Lodge Testimonials

Lodge Testimonials



Lodge Testimonials

Lodge Testimonials are from participants in our LightSong community lodges.

“I had no idea that a sweat lodge could be so powerful. I emerge healed and renewed. Thank you!!”


“Being raised Catholic I knew that powers existed – I was taught them in the bible. The burning bush, the parting of the red sea. But what I experienced in your lodge was powerful and miraculous and “I” witnessed it myself. No story. WOW, what an experience. I am a believer in the spirit realms now.”


“Thank you very much for the invitation to the sweat lodge last Friday evening. I appreciated the opportunity to be a part of such a special group, ceremony, and place. It was a very empowering, grounding, and healing journey for me!”


“The ceremony of lodge is sacred, healing, rejuvenating, cleansing, uplifting, and beautiful. I am so honored to be a part of the LightSong community, to be able to participate in the lodge ceremony. Thank you!”


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