The Magical Qualities of Healing Objects

The Magical Qualities of Healing Objects by Jan Engels-Smith

healing objects


Crystals contain powerful energy attracted from the Earth in which they were formed. The compressed energy of the crystal operates at an extremely high frequency and purity. Because of the strong healing energy and frequencies that crystals possess, they are often used as healing objects. The energy they bring overcomes the low frequency, negative energy that produced the wound or illness. The magnetic power of the individual’s energy can draw to it the positive energy of the crystal, but one’s mental attitude determines the degree of the attraction.

Sweat lodges, a Native American ceremony, have a great deal of energy attraction and exchange. The stones of the sweat lodge are heated by burning wood from trees. The energy of the tree is imparted to the stone, as is the energy of the water poured over the stones during the ceremony. The resultant steam contains the energy of the stones, the trees, and the water. As the steam fills the lodge, it radiates this energy into each participant. This is the source of the cleansing. The positive energy of the Earth Mother, in stone, tree, and water, flows into the human body to reconnect us with our origins and oneness with nature. One sits in the lodge on a dirt floor, in direct contact with the Earth, to establish a link. The positive intention of participants in the lodge attracts the positive energy of the universe from all of these sources and makes us whole again.

Feathers, bones, teeth, and other remains of animals are imbued with the energy, which the animal possessed in life. The eagle feather carries the power of the eagle and, when used in ceremony, can impart this energy to the participants. In the same way, animal bones, teeth, hides, fur, and hair, even the earth on which they have trodden, contain remnants of the animals’ energy. If we use these objects in a good way, we attract their power to ourselves. In many Native American and other indigenous cultures, hunters drink the blood or eat the heart of the animal they have killed to draw into himself or herself the animal’s energy and to honor the power of its energy. The death of the animal, as with the death of a person, does not terminate the energy that the animal radiated. It permeates everything within the concentric circles of the animal’s aura.

Few of us today hunt animals and eat their hearts to merge with the animal, but eating any food does have an impact on your energy system. You still merge with the plant or animal. It still gives its life and energy to sustain yours. There is a sacred exchange of energy that should be honored and respected. It is important to pay attention to the foods you eat, to how they were grown, to the presence of toxins, and to the quality of energy they contain. The very spirit of the people and their relationship to the land can create an energy of love that is transferred to the food. The way people have treated the animals they raise is transferred to the animals, becoming part of the cumulative energy of the food we consume. My family and I participated in a cooperative farm venture where families worked together to produce their food in a good way. Our work included harvest festivals and shared love. The foods we harvested were imbued with an aura of love and the energies of our shared work. Many have experienced this investment of energy at family gatherings where home cooked meals are a product of shared joy and love. The energy passes tangibly into the foods we prepare and consume, resulting in deep satisfaction. Not only is our hunger satisfied, but so is our soul as it emotionally connects to the energy of the food. Prayer said at mealtime adds energy to the food prior to consuming it. When food is prepared in a bad way, it brings an entirely different energy with it. It may cause indigestion or feelings of fullness without satisfying one’s hunger.

Energy is a profound quality of life. It is everything and affects everything. I refer to the soul as a composite of all the experiences ever had by an individual. Inanimate objects, plants, and animals also have collective experiences, which are housed in cellular memory. When you eat food, buy things, adorn your body, or decorate your home, you are subjected to this collective energy. Pay attention to what you bring into your life.