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Energy, Frequencies and Vibrations, Oh My!

On Understanding Energy, Frequencies and Vibrations by Jan Engels-Smith

It is important to understand energy and the power of words. Blessings are made up of words; words are energy, and are a frequency of vibration. Our entire systems are built on frequencies of vibration.

When we look at something, we see a vibration and the eye brings that vibration into the brain, and the brain changes it into an image.

When we hear something, we hear a vibration. It goes into our ear, and then into our brain where it is changed into a sound.

When we smell something, we smell a frequency, a frequency of vibration. Our brain interprets that smell and tells us what it is.

When you hear a word that has a low frequency, it hurts. Your body wants to concave, shutting down your fields; it causes pain. When you hear high frequency words, your body and your energetic fields open up. This high frequency feeds us, because we are high frequency systems, made of very high frequency vibrations.

So, when we are surrounded by high frequency vibrations, or thinking high frequency thoughts, we feel good. When we are thinking low frequency thoughts, it depletes us.

You are the master, in the control seat of how you are going to perceive and think about any type of situation you are in, and that is either going to feed you or deplete you.

It is your choice.

Although it is hard to say it is your choice, if you don’t really understand what your choice is. As you learn more about energy, what energy is, and how to heal with energy, you realize that you can perceive things differently and that perception will then feed you rather than deplete you.

Everything is a frequency of vibration. When we are journeying, we are tuning in to different frequencies. You can think of it like tuning in different radio stations. I asked the spirits: What do we look like to you? I was amazed when they showed me that there was no physical body at all, just a broadcast of energy at different levels, different colors, different sounds, and different patterns. They don’t see a body, just a frequency of vibration.

If you keep your vibration at an elevated state, you will feel better and you will be healthier. You are made of high frequencies – if you feed yourself high frequency food and drink, think high frequency thoughts, and if you say things that are in that positive realm, you become healthier. It is all part of a great big picture of what is natural for you and what is in alignment with your own vibration.