Day 208 FEEL GOOD Challenge

The creation laws say that we create what we think about.  Thinking creates a feeling.  If you think about what does not work in your life, what is wrong, what you do not have, you will feel scared, fearful, powerless, and create more of the same for yourself.  It you decide to think about what is working in your life, what is right in your world, what you do have, you will feel appreciative, fulfilled, empowered, and happy.   You will then create the events and circumstances in your life that will support those feelings.  This small change in your thinking will make huge life transformations.

What are 5 FEELINGS you choose to feel today that will invoke a change for you?

Add your words below.  Share with others and have them add too.  This will spread the vibration around the world!

Here are mine: celebrate, rejoice, revel, commemorate, remember.