Energy Healing Schools

energy healing schoolsThe call to be a Healer is a very personal experience. Once called, where do you turn for education, support, and training? Energy Healing Schools offer very different strategies and tools.

Science shows us that everything is made up of energy. Because we are all energy, the ability to be an Energy Healer provides a path of being in service, offering help to others, and healing for one’s self. The role of the Energy Healing Practitioner is to bring energy back into balance, improving health and bringing harmony to the client.

In your exploration of Energy Healing Schools, finding the one that resonates with you is vitally important. It is also important to understand what method or modality of healing techniques are calling to you. Energy Healing Schools train students to treat a wide range of ailments from anxiety to chronic pain. Energy Healing Schools prepare the student to work alongside mainstream and alternative practitioners. Energy healing is complimentary to all other types of healing. It does not interfere, nor does it take the place, of other healing modalities. It helps provide clarity and integration with all other types of traditional and alternative healing.

If you are being called to be a healer and/or to be healed, finding trusted and respected Energy Healer Schools is your first step. It is important to research the source of the training to discover how well it will fit your needs. Investigate the curriculum, ask how long the school has been around, and be sure there are degree programs to endorse and support your education.

LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine is an Energy Healing School that has been providing excellence in Energy Healer Training for over twenty years. Courses are hands-on and experiential, providing personal healing as well as training to heal others. Programs are available at the Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate level.

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Shaman Rituals

shaman ritualsWhat are Shaman Rituals?

A Shaman is a medicine person who access the unseen (or non-ordinary reality) realms by way of rhythmic drumming and ritual. A ritual is a series of actions performed in a specific or customary way. Rituals define a sacred time and space, providing access to profound energy and insights. A ritual is an act of respect, honor, and reverence that is observed or performed on a regular basis. Shaman Rituals combine the power of the Shaman with the power of ritual.

Shaman Rituals are performed for many reasons, including healing and prophecy. Power is added to our intentions, important passages in our lives are marked, and deep healing is experienced by the participants. Shaman Rituals have a powerful, positive effect on our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies.

In Shaman Rituals, participants reach an altered state. Using sacred tools and repetitive sound, the critical part of our minds, our consciousness, is relaxed, open, and expanded. In addition to sacred tools, altars are created that embody the Spirits and hold power that is important for the success of the ritual.

Traditional Shaman Rituals are often defined by the customs and traditions of a culture, tribe, religion, and belief system. Rituals can also be something as simple as a routine that is followed on a regular basis.

Shaman Rituals add power to intentions. Intentions are the vital ingredient in creating healing, our reality, and the world we desire to live in. Intentions can be very personal, such as attaining spiritual enlightenment and improved health, or can be much broader in scope to include curing diseases and creating peace on Earth. Most Shaman Rituals honor and call forth the Spirits of the Natural World. These Spirits are known to be compassionate, caring, and generous with their gifts.

The training received at LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine includes experiences and education in the creation and delivery of Shaman Rituals. As with all training at LightSong School, these rituals are intended to send positive energy, thoughts, actions, and results into the Universe.

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Alternative Medicine Degree

Alternative Medicine DegreeWhat is an Alternative Medicine Degree?

The term Alternative Medicine can be used for many different methods and approaches to healing and health. It is a term that can include any approach that is not considered a mainstream (allopathic) type of medicine. Some Alternative Medicine offerings are becoming more mainstream such as acupuncture, chiropractic, and homeopathy. Other types of Alternative Medicines, including shamanic and energy medicine approaches, are making a resurgence and becoming more widely understood and successfully applied. An Alternative Medicine Degree is a valuable measure in ensuring the quality of care given, and the quality of the practitioner providing the care.

Alternative medicine is a cooperative effort between the practitioner and the patient. There is a belief that if the patient is invested and involved in their own healing, the results will be more positive.

