The Soul is a Shapeshifter

The Soul is a Shapeshifter by Jan Engels-Smith

It’s not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.
~ William Shakespeare

Exercise: Describe Yourself

Just for fun, please get a piece of paper and write a few sentences about how you would describe yourself. Who are you? Do not ponder the question too long; just write it down. There are no right or wrong answers. This exercise is to personally show you how we think.  Once this is complete then proceed with the article.

The Personal Cosmology of Your Soul

I now want you to envision yourself from a different perspective, a more inclusive perspective, a perspective that is vast and encompasses multidimensional awareness. You are more than the body you currently inhabit.

Attempting to be the best that you can be is the most exquisite gift you can give the world. One may and should take an active role in addressing the problems we face in our fractured and challenging times, but the most significant long-term contribution we can make to our planet is to maintain and grow our personal mastery. The focus on our thinking, feeling, and doing will ultimately have the greatest impact in changing the world for the better and creating the maximum influence on the actions of others. Positive ways of being allow us to become one with the universe and draw on the spiritual powers that exist naturally and are always available.

Evidence of the changing focus on positive ways of being as an answer to the difficulties we face can be found in our day-to-day lives on bumper stickers and food wrappers, in documentaries and news media, and conferences and new organizations. A change in consciousness is happening. We are all capable of capitalizing on this energy and helping drive the mass consciousness to a higher level. Who you are becoming will contribute to the ascension that will bring the planet to a tipping point that has the potential to move us into a reality of greater happiness, well being, and positive attitudes.

The greatest challenge may lie in recognizing that negative conditions tend to distort true reality and crowd out the truth that new consciousness is emerging and is far more powerful than all of the destructive and undesirable forces that dominate the headlines, but not the hearts, of humanity. The failures we see are always the results of groups of small-minded individuals who wield political, economic, and social power far beyond their numbers. The emerging new consciousness is a tidal wave bringing hope, change, and a new future.

You Are a Spirit

You are a spirit and the helping spirits that surround you can facilitate in your discovery process of who you are. They do not see you as simply a physical body, but as a collage of all the natures and experiences that create your being. Your soul is imprinted with the wealth of the best from your ancestors, all of the understanding that comes from your current experiences, and the wonderful promise of future possibilities.

To be human is an honor and a gift. We are endowed with a consciousness that allows us to see deeply into the cosmic mysteries of existence, as well as the option of choice to decide to explore these mysteries – if we are willing to honor these gifts by making a conscious choice to expand our awareness and achieve personal enlightenment. Collectively our choices will alter the conditions that hinder the Earth’s natural evolution to a better place, and provide the impetus for positive change.

The negative events, attitudes, and failures that too often dominate our thinking and influence our actions need to be understood as aberrations and not the natural and inevitable evolution of our civilization. The seeming complexity of our current condition belies the actual simplicity of our future solutions. As we become, so the world becomes. The perfection of the universe is not altered by the imperfection of the human race. The universe can provide the means for bringing our world into alignment with our true destiny – to be as one in a cosmic transcendence. Part of the human condition is to have forgotten what we intrinsically know. However, the spirits can see all of who we are and help us remember.

Shamanism will help you get a grasp on the power that you have, the endless possibilities of your own creation, and what you can do for yourself. The spirits are our allies. They can encourage us, we can ask them questions, and they can give us the answers that we need in order to find new paths for ourselves. Which direction should I go? How do you advise me? What can you teach me? All of this learning is possible.

Your Signature

There is an awareness of all that exists inside of you. Your different life expressions from other lifetimes become what we call your signature or your imprint. When you tap into these other lifetimes, you can recall or find out about those experiences of what you were or who you were. And these experiences are all happening at the same time; they are all happening now. Your right brain knows this. Since journeying is a right brain function, we can experience this truth more easily while we are journeying.

The vastness of the world is often greater than what our mind can comprehend. Our left brain wants to contain, describe, and limit things. In this limited reality, the question of “Who am I?” stays in a small, restricted container based on this Earth experience. I am female, I am a wife, I am a mother, this is my profession, and this is what I look like.

But a possible goal you might want to investigate are some of these other lifetimes that are you. We want to discover the vastness that is actually inside of you – what you have access to if you would step out of the box and realize that you have these attributes and incredible parts of your being that are magical and profound.

Many people who are positively disposed to this kind of work are drawn to the topic because they have done this in different lifetimes. You might have been a healer, a shaman, a medicine person, or somebody that sees the future. So you have a propensity and a desire to continue with that learning as you experience this lifetime. You are drawn to certain essences and natures because it is in your soul; it is in your cells. Your love of nature may indicate that you were a part of nature at one time, a deva or an elf. Let’s say you see a piece of art and feel a deep, connecting love. Who knows, you may have been the artist in another lifetime. Why do you love and commune with crystals? Maybe you were a crystal.

Try to conceptualize this wisdom that we carry inside of us. Who are we? A bat, grass in a meadow, a leaf on an oak tree, a mountain, or perhaps a stone or a wisdom keeper that has been around for millions of years. A million years is but a moment in immortality. You keep incarnating. You might be on the planet Earth for a while, and then you might be on a different planet. You could be a star! There are endless possibilities.

So as we take our awareness out of that little box, we can indeed sense the vastness of the life force that beats within us. It is not just about this existence; there is a vastness to you that is far beyond this particular lifetime. This is where our focused attention is, right here and now, but let us not just limit ourselves to that. As you become unlimited in your awareness of space and time, you open yourself up to a much greater understanding of what life actually is – not just human life, but all life, in the landscape, or a drop of water, or the ocean, or any of the various objects you might imagine yourself to be.

What I am attempting to do is to get you out of that left brain and into that magical right brain where all possibilities are endless.

Lets try another exercise:

Since reading this brief article I would like you to again describe yourself.  However this time, if you have a rattle (or something that makes a rattle noise like a bottle of pills) rattle by your ear.  Rattle like this for about 2-4 minutes allowing the sound to gently altar your brain waves. Once finished with the rattling, close your eyes and ask within yourself, Who am I? With your piece of paper ready start free writing on your paper.  Just allow the words to flow without much thought. Keep asking within, describe me, who am I? Notice if there is a difference between your two writings.  Notice if your second personal description is more expansive and less compartmentalized into the description of your physical life.

This simple exercise can inform you on many deep levels of your vastness and beauty.  Your internal spirit will always give you positive, beautiful, loving information it is not connected to your left brain, but connected to your spirit, your soul, or your divine essence.  It is beautiful, exquisite and magnificent.  The soul is a shapeshifter.