Shamanism and Energy Medicine

Shamanism is an ancient term describing a life style as well as a belief system, which is often present in indigenous societies and has been lost in classic western cultures. A shamanic lifestyle incorporates the invisible worlds and converses with spirits on a regular basis. A shaman is someone that has built intimate relations with these invisible allies and uses their power and healing abilities to bring their gifts to the planet. Shamanism also incorporates a vast respect for all life and considers all life to be family.

Shamanism and energy medicine seems to be having a revival as more and more people seek self-empowerment, alternative healing modalities and connection to nature as well as the spiritual natures of life. Centuries of oppression and lack of personal spiritual connection have taken its toll. We are hovering at the apex of the grandest time in human existence. We are at the front edge of a new millennium. Change is upon us. The universe supports a new connection for those who choose it. People are seeking their divinity, their connection to and unity with the cosmos, which they can obtain through processes such as journeying and connecting to the spirits in a personal way.

Jan’s book, Through the Rabbit Hole: Explore and Experience the Shamanic Journey and Energy Medicine is a wonderful starter text to begin your journey into shamanism and energy medicine.

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