The challenges and rewards of an Alternative Medicine Degree include teaching students methods of caring for the sick and maintaining good health. Much of the incentive for Alternative Medicine lies in the power of proactive health and healing.

If you are being called to be an Alternative Medicine healer, finding a trusted and respected source for training is a vital first step. It is important to research the source of the training to discover how well it will fit your needs.

LightSong School has been providing excellence in of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine training for over twenty years. Courses are hands-on and experiential, providing personal healing as well as training to heal others. Programs are available at the Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate level, to meet the needs of those looking for an Alternative Medicine Degree. These degree programs result in uniquely qualified practitioners, offering aid and comfort to many, including those who believe they have nowhere else to turn for relief.

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Energy Healer Training

energy healing trainingWhat is Energy Healer Training?

Science shows us that everything is made up of energy. Energy is everywhere. And energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form. Understanding this basic truth leads us to appreciate that providing healing at an energetic level is a valuable and sought-after skill.

Because we are all energy, the ability to be an Energy Healer provides a path of being in service, offering help to others, and healing for one’s self.

Thoughts, emotions, and the physical body are all made up of energy. It is possible to provide healing at each of these levels by taking part in Energy Healer Training. This training can take many different forms. One approach, which has been practiced as long as people have walked the Earth, uses shamanic tools to access and heal the energy that we are.

Shamans have long understood that illness and disease exist first energetically, before showing up in the mental, emotional, or physical realms. Ancient tools and techniques, combined with modern, scientific understanding of energy are combined to provide deep, measurable healing.

Energy healing is complimentary to all other types of healing. It does not interfere, nor does it take the place, of other healing modalities. It helps provide clarity and integration with all other types of traditional and alternative healing.

If you are being called to be a healer and/or to be healed, finding a trusted and respected source for Energy Healer Training is your first step. It is important to research the source of the training to discover how well it will fit your needs.

LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine has been providing excellence in Energy Healer Training for over twenty years. Courses are hands-on and experiential, providing personal healing as well as training to heal others. Programs are available for casual interest as well as at the Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate level.

Click here to view LightSong Level 1 classes.

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Shamanic Journeying

What is Shamanic Journeying?

shamanic journeyingThe primary method for contacting the Spirit realm, gathering information, and opening our minds to the limitless potential of the Universe is done by means of Shamanic Journeying.

Shamanic Journeying is a process that is available for everyone to use. It is a tool for spiritual growth, healing, and gathering information. It is an essential skill, an innate ability, and a talent that can be practiced and improved over time.

The Shamanic Journey occurs when the journeyer shifts their consciousness, most often by using a drum or a rattle.

Preparing in a good way is important to the success of your shamanic journey. You want to be in a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed. You may wish to set an altar, light a candle, and do some deep breathing to bring yourself to a centered, calm, grounded place. When you are just beginning, a drumming or rattling CD can be playing to allow you to focus entirely on the journey itself. As you become more skilled, you may choose to drum or rattle for yourself.

Success with the shamanic journey comes when you suspend your disbelief, take a leap of faith, and allow your senses to engage in a free-flowing way. Relaxing the critical mind and allowing your imagination to take the lead will bring great rewards. Imagination is our gateway to the vast unknown.

Be patient and know that your efforts will pay off, and the gifts are countless!

The Shamanic Journey is a form of communication, which enables building a relationship with the magic and the mystery of the unseen dimensions. There are many helpful Allies awaiting your presence, and excited about the possibility of getting to know you as you journey to their realms.

At LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine, people are taught to journey in a safe, protected, and powerful way. We offer a weekend workshop that will introduce you to the tools and methods you can use for own personal growth and healing. These life-enhancing tools will stay with you for the rest of your life. 

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Shamanic Drumming

shamanic drummingWhat is Shamanic Drumming?

Hand-held drums are among the oldest known instruments. Their use has been documented in all places on the planet, since before the written word. Shamanic drumming is a practice known to all indigenous peoples, and is used for healing, connecting, and celebrating.

