Creating a Difference

Creating a Difference by Jan Engels-Smith

Creating a Difference by Jan Engels-SmithArtwork by Barry Mack ~

On Creating a Difference

In an infinite universe that has existed for eons, we may feel small and insignificant; but when life is viewed as an eternal and timeless spirit with unconstrained access to the cosmic mysteries, our potential for creativity and influence has no limits.  Life should be measured by possibilities, not boundaries, and by opportunities, not restrictions. In my communing with the spirits, they helped me to understand that every person has the capacity to change the world singlehandedly.

The world-renowned dancer and choreographer Martha Graham once wrote: “There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.” She was referring not to particular artists but to all of humanity. Every individual possesses a creative power that seeks to be released and not denied, and every person is capable of translating this unique vitality into a meaningful force in life.

The challenges that we face individually and as a civilization seem, at times, overwhelming, because we often begin by focusing on the magnitude of the problem, rather than our ability to impact change. As an energy medicine practitioner, I have come to understand that we create by our actions, by our attitude, and by our confidence in the support of the spirits. The creative powers that we possess are governed by what the spirits term the Creation Laws.

In my communion with the spirits, I have received information that I am to practice and teach. If one desires a world where the natural environment is honored and protected, where people find peace and harmony and not conflict, where sustenance like universal health care is widely accessible for all, where opportunity is available to everyone, where all are loved equally, and where happiness is the measure of success, then the only limit to our accomplishing such a world is in our failure to understand how to employ our creative power. Once we have done so, we can enjoy the new realities as they manifest in the physical world.

The fundamental Creation Law is that we create in direct relationship to the nature of our desires. Mother Teresa said, “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

The promotion of the positive result that we desire, as opposed to the negative hostility toward that which we wish to change, provides an inner creative power that can alter the direst circumstances. Negative attitudes diminish our strength and destroy rather than create. Positive emotions such as joy, passion, enthusiasm, hope, appreciation, and optimism create a vibrational resonance that empowers and manifests in ways that negativity can never equal.

Peace, for example, is greater than simply the elimination of conflict; it is first and foremost a state of harmony and goodwill that multiplies itself in the natures of the people who live within its glow. To eliminate an evil is to create a void; to create a good is to fill the universe with vibrational energy that exceeds our expectations. Better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness.

The Creation Laws require us to recognize that our efforts begin first within ourselves and then transfer into collective action. If negativity governs our inner souls, then we should not expect our influence to motivate people to positive solutions. In my practice, I seek to help individuals to focus first inwardly to examine the energies that flow through their beings and to examine the vibrational energy that they emit into the world. Positive energies of hope and optimism carry with them only the power to create and not the power to destroy, but that which is created by positive energies displaces that which we wish to change. If we attack negative forces with negativity, those forces are most likely to absorb more negative energy and become ever more difficult to supplant.

Dream your new dream of reality and then be a match for it vibrationally by being enthused, motivated, excited, passionate, appreciative, and happy. The Creation Laws recognize that we have created all that we are a part of—the good and the bad. We created the negative energies that have brought difficult conditions to our lives from the negative vibrations of hopelessness, despair, anger, hate, and greed. They may seem to have developed from outside sources or appear to have been with us always, but humankind has shaped its own destiny by its individual and collective actions.

The good news is that the power of positive energies to replace these abysmal conditions is real. The Creation Laws allow that negative creations are powerful but only to the degree that we choose to believe in their inevitability. The forces of positive vibrations become self-generating and multiply exponentially in ways that negative energy cannot. The positive vibrations are supported by the ultimate good that flows through all things.

The Creation Laws are primary in comprehending our power as human beings and to claim our empowerment as individuals. Losing one’s focus on these possibilities usually is the result of one or all of the following conditions:

-A person focuses on what others are doing or not doing rather than looking inwardly to what one can do positively. To look outside yourself for the answer to the problem is the problem.

-A person feels despair, depression, or guilt in the face of difficulty. These low frequency broadcasts simply add to the problem. The moment for action is always now.

-A person becomes impatient in the process. The difficult conditions have evolved over time and the changes that we will effect through positive energy will develop over time into a powerful force.  Change will take time but the rewards of one’s positive e

-A person feels inadequate to make a difference.

Energy can be felt more quickly then one might imagine. Impatience is a negative vibration while commitment generates results and eventually an affirmation that the effort was well worth the time.

