The Art of Community

The Art of Community by Jan Engels-Smith

Art of Community


The LightSong Telepathic Practicum is the example of living the teachings that we experience in class. Not only is it a template for 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine™, it is a model of change and growth, an example of humanity and the art of loving each other as a community family.

Much of the organizational framework that holds the Practicum together is based on the medicine wheel and the necessary elements that create a whole. Each person has a job responsibility and we all benefit. There are two main experiences for the people attending the practicum; going out on the hill, and being in support camp. Each is rich in experience and communication with spirit as teacher.

I like to add the dimension of YOU to the Practicum, the greater community of LightSong, with its far-reaching arms across the United States and world. I ask that you embrace this time with us in prayer, support, and love. Of course, you are welcome to participate in the physical if you are so inclined, but participation telepathically is also power filled for all — both you and us. Tap into us energetically starting now and hold this space as we move through the physical preparations, the actual land experience, and then the integration of this profound spiritual experience.

You may already feel the connections and the building of power around the quest. The spirits have been weaving a web around, through, and among us – connecting us heart-to-heart, and we welcome yours. The energy is really building, and we are excited about the upcoming ceremony.

We humans have been gifted with free will, the right to choose. Each person in the role of supporter will exercise that right in choosing how he or she will participate in the Practicum. Whether they will support on the land or support from a distance, they will choose how they will show up. The learning will be significant. What I share with you here is just the tip of the iceberg . . .

If you are in camp, you will learn how to ask for help when you need it, to choose differently even when you don’t understand how you are creating the feeling through attachment. You will learn how to discharge energy; how to listen to others telepathically; how to hear through the fire; how to send love, support, water, food, dancing, yoga, joy, and much more to help another survive, thrive, and grow.

You will learn to listen, but not to embody other people’s stuff, and to stop and discharge the energy if it begins to enter you. In this container of almost instant manifestation, you will learn that what you do affects others immediately. You will learn what to do when you lose focus and how to use the skills you’ve been taught to bring your focus back. You will see how gratitude is a quick way back to the heart.

One of the beauties of the practicum is the profound awareness of how this closed container is actually a template of life without the long confusing illusions of time. Almost everything happens instantly. We are often in a state of awe.

The spirits have said many times that our work with them teaches us how to be better human beings: kind, loving, generous, resourceful, and working in the construct of the pack. Humans need each other. They are pack animals, and pack animals work as a team, caring deeply for each other. Supporters, wherever you are in the world, gain (receive) as much as the questers.

As supporters, when you state your intention to support, you commit to those completing the Practicum. You will care for their bodies, build power for them, and support the emergence of their spirit. . Your prayers make a difference.

Some of you will experience the energy of the practicum very vividly with dreams, insights, or direct revelations. For some, the energy may creep into your awareness, subtly beckoning you to pay attention. If you feel the urge to drink water, please do so and send the feeling of satisfaction, safety, and well-being to the questers. If you feel the urge to snuggle under a soft blanket, or stretch your body, take care of this need and send the good feelings to the questers. The questers will benefit from this immensely.

Thank you to all who choose to send your thoughts, energy, and prayers, regardless of where you are in the world. The questers and supporters are grateful for everything you can do to help their experience of learning and growth at the Practicum.