Lost and Restored Parts of the Soul

In many individual difficult experiences, as in tragedy or trauma, a person may lose part of himself as a survival mechanism to withstand the emotional or physical hurt. In shamanic terms, this process is called “soul loss.” In psychology, it is called “dissociation.” Psychology does not ask where the lost part goes and how one gets it back. In the practice of shamanism, when a piece of the soul or energy leaves, it goes into another reality and is lost from the person. A void then exists in that person’s soul. Think of the soul as a giant jigsaw puzzle. When you experience a trauma, a piece of the puzzle is lost, leaving an empty space in the puzzle. When this soul loss occurs, a soul retrieval is necessary to restore wholeness. In a process called journeying, a shaman is trained to enter an altered state of consciousness and travel into different realities to find and retrieve the lost soul parts. The shaman then literally blows these parts back into the client via the heart and the top of the head, restoring wholeness to the client.
Soul Retrieval is a shamanic technique that is believed to be the oldest known healing procedure on the planet. I have written about this subject many times because it is central to my healing practice and teaching. I have dedicated my professional career to this process and have done over 3500 soul retrievals. That amount of experience has given me literally thousands of case studies from which to learn more about the human condition and how we can benefit the healing arts by integrating ancient traditions into our contemporary healing practices. I feel that with every soul retrieval I learned from the spirits vast amounts of information about life, past lifetimes, karma, the power of words, humans’ energetic systems, empowerment/disempowerment, self-care, wellness, the death process, discarnate beings, the value of relationship, why we incarnate, and love, love, love!

Soul retrieval in its most basic form is simple to understand. Shamanically speaking, all things are energy. The movement or the transmutation of energy is part of the healing of the soul, which is itself energy. In a healing, the shaman moves out the energy that does not belong to a person and refills him/her with the divine energy that is the essence of that person’s true soul. The theory behind soul retrieval is that there is soul loss when one experiences painful or traumatic situations.
However, soul retrieval in practice is far from simplistic. The human psyche and the powers that oppress us are powerful in their effects on our minds and bodies. To best comprehend these consequences of difficult experiences on individuals, I believe that examples would better serve to assist in understanding and to better realize the positive results that are possible. I plan to give several examples in the next few articles to help readers understand what is available and achievable. There is much to learn and I do believe I have only scratched the surface of possibilities, even with 3500 case studies.

A Case Study

My client was a woman in her forties who came to me because of great sadness, despair and hopelessness. Confronted with any choice, she could not make any decisions for herself. Even trying to decide what way to prepare her eggs in the morning for breakfast was excruciatingly difficult for her.
During her intake, I asked for some of her history. She explained that she seemed happy enough as a child. She came from a good home. When she was in high school about sixteen-years-old, she met her current husband. They both felt cosmically drawn to each other and married as soon as they graduated. However, there was never passion in the marriage; in fact, it seemed dull and unfulfilling. She felt like she was just going through the motions of romance but felt compelled to marry him, never fully understanding where this compulsion was coming from. She then struggled with getting pregnant. She was overwhelmed with the desire to have a boy. She kept miscarrying. She developed huge fibroids and eventually had to have a hysterectomy. She and her husband decided to adopt children but only boys.
What the soul retrieval revealed.

I asked the spirits to take me to the root of her problem. What was causing my client this intense sadness, despair and hopelessness? I asked to be shown why it was so difficult for her to make decisions for herself, even causing her pain and agony.

In the journey, I was taken to another lifetime expression of my client. In shamanism, we don’t view lifetimes as past lifetimes; shamanism looks at existence as a hologram where everything is happening simultaneously in different dimensions of time. Thus, any healings that we do in another lifetime expression can resonate into this timeline dimension and create healing here in this moment.

In this particular lifetime to which I journeyed, my client was born into royalty. As a young woman, her marriage was arranged for an alliance not love. She was viewed as property of the country where she lived and was barred from individual choice. In fact, to choose differently could cause death for herself and others. As a young woman, she ached for true love and passion. She desired to be loved for who she was and for another to have intense feelings of love for her. She wanted a reciprocal love that was true and real. She found herself fighting against these feelings of personal need because she knew that satisfying her needs might bring harm to others. Her birth determined her destiny and she did what she did for the sake of her family. Her marriage was arranged and her decision was not true to her heart.

