Day 191 FEEL GOOD Challenge

We live in a left brain dominant society. We insist that things make “logical” sense and stay in a sequential order. By developing the right side of the brain there is definite permission given to the oneness, the seeing of spirits and understandings of the different dimensions that surround us.  These attributes are all right brain functions.  Intentional breathing into the right side of the brain can create amazing feelings of calm.  Try it today and notice what you feel.  Set your intentions first: that you wish to wake up the right side of your brain.

What are 5 positive FEELINGS that you wish to FEEL as you breathe into the right side of your brain?

Add your words below.  Share with others and have them add too.  This will spread the vibration around the world!

Here are mine: oneness, peace, tranquility, harmony, reconciliation.