All humans, and many in the animal kingdom, began their life here on Earth listening to their mother’s heartbeat in the womb. That steady beat soothes, connects, and guides our very breath. It is instantly familiar. Many people today are hearing the call of the drum, and returning to the vital spiritual connection it provides.

Shamanic drumming assists in reaching the sacred trance state necessary for healing and prophecy. The rhythm of the drum affects the brainwaves, speeding them up or slowing them down, improving focus and enabling access to meditative states. Shamanic drumming engages the mind in ways that help reduce our constant mind chatter.

There have been many scientific research studies performed to help us understand the role of sound in the healing process. By increasing blood flow in the brain, it has been shown that drumming helps the elderly and those with Alzheimers and Dementia. Drumming also helps children with ADD, and people who suffer from anxiety and depression.

Those who use the drum for ritual and healing understand that there is a unique Spirit in each drum. In Shamanism, all things are alive and have intelligence. The drum is especially magical. It is a circle, with no beginning and no end. It is often made up of wood from the Tree Nation, and a hide from the Four-Legged Ones. Every drum is different. Each has its own unique sound, and its own unique Spirit. It creates a bridge between the worlds, and your relationship with this Sacred Being adds to its power and beauty.

Shamanic drumming may be performed alone or in a group. The rituals of the earliest known religions included drumming. The power generated multiplies when there is a group, creating a deep sense of connection and solidarity.

Shamanic drumming is taught in the LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine classes. We invite you to join us and learn more about the power of the drum. Click here to view LightSong Level 1 classes.


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Choosing Happiness In Difficult Times

Choosing Happiness In Difficult Times by Jan Engels-Smith

Choosing Happiness


Some articles or information downloads from the spirits necessitate distribution and then need to be communicated repeatedly. I realize this to be true with the article I wrote titled: Choosing Happiness in Difficult Times.

I use this article and the information that flowed from the spirits in both classes and with individual clients. I find it possesses a magic key that opens the door for deliberate manifestation. A magic key that highlights a vital ingredient to manifest desires with ease and joy. A vital ingredient that perpetuates success in obtaining desired outcomes. Without it deliberate manifestation can feel arduous or failed.

Each summer I have a workshop on Telepathic Communication, outside in a camp situation. Set in Tillamook, Oregon, the land we use is beautiful, with tall trees and lots of lush greenery. The scene is very much like a magical fairy garden, only our garden is 43 acres. I love this land and being able to commune with nature in such an undisputed way.

Most of the people that are attracted to my work have an environmental consciousness and are very pro-environment (tree huggers might suffice as a definition).  I usually arrive on the land a couple of days before everyone else, so I can set up and prepare. Two years ago when I arrived, there was a massive clear-cut operation in process just across the river from our camp. The water magnified the sound to a deafening decibel. The beeping trucks as they backed up to the location, the sound of many chain saws, cracking wood, and falling trees all created chills through my body with the destruction that was in progress.

I had always been sensitive to the logging in Oregon, so much so, that I would almost cry seeing log trucks on the street. My reaction to this assault on the forest was overwhelming. I was horrified to think of what would happen in the next few days, especially when 60 tree huggers began to arrive in camp the following day. I was certain that emotional havoc was about to happen. This situation could destroy the workshop. The only telepathic communication the participants were going to focus on was screaming trees.

I sat down to think through this and started to pray. I centered myself and asked for help. The guidance that I received was. “Choose happiness.”

“Choose happiness?” I retorted back to Source. “How in the world do I do that? This is catastrophic!”

I received a very clear answer. “You’ve got the wisdom, you know what to do, so FIGURE IT OUT.” I sat there dumbfounded.

“Okay, I know what to do. What are my tools?” I said to myself.