In this lifetime, her vows were taken at the marriage ceremony binding country to country. The royal families gave promises of peace for the countries and bound the families together in this commitment through the marriage of their children. This type of intention and the vow that is involved has enormous import on this life and future lives. This intention energetically carries an enormous amount of power with accompanying repercussions and karma. Vows live on even after death. The more ritual that is put into the vow the stronger and more potent it becomes. Religious rites are hugely energetically binding. They are done in high ceremony with words, natural elements (usually fire), and signing of contracts, which are contractual binding in the current realm as well as in the unseen realms. You literally sign your life over as well as your soul in the contract. Words bind even in the form of a spoken promise, but a sacred vow is an even more potent form of a promise.

Arranged marriages also existed to produce heirs. There was a tremendous pressure placed upon my client in this lifetime to produce a male heir. If no children were produced or if a male heir was not produced, the results of this failure could be life threatening.

The spirits showed me that great fear became embedded in my clients 2nd chakra that resulted not only in a lack of ability to bear children but also, since the 2nd chakra is associated with creativity, with a loss of the ability to create the type of life she desired.

Fast forward to this lifetime.

My client found herself attracted to a man in high school who was the incarnate of the man she had had an arranged marriage with from another lifetime. She married a man she didn’t love but felt that she should. She then became so terrified of not having a son that she developed an inability to have children. She found herself incapable of making even minor decisions as an outcome of not being allowed to have choice in the other lifetime. The consequences of her other life carried great consequences for her in this time.

The soul retrieval for my client had profound impact on her life. The healing that my client received by unraveling the vow and getting back her soul parts altered her understanding of who she was and allowed her to make her soul whole and brought her hope for a new future. This woman is thriving today.

Across the Great Expanse of Time

Gottfried Wilhelm Liebniz (1646-1716), a German polymath and philosopher who most scholars believe developed calculus independently of Isaac Newton, wrote more than three hundred years ago:

“This interconnection or accommodation of all created things to each other, and each to all the others, brings it about that each simple substance has relations that express all the others, and consequently, that each simple substance is a perpetual, living mirror of the universe.”

The true self in its utter wholeness is a reflection of the universe and when it is restored to wholeness becomes as perfect as the universe.

My pod cast October 2 and October 9, 2017 gives many in depth explanations and examples of case studies of soul retrievals. Enjoy the listen.

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The Power of Belief

I am continuing my commitment to highlight the profound teaching that came through LightSong’s 31st practicum this year. Instead of using precious space from a limited word count for this article, I ask readers to review the last few articles that have been published in LightSong News on this subject.  Also as a shout out to the community, you can tune into my pod cast, which involves dialogue, specific examples, and an exchange of voice and heart to emphasis concepts and understandings.  There are two links to these podcasts for your convenience.  or As a former teacher, I realize that not everyone has the same learning style; some like to read and others like to listen and some like to do both.

The teachings today in this article emphasize the innate power of human consciousness and the human belief system.   There are several ground rules that need to be defined.  I choose to do this in an outline form because there is an enormous amount of information to share and I wish to provide it in the most condensed form.  If you would like detailed examples, more explicit explanations, and even worksheets to help you discover yourself please refer to my book Becoming Yourself: The Journey from Head to Heart which you can purchase on my website or on Amazon.

  1. Humans are an energy system first and foremost having a human experience.  This energy is composed of high frequency vibrations that are also referred to as your soul, divine essence, unconditional source energy, or compassion. This is a very important concept because your energy system is the core of your existence. Your energy system can also be covertly overshadowed and unrecognized because of your attachments to a distorted reality that is determined by your personality, your physical body, your mental constructs, and mostly your wounds that distort and control how you view the world.  In other words, people tend to look at the reality around them as validating a truth instead of looking within.
  2. Another truth is that the world is reflecting back to you what is actually going on inside of you.  It is the barometer, the compass, the instrument to evaluate and reveal what you actually believe.
  3. Beliefs are in control of both personal reality perceptions as well as collective reality perceptions. Beliefs are an energy broadcast that creates emotion.
  4. Beliefs are housed in the human body in the chakras.  Chakras are energy vortex’s that spin and broadcast.  There are about 147 chakras in the body; however, there are a common seven that most people are aware of and are the major key chakras of the body.  The chakras basically run from the crown of the head to the root between the legs.  The chakras that broadcast emotion are the ones from the root to the throat and not so much in the head. 
  5. In an ideal situation, the chakras would broadcast in their absolute truth of magnificence and wellness; however, when wounds happen to a person, the chakra is storing the wound and the broadcast changes to a person’s personal woundology.  This is where the distortion starts for personal realities.
  6. Thus, beliefs about life and truth are stored in the chakras and most people function from a wounded perspective and they perceive life from this wounded cosmology.

