The Hidden Potential of Spring

I love this day, commonly called Ground-hogs day. Tradition has it that the ground hog seeing his shadow reveals how far away spring is or how long winter will linger.

The many of you who know me, know I love the winter months. I love the darkness and all that it offers in life. I love to get up early in the morning while it is still dark, light my candles and do my prayers, meditation, journeys, or internal searching. The darkness lends itself to the quietness before the rush of business the day often brings.

But another thing that I love is change, and of all the seasons, I marvel at what I call pre-spring. The first days of February I celebrate this pre-spring emergence.This time represents the hidden potential. All the new life that is ready to emerge but still looks deadened in the cold stillness of winter.

Yet during this time, there is organization of cells, deep internal feeding, new hope. A readiness stirs under the ground, hidden from the eye. It is the result of the quiet, of prayers, meditation, and journeys ready to form; the hidden, the dormant, the barren that is planning to emerge. It is the plan that is well thought out, well laid out, and full of hope, inspiration, and faith.

The earth feels it and I feel it internally. I celebrate this time for it is perfect.

Heart to Heart