What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing by Jan Engels-Smith

Energy Healing by Jan Engels-Smith



Change occurs when energy shifts. To understand change, one needs to understand the dynamics of energy. Everything emanates energy: animate beings, physical objects, thoughts and feelings and these energy “fields” impact and alter all they touch. We must also understand the importance of thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and feelings as energy to have control over the changes in our lives. We can consciously affect the change process only when we understand and apply the following basic laws of the universe:

1. Energy follows intention.
2. Whatever you add energy to multiplies.
3. Thought followed by word and action equals form.
4. What you believe becomes.

These laws apply to all of life and are fundamental in understanding how to work with energy in order to create. Healing, both of self and others, is possible by developing skills in working with these laws. Enlightenment requires this understanding.

People with spiritual power have learned how to work with energy by following the guidelines of these laws. They can direct energy with intention and trust that the desired outcome will materialize. They are not victims of other people or situations because they know how energy works and they apply this knowledge to their lives.

Energy Follows Intention

What is intention? It is simply what you intend to happen. If your intention is followed with an action that supports your intention, you will experience quick results. You will also feel good and harmonious in the process. It is as if all energy flows in the same direction. For example, let’s say that your intention is to work on your marriage by being more attentive to your partner. If your action is to start a productive conversation, you might give a foot rub or make a phone call during the day. The desired outcome of improving your marriage has a high probability of occurring. If your intention is to improve your marriage, but you do extremely inconsiderate things to your partner, the energy of your action is in opposition to your intention. This opposite flow of energies will cause much friction, anxiety, and stress.

When both the intention and action flow in the same direction, a positive outcome is enhanced. But when intention and action flow in opposite directions, a negative outcome is more likely.

Conflicting energy signals will cause frustration, stress, and anxiety. Opposite directional forces between intention and action remind me of the opposite motions of the earth’s plates at the San Andreas Fault line. As the plates move against each other, they create tremendous stress and ultimately result in an earthquake. Just as the spirits always tell me, “Learn from nature!”

Use this energy illustration as a mental cue for anything you are attempting to change in your life. Write down your intention and then look at your actions. Are they flowing together or in opposite directions? Many people give lip service to wanting to create change or healing in their lives, but their actions do not match their intention. They often become frustrated with the process of change feeling like they have failed again when in truth their actions are not aligned with their intentions. Either the action needs to change or the intention needs to change. Each one can correct either variable.