There are some interesting facts about beliefs:

  1. Beliefs are a choice.  There is nothing that you can say to me about what you believe that I can’t respond to by saying that it is a choice. 
  2. If beliefs are choices, then you can choose differently at any given moment.
  3. Beliefs are solidified into your chakras from repetition of thought.
  4. A thought, which is repeatedly reinforced or accepted immediately upon hearing, will drop from your head down into your chakra system and implant itself there.
  5. If as children you listen to your parents’ strong opinion about something and look to them for guidance, you align with what your parents are expressing.  That choice then harvests in your chakras as a belief that you have decided is true.
  6. This authoritative influence can invade into your consciousness from many sources, such as: teachers, coaches, religious or political figures, or friends, but mostly the influence is from the culture and the era into which you were born.  Consider that if you were born into a different country in another part of the world, or in a different era, you would have a completely different set of beliefs that would determine your reality.
  7. The spirits call these blind beliefs.
  8. Most people never question what they believe and yet these beliefs are in total control of the person’s reality.
  9. Also, a very important fact is that beliefs are energy, just like everything else in the universe is a form of energy.  Words are energy, action is energy, dreams are energy, prayers are energy, and thoughts are energy.
  10. You are an energy system that is a broadcast tower of energy that is interacting with the cosmos and all life.
  11. You are broadcasting and receiving energy signals each and every moment of your life.

Let me give you a common example.  If you were raised with the idea that you are a smart, loving, cherished individual, that you are charmed and that things always work out for you in amazing ways, that you can do anything that you set your mind to, and that you are loved unconditionally by your parents and that they adore you, admire you, support you, and provide for you, then this will be the imprint on your life that will produce internal and perpetual optimism. This will be your core belief about yourself.  You will broadcast these beliefs from your chakras and you will attract from the universe experiences and manifestations that support your beliefs.  Remember that the universe is mirroring back to you what you ultimately believe.

If on the other hand, you were raised in a household where you were criticized, beaten down, where love was conditionally based on behavior, where parents yelled, provoked, and competed with you, you were labeled worthless, lesser than another sibling, never good enough or a burden to your parents, you will accept that as truth.  This belief causes a wound in your chakras and you will broadcast your wounds out into the universe.  You will then attract to you the events, situations and manifestations that will match your emotional wounds that will then support your beliefs telling you they are true.  Also, the world will reflect back to you a reality that supports your distorted reality highlighting for you where you need to heal.  In other words, if you see a world that is flawed and ugly, then that is what is stored inside of you.  Your personal wounds are coloring your view of the world.

Shamanism views a person as an energy system and is based in techniques, ceremonies and rituals to sustain and maintain the energy system.  This energy system can also be called your soul.  There are hundreds of different shamanic techniques, but I feel most boil down to a basic concept that proposes to take out the energy that has contaminated your core brilliance of divine essence and put back the energy that has been lost because of the wounds that you have endured throughout your life.

As a tenured shamanic teacher and a practitioner who has done over 3500 soul retrievals, I am relentless in my attempts to help people heal.  If you are interested in more of what I have to offer please continue to read my articles.  You can find them on my web site, You may also purchase my books and CDs, follow me on the “Feel Good Challenge” on Facebook, follow me on Facebook, and listen to my podcasts.  I supply a constant outreach for those that are interested in healing and well-being.

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Choosing Happiness In Difficult Times

Excerpt from Becoming Yourself:  The Journey from Head to Heart

by Jan Engels-Smith

Each summer I have a workshop on Telepathic Communication, outside in a camp situation. Set in Tillamook, Oregon, the land we use is beautiful, with tall trees and lush greenery. The scene is very much like a magical fairy garden, only our garden is 43 acres. I love this land and being able to commune with nature in such an undisputed way.

