Day 136 FEEL GOOD Challenge

There is a huge difference between someone that is a visionary and someone that views reality as “what is”.  If you accept reality because it appears to be “what is” you will be victimized and controlled by current situations.  This will cause huge swings in your emotions and your stability in life.  A visionary doesn’t look at current situations and understands that reality is variable ~ a perception.  A visionary chooses to create the reality they desire and stays focused on this creation.  I have chosen to be a visionary in life.

What are 5 positive thoughts and feelings you want to think/feel right now that will create a new reality for you?

Add your words below.  Share with others and have them add too.  This will spread the vibration around the world!

Here are mine: thrilling, out of the box, excited, exceptional, reaching for the stars.