Practicum season 2020

Welcome to the Virtual Practicum 2020!

You are invited! Please join us for this year’s Practicum commencing on:

 Saturday, July 11th – Friday, July 15th, 2020

So it begins! We invite you to gather as a community as we excitedly and joyfully start to build our Practicum container. At each meeting you will experience valuable teachings from Jan and all directions of the Leadership Wheel. Your telepathic connection with the questers and each other will deepen as we weaving our hearts together in circle. It takes open hearts, willing hands and great blessings from Spirit to create the Practicum experience. This is an event of selfless service and profound growth. Please join us!

What to do next:

To attend practicum this year we need the following forms filled out and turned in to the North at the next Pre-Practicum meeting. As soon as you do so, we will add you to the 2020 FB group.

Register – No payment needed at the time of registering. Click here.

Waiver – Please click on the link, print out the form, and bring them to the next meeting or mail them to Amber Jane Arquette 4336 S.E. 76th Ave. Portland 97206. Click here.

Opt-in to stay connected, get updates, reminders, Practicum magic! Practicum newsletter: Click here.

**Getting these forms in ASAP greatly helps the whole team in our planning efforts, supplies and food. And after you register we will add you to the FB group and a free Super Soul meditation from Jan!


Click here and find you copy of our Practicum Manual. This is your resource for all things practicum!

Please take some time and read through it and realize that the information is extremely pertinent regardless of being on the physical land. If you have any questions please email the North at

We are your resource and are available to you!


Your North supports for 2020:
Amber Jane Arquette, Cydney French, Hope Myers, and Kat Parker



Practicum Manual 2020
Schedule of Events
The beauty of Practicum.
Blessings from the North,
Amber Jane, Cydney, Hope & Kat