Most of the people that are attracted to my work have an environmental consciousness and are very pro environment (tree huggers might suffice as a definition).

I usually arrive on the land a couple of days before everyone else, so I can set up and prepare. A few years ago when I arrived, there was a massive clear-cut operation in process just across the river from our camp. The water magnified the sound to a deafening decibel. The beeping trucks as they backed up to the location, the sound of many chain saws, cracking wood, and falling trees all created chills through my body with the destruction that was in progress.

I had always been sensitive to the logging in Oregon, so much so, that I would almost cry seeing log trucks on the street. My reaction to this assault on the forest was overwhelming. I was horrified to think of what would happen in the next few days, especially when 60 tree huggers began to arrive in camp the following day. I was certain that emotional havoc was about to happen. This situation could destroy the workshop. The only telepathic communication the participants were going to focus on was screaming trees.

I sat down to think through this and started to pray. I centered myself and asked for help. The guidance that I received was, “Choose happiness.”

“Choose happiness?” I retorted back to Source. “How in the world do I do that? This is catastrophic!”

I received a very clear answer. “You’ve got the wisdom. You know what to do, so FIGURE IT OUT.” I sat there dumbfounded.

“Okay, I know what to do. What are my tools?” I said to myself.

I centered myself to bring up an intention and brought out my CD, Dream a New Dream, because at least with headphones on the sounds wouldn’t be so distracting. I use Dream a New Dream almost daily and it takes me into an amazing state of joy. I enjoy being led through the guided meditation of unburdening, dismembering, and filling with the light of love.

I declared my intention to the universe: “What I want to manifest is for the logging to stop during the workshop and for the pristine sounds of nature to be the only sounds we hear during our stay.”

I sat down and listened to the CD. When it came to the part of envisioning my desired dream using all of my senses, I went into the feeling of love; how much I love wood products: my house, my decks, paper, neighborhoods, cities, and all the things that are made from wood. I felt the joy of walking around my house and feeling my wood floors and how much I enjoy their aesthetic beauty, listening to people walk in and say, “Wow this is beautiful.” And I imagined myself going out on my decks and enjoying their expansive connection to outdoor living in which I thrive.

This went on for several minutes, as I invested my whole, sensual self in the experience. Then I moved into awareness of the loggers. These men must feel great joy bringing home a paycheck to their family; putting food on the table, shoes on their children’s feet, and clothes on their backs. They are providing for their family, which usually fills a man with joy. I moved into these feelings and felt confident, happy, successful, and sensed the male bonding that many of them might experience.

I was glowing by the time the CD ended and was completely present to the environment. I used the sound of the chain saws as a meditative tool to hold presence and journey through the rest of the day. I sang songs and was completely in tune with love. I felt wonderful because I chose happiness despite the situation, even though an hour before I had termed the situation catastrophic.

The clear-cutting sounds that started at 6:30 am the next day had diminished by about fifty percent, but the sound was horrifically distressing to the now arriving participants. As they gathered, I shared my good message about my experience and I told them what I wanted them to do. Think positively and concentrate on the wonderful qualities of wood products. Everyone participated in a great way and smiles and happiness where the result.

The following day the workshop began. There was still some logging operation noise, but it was minimal. I stood up to do an invocation to the spirits and the chain saws stopped, the trucks stopped, and the logging site became deserted. We all stared at each other in amazement. The silence was loud and made a clear statement of my desired manifestation.

Later in the day, when I had time to meditate and pray about this, I asked Source, “How did this happen?” The answer I received was, “You became the vibration of what you wanted to attract. You wanted joy in camp, you wanted peace in camp; you had to become those things to attract it.”

If I had stayed emotionally and vibrationally where I originally started – scared, angry, and worried – I would have created the situation to stay dismal. If people arriving had tapped into that and added to it, the result would have been harmful to the workshop. Emotional havoc creates emotional trauma, and creates physical difficulties.

“Anti” energy is an angry, frustrated, livid, fearful, and aggressive vibrational broadcast. The feeling might seem to make a difference for a moment, but the problem will usually pop up in some other form. Anti energy doesn’t work according to the laws of attraction.