I centered myself to bring up an intention and brought out my CD, Dream a New Dream, because at least with headphones on the sounds wouldn’t be so distracting. I use Dream a New Dream almost daily and it takes me into an amazing state of joy. I enjoy being led through the guided meditation of unburdening, dismembering, and filling with the light of love.

I declared my intention to the universe: “What I want to manifest is for the logging to stop during the workshop and for the pristine sounds of nature to be the only sounds we hear during our stay.”

I sat down and listened to the CD. When it came to the part of envisioning my desired dream using all of my senses, I went into the feeling of love; how much I love wood products: my house, my decks, paper, neighborhoods, cities, and all the things that are made from wood. I felt the joy of walking around my house and feeling my wood floors and how much I enjoy their aesthetic beauty, listening to people walk in and say, “Wow this is beautiful.” Going out on my decks and enjoying their expansive connection to outdoor living in which I thrive.

This went on for several minutes, as I invested my whole, sensual self in the experience. Then I moved into awareness of the loggers. These men must feel great joy bringing home a paycheck to their family; putting food on the table, shoes on their children’s feet, and clothes on their backs. They are providing for their family, which usually fills a man with joy. I moved into these feelings and felt confident, happy, successful, and sensed the male bonding that many of them might experience.

I was glowing by the time the CD ended and was completely present to the environment. I used the sound of the chain saws as a meditative tool to hold presence and journey through the rest of the day. I sang songs and was completely in tune with love. I felt wonderful because I chose happiness despite the situation, even though an hour ago I termed the situation catastrophic.

The clear-cutting sounds that started at 6:30 am the next day had diminished by about fifty percent, but the sound was horrifically distressing to the now arriving participants. As they gathered, I shared my good message about my experience and I told them what I wanted them to do. Think positively and concentrate on the wonderful qualities of wood products.  Everyone participated in a great way and smiles and happiness where the result.

The following day the workshop began. There was still some logging operation noise, but it was minimal. I stood up to do an invocation to the spirits and the chain saws stopped, the trucks stopped, and the logging site became deserted. We all stared at each other in amazement. The silence was LOUD and made a clear statement of my desired deliberate manifestation.

Later in the day, when I had time to meditate and pray about this, I asked Source, “How did this happen?” The answer I received was, “You became the vibration of what you wanted to attract. You wanted joy in camp, you wanted peace in camp; you had to become those things to attract it.”

If I had stayed emotionally and vibrationally where I originally started — scared, angry, and worried — I would have created the situation to stay dismal. If people arriving had tapped into that and added to it, the result would have been harmful to the workshop. Emotional havoc creates emotional trauma, and creates physical difficulties.

“Anti” energy is an angry, frustrated, livid, fearful, and aggressive vibrational broadcast. The feeling might seem to make a difference for a moment, but the problem will usually pop up in some other form. Anti energy doesn’t work according to the laws of attraction. If you want to be an activist, be an activist of the LIGHT. Dream your new dream of reality and then be a match for it vibrationally by being enthused, motivated, excited, appreciative, passionate, and happy. Spend time in altered reality envisioning your dream by engaging all of your senses. Create it in the unmanifest with detail and then FEEL so excited about this creation that it easily is drawn to you through the power of the law. If you do your part, this will happen.

Losing focus to this process commonly takes three forms.

1) A person feels too inadequate to make a difference.

2) A person focuses on what others are doing or not doing to help. The comparing is the problem, not what people are doing.

3) A person feels despair with this information, reviewing past behaviors, feeling guilty, unworthy, or depressed. These are low frequency broadcasts that just add to the problem. The moment is NOW. Make decisions for you to heal, to feel better, and to create a new reality.

If you choose these responses, you are no further along than where you started. Don’t look at the problem in all its totality, but bring your focus back to yourself and say, “How can I affect my world in my home or my office?”  Start on a smaller scale. It all works and it all makes a difference.  The REAL difference you can make in the world is HEALING YOURSELF.  Once that happens, you affect the whole in a positive way.

