Shamanic Sound Healing

eagle-nebula1Shamanic Sound Healing

Offering by Lauri Shainsky of SoulNote Shamanic Sound Healing:

When: Please view dates on Lauri’s calendar

Prerequisite: None;  journeying skills are highly recommended

This course supports LightSong Students in feeling more comfortable making sound, and using sound in their shamanic work. It is an essential part of shamanism, and honors the traditional shamanic way of using sound to create altered states of consciousness, and to manifest in the physical and non-physical worlds.

We first focus on breaking through old programs that have kept us shy about utilizing our voices. We then add other instruments to our knowledge and awareness of healing sound. Initiations, informative and diagnostic journeys, singing, song doctoring and other shamanic sound healing exercises expand our luminous beings, our confidence and understanding, our skills as practitioners and soul-nourished human beings. Your skills and experience in invoking the spirits, and channeling spiritual energies will be greatly enhanced by this course. The spirits of the lake, the standing and singing ones all participate in this tincture of profound transformation and manifestation. You will walk away from this course feeling nourished, heard, and more illuminated, ready to shine your light more brilliantly and with more vocal volume out into the world. You will be well-equipped to use sound in your shamanic and other healing modalities to amplify your work.

This material is offered throughout  the year through a variety of formats, including LightSong Course 230’s  5-month course (5 six-hour sessions) and 4-month course (4 eight-hour sessions), and including LightSong Course 231–   Shamanic Sound Intensive (Friday night to Sunday afternoon with both commuting and residential options).

Please view dates on Lauri’s calendar

Shamanic Sound Healing: The 5-Month Series at Hidden Lake

With Dr. Lauri Shainsky, Ph.D.

Offered  by LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine

Saturdays 9:30 am-3:30 pm

Feb 10Mar 10April 14May 19June 9

This course is designed to help people:
– (re) discover and utilize the power of their voice as a creative healing tool;
– expand our ability to listen to spirit and convey sound from the divine realms;
– bring healing through intention, sound, spirit, and love;
– be nourished by receiving and transmitting healing sound;
– bring power and manifestation into our daily lives through sound, spiritual partnerships and intentionality.

The framework and style I use for this and other classes is shamanic, therapeutic, and non-hierarchical. You bring the top-of-the-mind, deep-in-the-heart issues you are currently work on, and we apply the techniques we learn to heal and transform and manifest the highest outcomes for these topics.

In a safe, light-hearted hoop, we will all gain insight, knowledge and skill for using the vibrational power of sound:

-For self healing;

-For augmenting other healing modalities (Shamanism, Reiki, Massage, Yoga, Energy Medicine);

-To increase richness and joy in life through personal, everyday rituals;

-For connecting more deeply with the wisdom codes of the divine realms.

We will learn how to be more vibrant channels of sound, bringing the power & wisdom encoded therein, that comes from the spirit realms.

Learning and healing comes through working in pairs and in the larger group practicing sound healing techniques, journeying for information, doing ceremonies for enhancing our personal vibration and states of consciousness. We address current topics in our personal and professional lives so that learning and healing are relevant and supportive to our everyday livingness.

Journeying skills are required. *People who have taken this course before can repeat this course at a discount; new material will be included each week.

Course format: 5 6-hour sessions Saturdays

Cost: $395/ $250*if you are a returning student

This course is part of the LightSong School of Shamanic Studies curriculum and satisfies elective requirements for the advanced programs (LMT, Bachelors in Community Shamanism).

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