If you want to be an activist, be an activist of the light. Dream your new dream of reality and then be a match for it vibrationally by being enthused, motivated, excited, appreciative, passionate, and happy. Spend time in altered reality envisioning your dream by engaging all of your senses. Create it in the un-manifest with detail and then feel so excited about this creation that it easily is drawn to you through the power of the law. If you do your part, this will happen.

View Becoming Yourself:  The Journey from Head to Heart here.

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Instantaneous Healing

LightSong Healing center provides extensive training and development opportunities that help individuals to grow spiritually and thrive as well beings. One of the most significant experiences involves participation in a practicum.

This year LightSong had its 31st practicum. The name of the practicum is Telepathic Communication Workshop.  It is part of our second level course titled: “The Practical Shaman: Spiritual Techniques for the 21st Century.”  I teach this course in nature and we all camp together in the Tillamook Rain Forest in Oregon.  It is an aesthetically stunning fairy fern forest and we all thrive in her beauty.  There are usually about a hundred participants.  We eat spirit-filled food and live together in what I feel is a microcosm of the perfect New Earth.  Collaboration, Unification, Support and Love are our cornerstones. As I prepared for the course this year I thought about how I might teach the same thing year after year but with a different emphasis and different approach. Spiritual truths are precise certainties and they cannot be modified, only presented differently. These teachings are ancient and have been taught for thousands of years, and I wanted to make them accessible and impactful for my students.

In the past, I have approached shamanism and telepathic communication through the lens of the Creation Laws, commonly known as the Law of Attraction, which is a metaphysical approach. I often reference the quantum science of these laws.  However, I have found when you have an audience of metaphysically-minded people, the science qualifiers are not usually needed.  These folks accept the teachings without the science, because they feel it’s true.

Because I have a strong science background and I like to be a bridge between the two worlds of science and spirituality I decided to look up and read some of the experiments that would validate the metaphysical beliefs that we already hold.  My research led me into some of the ancient texts, much of it through the Bible. The way most Christians have known the Bible is in an abridged and changed version. But some of the ancient texts written many years or even centuries before the Bible weren’t included in the book form or the original text has since been changed. Many of these documents have been stored in Tibet and Egypt and are available to read on the Internet, some of them scanned and in their original form. 

When you read the original writings about prayer and manifestation from Jesus’s teachings, as well as the some of the writings in the Torah and Koran, you will discover a commonality across cultures and ideologies, especially in the entreaties in how to achieve and attain the things we desire.

Most people pray with supplication, like they are trying to evoke something to happen or become.  The prayers usually fall into one or more of these four categories: ceremonial, meditative, petitioned, or informational. In each of these styles, prayer indicates you want something you don’t have and you need a divine intervention to help you bring it to you.  This style of prayer implies you’re not being in your full power as the creator of the universe. If you are the creator of the universe, who do you ask for assistance? How do you empower yourself to create at the level you want and desire?

The quantum experiments that I read through showed that humans are creating the universe, through FEELINGS or EMOTIONS. I know when I first started studying energy medicine and telepathic communication I thought we created through thought. I believe many people have been and still are confused in believing that thought is the power source for humans. Many people studying metaphysics misheard what contemporary teachings such as “The Secret,” “What the Bleep Do We Know,” and other recent information were saying. Many concluded that if they were to “think” or “say” certain things, they could get whatever they desired. However, it is when you truly feel the emotion of your desired outcome of your prayer that you broadcast in a vibrational emotional frequency that the universe recognizes; and that is when you attract positive results into manifested form. When you embody the feeling, you are then in the place of empowerment, because it is your feeling that then creates or manifests.

A well know scripture verse, John 16:24, in early translation, reads: “Ask and ye shall receive that your joy may be full.”

The original text in translation suggests more: “Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer.  Be enveloped by what you desire that your gladness may be full.”

The clear difference between these two writings is the importance of the word enveloped or to FEEL as if the desire/prayer is already complete and it is all around.  Another thing to notice are the words “ask without hidden motive”.  Energetically if you have a hidden motive that motive will override any words that you may speak; the vibration of the hidden motive will always dominate an energetic broadcast.  To fully embody a feeling, it needs to be a pure feeling— complete and whole in its agenda.