This experience made a profound difference in my thinking and believing. I believe that this teaching from the spirits was for us all; this experience is a microcosm of how to deal with life. With the media broadcasting devastation at catastrophic conditions and the job market being what it is, you are bombarded with your own personal “chainsaws.” Can you dream a new dream for yourself and then hold the vibration of joy to bring this new reality into manifestation? If the answer is YES to this question, you control your reality and your life situations will change.

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The Occupy Movement

The Occupy Movement by Jan Engels-Smith

The Occupy movement

The Occupy Movement is impressive in its scope and in the numbers involved in demonstration, but I believe its greater power lies in its ability to elevate our individual consciousness and to create inner reflection on who we are and what we may become. The events that are playing out serve best to teach us to stay present to our own feelings and to understand how our inner thoughts are contributing to this cause. What we do externally matters, but the feelings we hold internally have the greater power to either promote or harm this cause.

The focus on external action is the natural consequence of social movements, but it is the alteration and enhancement of our inner beings that ultimately provides the impetus for the powerful shifts in humankind’s existence. An individual thought, an altered awareness of one’s surroundings, or an adjustment in attitude may ripple through the entire cosmos to create monumental changes in the universe. Something as simple as a random act of kindness or the appreciation of a sunset can create support for the movement, just as an argument or a cruel act can contribute negatively to the cause.

As the spirits have taught me, appreciation is a pre-creative emotion. Appreciate everything without judgment or evaluation; embrace within the love you would want the entire world to hold; and become the enlightened being that changes all that it touches. That which becomes real within us, becomes the reality of the universe. The Occupy Movement is symptomatic of the pent-up desires of humankind for a fundamental change in the conditions of our existence. To truly promote it and give it full life, it must be fed with the nourishment of the higher frequency energies of our souls and the power that lies within our inner selves. As we become, the world becomes.

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Soul Loss from Codependency

Soul loss from codependency by Jan Engels-Smith

Soul Loss From Codependency


Another form of soul loss happens in relationships built on codependency, in which one person bases his or her worth in another person rather than in self. This is a false love that can create soul loss on both sides. True love augments the soul and is most present when the soul is whole.

Soul loss creates a fragmentation of one’s wholeness. Consequently, a person continually tries to fill the voids caused by the fragmentation. Addictive behaviors are attempts at “fulfillment”. These may include overt behaviors associated with drugs, alcohol, sex, faulty relationships, or more subtle behaviors such as co-dependency or verbal communication styles.

Listen carefully to conversations. There is a definite exchange of energy occurring at all times. Questions about what you do for a living, how much money you make, what education you have, and where you live often establish a hierarchy of energy. There will be a winner and a loser in these conversations if the intention of the questions is to establish position. When positive energy flows, people recognize and pursue their interdependence. Interdependent behavior is evident in mutually supportive relationships in which individuals retain their personal power and self-worth. In such relationships, a person is not striving for worthiness from such external criteria as wealth or beauty, but rather from a powerful inner sense of worthiness. This worthiness creates wholeness.

It is important to understand that interdependence is not the same as dependence. In fact, soul loss is often the result of dependence. This is why children are so susceptible to theft of a soul part. However, many adults are also highly dependent on others and subject to resultant soul loss. The journey to restoration of the soul part requires the individual to first move from dependence to independence.

This movement from dependence to independence is accomplished by regaining one’s individual power. Many confuse this transition with being selfish. They have been taught for so long to give away their personal power to meet the needs of others that this transition can feel jolting. However, the acquisition of independence allows one to participate in the universe in a positive and personally powerful way. Once one’s independence is established, the individual is able to move from independence to interdependence, becoming a part of the wholeness of life without the loss of individual energy.

This movement from dependence to independence to interdependence is part of the larger universal shift to identifying with the web of life. The recognition that we are all part of one another enhances every individual’s personal power. We are capable of ending our personal fragmentation and the unnatural fragmentation we have created in the universe. We can have wholeness of person and wholeness of life.


