Day 138 FEEL GOOD Challenge

Humanity is changing.  We live in the most extraordinary time in human history. The greatest contributor to this is the energetic change that took place during the 12-21-12 shifts.  These were galactic shifts that happened to our entire solar system.  Without going into all the details of those events the results of these shifts freed human kind in a way that is extraordinary.  The awareness that we as humans are the creators of our reality is spreading.  Self-empowerment is available like no other time in human history.  Embrace these times, celebrate your life, and voice your desires.

What are 5 positive feelings you want to feel right now that will allow you to feel your empowerment.

Add your words below.  Share with others and have them add too.  This will spread the vibration around the world!

Here are mine: freedom, sacred choice, WOW, winner, triumph!