Never is nothing happening

A saying from Buck Ghosthorse: Never is nothing happening

Never is nothing happening


One of my elders told me, in a journey, “Never is nothing happening.” I have had great success teaching people how to journey, because I approach it with the understanding that there is always something happening.

Each person has their own unique way of receiving information. My way is not the right or the only way, it is my way; it is not better or worse than anyone else’s way. Everybody receives information and everyone can journey—it is your birthright. You are a spirit having a human experience, but you are first and foremost a spirit. The spirit in you is communicating with the spirits in the other realms. It is spirit-to-spirit communication, and it is totally natural. It is absolutely how we connect. Even in our ordinary-reality communication it is believed that over 90% of all our communication is non-verbal. One of the primary reasons for that is because there is energy being transmitted back and forth between people, and that is part of your spirit communicating.

You are a Spirit having a human experience.

I believe everyone can journey. It is a skill; the more you practice, the better you get. It is like learning to play an instrument. If you want to play the piano, you can learn to play chopsticks in an hour. You can quickly learn different variations of chopsticks, and you can get really good at chopsticks, but if you want to really learn to play the piano, you are going to practice. It is the same with journeying. Some people have propensities that make some things and some ways easier for them, or not as easy, but everyone can do it. When I first learned to journey, I had to travel to find a workshop. I had to buy a plane ticket, rent a car, and get a hotel. It was an expensive and time-consuming commitment. I went three times to three different basic workshops before I felt like I had any success at all. As it turned out, I didn’t journey like the teacher did, and as he explained it, I kept thinking I was doing it wrong.

There are a couple of different styles in journeying. Typically, in workshops in this country, you are taught to lie down and cover your eyes, to be in the dark. Some people really like that, but if you make yourself too comfortable, you may be telling your body that it is time to go to sleep. One of the styles we use, a method I learned from one of my teacher’s, Michael Harner, is to journey with your arm up in the air, so if you fall asleep, it will fall down and you will wake up. Be aware that you don’t have to lie down. Shamans in other countries are usually dancing around in a kind of trance (of course they also have assistants to ensure that they don’t fall down). You can sit up or you can stand, it really doesn’t matter.

A common question I hear is: What if I can’t journey? What do I do then? What if I am inept in this ability? Journeying is a natural state of being.

It is actually unnatural not to journey, but we have forgotten how.

Kids are journeying and communicating all the time. They are always in relationship to the spirit world. Watch a little kid play in the dirt; they put it in their hands, they feel it, they enjoy it, they commune with it. They are enjoying this whole world of the dirt. It is natural. Many of us have turned off that mechanism within, because we were told at some phase of our life that we were making it up, or lying, or wasting our time.

It is not that the spirits aren’t there; it is that you are not there.

I journey every day. I journey for people every day, and I get up in the morning and I check in with the spirits. Not always in the same style, but it is something that I do every day.

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