Shamanic Sound Intensive

eagle-nebula2Shamanic Sound Intensive

Offering by Dr. Lauri Shainsky of Shamanic Sound Healing

When: TBA 2017.

Prerequisite: Journeying skills are required—Level 1: Basic Shamanic Journey Skills or equivalent.

Where: Hidden Lake Retreat

Course Goals: This intensive designed to immerse people in spirit-guided sound healing and help people:

• (re) discover and utilize their sacred voice;
• be a more potent vessel for sound, song, power, & spirit;
• work with sacred sound & songs for the purpose of healing self & others;
• discern & utilize the distinct vibrational qualities of rattles, drums, bowls, & the spirits within these;
• be nourished through receiving and transmitting healing sound & songs;
• bring power and manifestation into our daily lives through sound & song.

Shamanic sound intensiveThis workshop is fully experiential and will facilitate your learning, your healing, and your expansion in shamanism and sound healing. Hands-on exploration, ceremony, initiations, good nourishing food, community, laughter and nature will all contribute to your growth and development. While some of the same topics may be covered in the 10-week course, the intensive has additional ceremonies, is indeed an intensive immersion, and cultivates enhanced community due to its residential setting. This makes for a totally different experience from the 10-week course.

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