Practicum Testimonials

“Since the beginning of my studies with LightSong eight months ago, and after attending my first Practicum, I feel more and more my own freedom, personal power, and sovereignty. These are no longer just ideas, I really feel them. It’s incredibly liberating. I am waking up. In that waking up I am more ME than I’ve ever known before, and I feel like a kid again–I see the magic in everything and I know I’m a part of it. The magic is in me too. This work is fun, it’s beautiful, and there’s no going back! Like a kid, I’m just so excited for what magic is coming next in my life.” 

Tracy M.

“I am overwhelmed and deeply moved by my experiences at Practicum.  I wish to express my gratitude for your opening up this experience to me and allowing me to attend. I appreciate absolutely every moment I spent there: every person, every lesson, every spirit, every tree, every magical synchronicity. Thank you, too for calling in the spirits as you did.  That was an exquisite ceremony and I loved hearing it and watching many beings arrive. Love and light to you and all you’re doing to anchor this beautiful energy and knowledge for all of life on the earth at this time.”


“At practicum I felt like I had so many grandmas and mothers and aunts and sisters – It was a new and amazing feeling – I’ve never felt so safe and loved in this life – I love you all!!!! (and my new brothers too)”


“While sitting on the bank of the Trask River looking for the miracles that Jan asked us for at the end of each day of the Vision Quest Practicum, these words came to me…The land here is magical, with a sparkling, melodic river flowing gently past us. The mountains in the distance are home to the abundant wildlife that come to visit. The greens and the blues of nature reflect their brilliance in the mirror of the water. The ocean sends clouds of mist to quench the lush rain forest. The standing ones spread their arms in gratitude, unconditionally giving their wondrous shade when great-grandfather sun breaks through the clouds. Miracles, you ask? They are in every moment. In everything. Within and without.”

MJ Schwader

“I really want to convey to all who are there a huge “thank you” from my heart for all of the love and support I have received as a quester.  I can still hear and feel the songs almost daily and I sing them and send love out to the universe with so much thanks.  I have changed, I am changing and I feel so blessed.  My heart is more open, my relationship with Spirit is more solid.  I love myself more, I pray more, I journey almost daily, I am much more psychic.  It is hard for me to convey in an email everything that I want to and to express the depth of my emotion.  Even though life has been very challenging for me I am the happiest that I have ever been.



“Attending the yearly Telepathic Practicum with its powerful combination of ceremony, ritual, teachings,
and traditional singing in an amazingly beautiful setting, transformed me permanently. Then add in the
focused teachings on appreciation and I will never be the same!”

Melinda J.