Becoming an Intuitive Healer

Becoming an Intuitive Healer By Jan Engels-Smith

On becoming an intuitive healer.

Shamanism by itself has a wide variety of full, effective and amazing techniques. However, shamanism with Reiki can be astonishing.

Throughout my teaching tenure I have continually witnessed students using different modalities separately. I have urged them to combine modalities and to realize that psychic development and intuitive development are foundational to their training.

Human beings have an enormous amount of psychic and intuitive potential. Much of this has been toned down or turned off throughout childhood and socialization. To open these potentials is natural and enriching. The body, mind, and spirit will respond positively, and a more positive outlook, as well as self- confidence surfaces. I believe more attention needs to be focused on this development.

Colleen Benelli, a graduate of LightSong who has gone on to become one of the nation’s truly gifted Reiki Masters, and I have created journeys that will take shamanic practitioners and Reiki practitioners to a whole new level of their understanding of the symbols, the layers of energy that is constructed within them, and the mystical presence of the symbols. The powers of Reiki, and the abilities of the shamanic journey, open doors into great healing potential. Both the client and the practitioner benefit in this truly win-win situation.

I have used the Reiki symbols to enhance and facilitate my shamanic work since 1995. The spirits showed me my Soul Retrieval altar with the Reiki symbols years before I understood the power of Reiki. My soul retrieval altar is a halo of symbols around a person’s head as they lay on the floor receiving their treatment through ceremony. The symbols have taught me through the years their uses and powers to enhance any healing. I am eager to pass this information on to those who are interested in receiving it.