than .01% of what surrounds us. Shamans have known for thousands of years that worlds and non-physical beings exist that are unseen to our eyes, but not to our knowingness.

So how do they access those worlds? Through the shamanic journey technique.

The shamanic journey is a remarkably simple, yet powerful tool that brings those unseen worlds and non-physical beings to life. My video series teaches the beginning place for an experiential transformation that will help you shift your dreams, your purpose, and your longings, by getting in touch with what is provided from the other 99% of what exists.

Journeying is the foundational tool for shamanic study and healing, and provides the passageway used for centuries to obtain information from other realities. Using the journey process, you will begin to build a partnership with the spirits, as you connect with power animals and spiritual teachers and masters. They share information, knowledge, and wisdom for:

  • solving problems
  • gaining clarity about life’s circumstances
  • for building your awareness and understanding of the different worlds beyond our current reality

In this course, you will also explore a central theme of “who are you?” This theme launches you on a potent and essential shamanic inquiry – the quest for your true self. Journeys on this theme lead you on a magical and intentional discovery of self, in relation to the spirits and the divine.

Using the shamanic journey technique, you are guided to a remembering of your radiance.