Shamanic Sound Healing

eagle-nebula1Shamanic Sound Healing

Offering by Dr. Lauri Shainsky of Shamanic Sound Healing

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Prerequisite: Journeying skills are required—Level 1: Basic Shamanic Journey Skills or equivalent.  *People who have taken this course before can repeat this course at a discount; new material will be included each week.

WhereHidden Lake Retreat

Shamanic sound healingCourse Goals:

• (re) discover and utilize their sacred voice;
• be a more potent vessel for sound, song, power, & spirit;
• work with sacred sound & songs for the purpose of healing self & others;
• discern & utilize the distinct vibrational qualities of rattles, drums, bowls, & the spirits within these;
• be nourished through receiving and transmitting healing sound & songs;
• bring power and manifestation into our daily lives through sound & song.

This weekly course builds community, learning, and healing as we delve into making spirit-guided sound with our voices. We then add other instruments to our understanding of healing sound. Initiations, informative and diagnostic journeys, singing, song doctoring and other shamanic sound exercises expand our luminous beings, our knowledge, our skills as practitioners and humans. Meeting weekly solidifies the class into a caring, co-learning group of like-hearted people.

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