Heart-Centered Compassionate Depossession

Heart-Centered Compassionate Depossession by Jan Engels-Smith

Heart-Centered Compassionate Depossession




“Spirit possession is a natural occurrence. For centuries it has been feared and little understood. Thought to be a mystery, an aberration, or an impossibility, possession has always had a frightening reputation. Images of zombies, of demonic possession, or entirely losing one’s will to the will of another have been the aspects of possession that have been foremost in people’s minds. In general, possession is actually something quite different.” ~ Betsy Bergstrom

Depossession, or to clear overshadowing within a person, is a major component of my healing practice. However, I was a hard sell to this aspect of shamanism. My optimistic belief system didn’t want to buy into this reality on many levels.

First of all, I believed that the powers of love and of God where going to rule in the end – that is, the end of someone’s life. A person’s soul would be swept up into the light and there would be no such thing as a lost soul, or discarnate being. I also could not fathom a person not feeling a possessing spirit.

My lessons sometimes come hard when I resist the ways of spirit teaching me important information. In the early 90’s I was watching a demonstration of a Depossession. My heart was wide open; my skepticism was in full throttle. I watched with compassion and disbelief combined. I was attending a shamanic training, and after the evening class we often would stay up and dance, or talk into the wee hours of the night. This night I was exhausted. I couldn’t seem to shake the fatigue. I would usually go running in the morning bright and early with the desire to get some sort of exercise before a day of sitting. The next morning I laced up my shoes, took off, and made it about 200 yards. I was winded and light headed. I was forlorn and wondering what was going on. I dragged myself back to the retreat center.

One of my fellow classmates recognized my dilemma immediately and said, “Something has latched into you.”

I retorted, “No way.” But I was too tired to argue. This colleague took me into her room and did a Depossession. I felt amazing, my energy returning in abundance within 20 minutes. I also became a believer in this condition and the effects it can have.

Not everyone will react to a possession spirit the way I did, an almost violent assault on my energy and vitality. I think the spirits were trying to make a point to me so I would get out of my resistance so I could move into a necessary role of my practice. The only way I was going to become a believer in this area of expertise was to get the universal 2 x 4 over the head.

Many people carry possessions and feel achy or tired much of the time. A lack of energy is a significant indication of a possessing spirit. Another indication is a feeling that someone else is in control of your thoughts and actions. Often, possessing spirits can lay dormant for lifetimes, becoming activated when something significant happens in a person’s life. Or they can be such a part of your life that they have a feeling of normal, yet uncomfortable. Helping these spirits pass to the light can have enormous benefits for the client, as well as the incarnate soul whose destiny it is to go to the light.

We humans are complex systems of energy. There is only a small part of this energy that is visible to the human eye. The rest of it is described as non-physical aspects of ourselves. The non-physical aspect is about 90% of us! Sort of like an iceberg. What you see and what really exists under the surface are extremely different. And unlike the unseen parts of the iceberg, possessing spirits can cause havoc in one’s life.

The colleague that I have mentioned was Betsy Bergstrom, who has become a leading authority in Depossession and teaches the class for LightSong. For myself, I have incorporated this work into my healing practice and my way of understanding the wellness of the soul.

The following is a link to an excerpt from an interview with Betsy about Depossession by Robyn Fell that appeared in a recent issue of Sacred Hoop Magazine. If you would like to read the entire article, click here.

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