Day 345 FEEL GOOD Posts

If you constantly say or think, I cannot afford this or that, you never will.  The thought and the words make it so.  Look around you. You have actually been able to afford a lot and you have evidence of this from your past purchases.  It is better to believe you can actually afford mass amounts of items however you choose to prioritize your purchases.  A fun activity is to window shop and as you gaze upon the merchandise say to yourself, I can afford that however I choose to not spend my monies on that just yet.  This puts you back in the driver’s seat of choice. You will feel wonderful, because of the constant stream of “I can” in your thoughts and you will make huge changes in your vibrational broadcast.

What are 5 FEELINGS you choose to feel today that supports this activity?

Add your words below.  Share with others and have them add too.  This will spread the vibration around the world!

Here are mine:  fun, envisioning, willingness, choice, prioritizing, get to.