A Year of Choice

2011: A Year of Choice by Jan Engels-Smith

We are in the shift of a prophesied time — the ending of a time period that has extended for 5,125 years. The shift from an era that has lasted for several millennia into a new age is happening now. Can you feel it? Do things seem difficult and do you have a sense that time is flying by and you can’t keep up or concentrate with clarity on your goals or intentions? This is the energy of the shift we are all experiencing and what 2011 is all about. We are all involved and we all play a part.

A Year of Choice

The spirits explain that worry, fret, frustration, anger, and doubt represent the densities of the earth and these emotions bog us down and distract us. They have an energy that is pervasive and all consuming. However, all of us can rise above the densities of the earth and the emotions that emanate from these sources. When we seek the origins of these energies we see that they are predominately created through media in our society and our willingness to accept a fabrication that is foisted upon us as reality.

Your day-to-day ups and downs and your emotional attachment to the events of the world can be understood and changed by injecting a spiritual reality into these everyday densities. You can create different outcomes and facilitate the dawn of your own true self as the dominant energy that presents through you and reveals itself to you and those who you encounter in this life. I sense that this understanding of the possibility to change oneself and the world in which one lives is the crux of LightSong’s mission and is encoded in the message that the spirits have desired me to teach and write about in this crucial year of 2011.

The people in our classes and those who actively read and participate in the information presented in this newsletter are divinely selected to be the hosts of this message and to usher in the Age of Aquarius for all of humanity. After all, you chose to incarnate during this era and to participate in this change in galactic time and dimension. My goal is to strive to affect those who have been bogged down with the altered reality of scarcity and suffering and to bring to them an awareness of possibility and a methodology for change. My hope is to assist those who seek a higher spiritual quality but who have gotten caught in this vortex of false reality. I want to guide you into a new reality of prosperity, ease, effortlessness, and joy.

As I wrote in the spiritual predictions for 2011 published by New Connexion last month, this year will require very conscious decisions about reality because 2011 portends a time of a dimensional split creating two dimensional realities on the earth. This will be a year of great challenges that have the power to split you off from your true spiritual self and from the spiritual path that you seek. The positive alternate dimensional reality that is available to you offers the opportunity to embrace your true spiritual self even more strongly and to reach a goal of peace and tranquility. The Tower card in the Tarot shows us that there needs to be a crumbling of old belief systems and social structures to facilitate the rebuilding of a new world that is fundamentally different from the old.

The spirits say 2011 is the year to make the choice to create heaven on earth. Some of the greatest things that we have on earth have come from the conflicts and the difficulties that we have endured. The spirits recommend that you keep things near you that will remind you that a new structure is needed, to let go of the old ways and to trust that the universe supports you, to know that there is only love and that you are loved, that there are many non-physical beings that only want to help you, and to not resist but to embrace the process. Please get in the habit of saying I CAN and YES to the positives. Write out your intentions for yourself and read them daily. Take action on them by doing something each day to bring these intentions into manifestation.

The spirits have informed me that the shifts of 2011-2012 have the potential of being cataclysmic and revolutionary. Being on the leading edge of 21st century shamanism, LightSong (which includes you) has a role as well as a responsibility to model and usher in this new era. In the next few years, developing and staying close to your spiritual connections can enhance your power and protect you in the precarious situation that we must all confront in the future. We will gain strength in this in our close association and common work.

I, for one, look forward to the exhilarating experience of propelling myself in the Age of Aquarius, an age filled with love and enlightenment, but I can feel the impact of the negative densities of the world. With awareness, attention, exploration, and exercising the power to make things different, I feel that we as a community can alter humanity and our own realities to reap the benefits of this prophetic time.

This year has great potential for being confusing and there are insidious dangers that surround us. Stay focused on your intention of well being. Try to raise your positive vibration as much as possible through thought, action, and intention. Consistently remember that if you set an intention of well being that whatever happens will be part of that intention even if it at first seems to contravene your goal. Stay true to your intention and persevere.

2011 is the year of choice. Will you fall victim to the pervasive thoughts of scarcity, global disasters, and governmental failures, or will you hold to your true self? Dream your new dream of reality and then match your actions to it vibrationally by being enthused, motivated, excited, appreciative, passionate, and happy. Spend time in altered reality by envisioning your dream and by engaging all of your senses. Create it by manifesting it in your thoughts in every subtle detail and then FEEL so excited about this creation that it is easily drawn to you through the power of the law of attraction. If you do your part, the world will alter, as will you.