In highly interdependent societies, where the interdependence is recognized and appreciated, soul retrieval is a daily and accepted activity. The care of the soul is the first priority in health, both for the individual and for the society. In shamanic cultures, a soul retrieval is performed within three days after any major event in a person’s life. Traumatic or other dramatic changes, such as childbirth, marriage, death of a loved one, an accident, a broken relationship, an argument, to name a few, were addressed immediately by performing a soul retrieval. It was assumed that anyone going through such an event would have a high probability of soul loss, and in order to instill proper healing, the soul was attended to first.

Unfortunately, in our culture, years and years of fragmentation and soul loss can accumulate for an individual, which creates the potential for a soul to become critically fragmented. We can see the results of this by looking at the mental, emotional, and spiritual health of our society. We have a society that is depressed and self-medicating with illegal drugs, alcohol, and over-the-counter or prescribed medications. Our youths have difficulty finding purpose and meaning in their lives. Relationships and families fall apart with ever-increasing frequency. The culture is not grounded in taking care of the soul.

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Support and Heal Japan

Support and Heal Japan by Jan Engels-Smith

If you are reading this message, I consider you part of the inclusive consciousness of LightSong, representing people as living celebrations of blissful communion among the enlightened masters, teachers, guides, angels, and power allies in non-ordinary reality who work with us so graciously.  In this difficult time in Japan and the aftermath of the Fukushima crisis, we are needed to offer support and healing.

There are particular people on the earth who serve very specific purposes in the greater scheme of the universe.  They are curative for others.  Their hearts and minds are open.  They have integrity and honesty. They are compassionate and humble.  Their light shines bright and they are interested in ever increasing their radiance.  They continue to self evaluate, learn, share and support.  Where they are present, there is brightness.  Humanity needs them to stimulate the changes and the evolution that is required for survival and progress.  These people can create miracles. They are not limited by what they see with ordinary vision. They hold the space in their bodies by holding a vibration of love and radiance no matter what is present in the outside environment. This vibration brings healing to the planet.  Spontaneous miracles occur throughout the world because of them.

These people believe in miracles and have the resources to apply direct divine action by employing their allies as well as their true selves to manifest desired outcomes. This magnetic belief is filled with inspiration, hope, divine action and joy. By employing prayer, 21st century shamanic techniques, and heart these higher vibrations become physical manifestations.

If you are reading this, you either are or can become one of these people. Please align with source energy, merge with your true self, bring forth your inner shamans and envision and heal Japan.  The perfect, seamless technology manifests to create a place that is healed, safe, honored, and rebuilt.  Her people unite and prosper.

The higher vibrations of envisioning and believing in this outcome bring it into manifestation.  Much of shamanism is what the spirits call for behind the scenes.  It does not necessarily require being on the front lines but it does require the fortitude to hold sacred space within yourself.

Let us unite and hold space. I know that mindful and heart centered endeavors will provide new channels and outlets for cutting edge, spirit-driven information to present to those that need that information to rebuild and restore their lands.  This sacred space will also provide miracles to manifest for the magnificent people of the magnificent land of Japan.

If you truly want to be of service, don’t drop into despair, fear, or worry, as these frequencies only create more of the same.  Break out of the old paradigm of powerlessness and be of divine service by envisioning and holding the frequency of knowingness in the availability and awesome outcomes of miracles.

As the founder of LightSong I reach out to you with this message and believe you are attracted to it.

We also have a wonderful blessing and meditation to share with you!

heal japan


This was created in thanks for the work our Ascension + class did with Fukushima. Much work was done to energetically support the transmutation, filtering and cleaning of the land, water, air, plants and also to support the emotional, spiritual energy of the people working in the power plant, the surrounding town and the physical power plant itself.

Emi Ishizeki of Japan did the speaking and MJ Schwader added the music. The image was also created by Emi Ishizeki.


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