In a meditation I was shown examples of global issues and energetic matches that have created or could be the source for many global conditions. The most evident contrast as it was revealed to me was the perfect parallel between negative emotions with negative consequences and positive emotions with positive outcomes. It was made clear to me that our individual vibrational frequencies affect not only our immediate surroundings but oscillate outward to impact all of humanity and the global environment. The spirits communicated with firm assurance that each of us is a powerful creator. We all contribute to the whole and we can all individually make a difference.

These are the parallels between particular emotions or feelings and the resultant conditions that would be manifested by our attitudes as the spirits showed them to me in my meditation:


  • Joy = World Peace
  • Passion = Health Care
  • Enthusiasm = Healthy Environment
  • Positivism = Alternative Energy
  • Optimism = Thriving Cities
  • Hopefulness = Productive Education
  • Appreciation = Equal Opportunities
  • Empowerment = Happy Kids


  • Anger = Poverty
  • Jealousy = Greed
  • Hatred/Rage = War
  • Anger = Crime
  • Unworthiness = Abuse
  • Fear = Violence
  • Grief = Stagnation
  • Depression = Disloyalty

At first glance you and I might not see the immediate relationships between the emotions and the consequences of our attitudes but if you look closely at the examples you will come to understand the spirits’ intent.

My practice as a shamanic healer addresses the blocks that people have created in their inner being and attempts to remove these barriers to positive energy. Extractions, curse unraveling, spell breaking, clearing, purging, and detoxing are all forms of shamanic healing practices that seek out negative forces and remove them to open the individual to more positive energies that can lead to a life open to new possibilities and personal empowerment.

The obstructions that exist within us are not who we are but do hinder us from becoming who we are capable of being. In shamanic practice, we assist our clients to bring new positive energies into their lives through soul retrieval, power animal identity and retrieval, filling with divine light, reconnection to the divine, affirmations, and positive thinking. Essentially, the work of the shamanic healer is to follow the Creation Laws that affirm that positive vibrations emanating from the soul will attract and multiply positive forces once negative barricades have been removed.

I have written before and taught often the Laws of Attraction that hold that positive vibrations attract positive energy and negative energy attracts more negative forces. The Laws of Creation are obviously grounded in the same principles but suggest additionally that these energies cannot only attract like vibrations but can be used effectively to alter not just ourselves but the world in which we live. The attraction of positive energies empowers us to multiply these energies into a force for good. If we can accomplish this work as a community, imagine the possibilities. First, to deal with our individual selves and to find the power that lies within and then to collectively act to align our world with the universe’s perfection with the assistance of cosmic forces and our spirit allies. This is what the universe intends for us and we should heed its call.

Every culture has a creation story marking the beginning of life. In each of these stories the Creator being creates humankind in his own image and imbues each human with exceptional powers—including the transmission of powers to create.  Humankind is also created with the power to choose. Our freewill allows us to choose to make things better if we take the option to create for good. The many stories of the beginnings may be understood as metaphorical or mystical but, as in the case of all creation stories, they carry within the seeds of the truth of humankind’s nature and the power that we possess if we choose to exercise it.

The creation mythologies are not logical or scientific but are designed from and for the right hemisphere of the brain—that area that houses the artistic and the imaginative—and therein lies the true source of our creative powers.  It is in this side of our brain that we come to know and communicate with the spirits and find the powers for our own ability to create. Creation stories often speak of the breath of life filling the new people and so we become able to create new beings and to perpetuate our existence. Our connection to each other and to the spirits becomes the cosmic unity that binds all together and allows all of our actions to ripple through all of existence.

From this beginning, our choices have advanced or hindered our progression as a civilization. Where many indigenous cultures were able to maintain their close connections to the creator spirits, modern man has often drifted far away from this spiritual dynamic and abandoned the power to create. For many, attitudes of hopelessness and despair have replaced the celebration of the spirits and their close relationship with humanity and our new culture has forgotten that the entire universe is as one being. If, however, we remember our true nature and develop a reconnection to our true spiritual beginnings, we can become the creator beings ourselves. We can by the choice of our attitudes and beliefs restore our better selves and change our future.

If you despair of being sad or are disheartened at your depression or angry at the cruelty in the world, can you not see that you are choosing to invest your energy in compounding the problems?  But if you see the silver lining in the unfortunate events that you confront and meet another’s anger with compassion and forgive yourself for mistakes that you might make, will this not bring light where there was dark and warmth where there was only coldness?  Truly, we construct our world piece by piece with intention and purposeful action focused on being all that we want to see in our environment, and the universe responds, as it always will, with support and promise.