Blessings on You…

Blessings on You By Jan Engels-Smith

Blessings on You





Often before I initiate classes, I have my students circumnavigate the room and put blessings on each other. They look each other in the eye, connect with their heart, and then bless each other. In Celtic shamanism this is called “put a blessing on you”. Once a blessing is placed, you actually wear the blessing in your energy fields. This blessing has power and acts as a protective barrier as well as an attractive force to bring divine blessing to you.

The definition in the dictionary of blessing is: “To bless is to make holy, to invoke divine favor upon someone or something. To create well-being or prosperity on someone. To intentionally help by offering love through good and positive wishes.” This definition always reminds me of when Glinda the Good Witch of the North kissed Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz on the forehead and announced that she will be safe with her blessing, and then the famous ruby slippers appeared on Dorothy’s feet a physical manifestation of the magic of that statement.

The blessing ritual process that I start each class with takes some time, but the outcome is significant. Within the hour, people have enough positive energy placed on them that creates a lasting impression in their energetic fields. They also give sufficient blessings to procure their own heart the chance to open and soften to any of the adverse situations they might find themselves in from the last time we met as a group.

As we travel around the room greeting and blessing, the energy heightens and we are all affected. This is noticed and expressed through laughter, a sense of joy, and a full expression of genuine love. Hearts open and receive. Spirits rise. Collectively we experience this movement of energy. Healing is being actualized. This is shamanic in that there is intention to move energy to promote good will and well-being. You can change energy and change your health by these expressions, both for those receiving and for those giving.

A question to ponder is, What if all of us spent just 24 hours blessing everyone and everything in our lives?

The results might be nothing short of staggering. That much positive thought energy, wrapped in a blanket of love and sent forth in a genuine attitude of care and appreciation, could radically shift world-wide trends, changing not only what is happening in our world right now, but for decades to come… Based on the simple but scientifically and spiritually-based premise that a transformation will occur if enough of us spend more time thinking about what is right rather than what is wrong, we can conclude, YES, we can change the world.

Many times people feel that to be shamanic they must be involved with ancient ceremony invoking spirits in mystical ways. Sometimes this applies, but living a shamanic lifestyle is more often concentrated on a state of mind. 21st century shamanism realizes that all people have the capacity to heal others. Simply stated, living with a purpose of well-being and the intention to promote healing creates amazing results.

Smiling at people and being optimistic promotes healing in both the initiator and the recipient. Blessing folks with heart-felt words is a form of ceremony and brings healing. Thinking positive thoughts about yourself and others is a form of doing small soul retrievals on yourself. The more consciousness you give to this form of moment by moment healing the greater effects collectively will be manifest. Traditional ceremony will always have its place in shamanic lifestyle however attention given to the moment to moment consciousness of blessings and the belief that it is the small things that can make such a huge difference allows all people to know that they are healers.

Bless people and things all day today and watch what happens inside of you.