Just before practicum I got very sick. I seldom get sick. This is abnormal for me, for I went nineteen years without getting sick on any level. However, I was so sick that I couldn’t make the last pre-practicum meeting or the sweat lodge that I usually pour before we all leave for the land. I was doing shamanic journeys around this asking my spiritual allies why I was to be so uninvolved with the standard pre-activities.

I knew that my students would be praying for me especially in the sweat lodge, a sacred place of prayer.  I realized while reading the ancient text that I didn’t want people to pray for me because praying for someone was immediately putting them in a disempowered disadvantaged state.  Pulling from the original words of Jesus I wanted people to “FEEL” my vitality. So, I sent word for the people to “feel my vitality for me and it will telepathically transfer to me.”

Now you might be wondering why I didn’t feel my vitality for myself to manifest it for myself? I realized that when you are sick it is very difficult to embody the feelings of vitality even if you are very familiar with them.  In fact I usually live in a state of vitality, but in this weakened state I couldn’t find or even remember the feeling.

I told Lauri, the woman that was to pour the lodge for me, to have people in the lodge feel vitality for me, then telepathically transfer it to me. This was an effort that we have been practicing at the practicum for 31 gatherings.  Lauri gave the teachings exactly as I asked. I went to bed that night about 6:00pm still extremely fatigued and when I woke up, I felt completely different; I felt like something had really changed. I felt alive and vital, although still displaying a few symptoms of my illness. I was feeling quite good and kept getting better as I rekindled that flame of vitality in me that had been reignited.  I was now able to do it for myself.

I learned so much in my illness:

  1. I believe there is always a bigger picture in the events of our lives.  I believe that I got sick to help me teach others how to heal telepathically. 
  2. It gave the participants of the lodge a pre-activity to practice before we went to the land for the practicum.
  3. Sometimes, when people are in a bad way, they can’t find the feelings we’re asking them to find; but we can, as compassionate people, feel it for them. Our feelings instantaneously create.
  4. Telepathic communication implies that there is a transfer going on.  A person sends a feeling to another.  However, the truth is that the effect is instantaneous and not delayed by transfer or transmission. 
  5. We need each other because we are different expressions of each other. As we feel something, another person can immediately share in that feeling without delay or compromise.

I’ve been unfolding this information for myself for quite some time. In my article last month, I wrote about how I asked my spirit allies why my soul retrievals have always been so successful. The spirits gave two reasons: 1) I have the ability to see the wellness in someone; I don’t listen to their problems and identify them by their problems, and 2) I feel their true self totally. In other words, I could embody their wellness in every cell of my body. My embodiment of their wellness serviced them to obtain wellness.

During my preparations and research into the science of healing, I watched a video about a medicine-less hospital in Beijing. The physicians focus their intent and embody the feelings of the patient’s wellness. I watched a film of one of these “surgeries.”  The doctors and nurses were dressed like physicians in scrubs and operating garb and were standing around a sonogram machine. The patient was a woman with a three-inch tumor in her bladder that was inoperable. The sonogram was imaging the tumor and took a still shot of the tumor which was displayed on the left side of the screen. The surgery was then filmed in real time while the healers were watching the sonogram screen. The practitioners (doctors and nurses) had agreed before hand to what feeling they were going to hold during the surgery; they decided it was the feeling of  “already done.” This surgery had no incisions, instruments or anesthesia but was done by chanting and embodying a feeling; the words weren’t important, but the feeling the practitioners could conjure up in their bodies was. Then the chant turned to “now, now, now.”  And within three minutes the tumor had disappeared out of the woman’s body. This is the way this medicine-less hospital works. They do this every day for all kinds of maladies.

Important to the operation was the patient’s feeling that he believed in the possibility of the healing and that it would be successful. The doctors were trained to be focused on how to hold a feeling powerfully and to expect an instantaneous healing. When the power is there, the universe responds instantaneously.

Some of the research in quantum physics suggests that the speed of light, which has been long held as the maximum velocity attainable, may not be the limitation that it had once seemed. Instantaneous effects can be achieved, apparently, across vast distances in space and even appear before the transmission of the event occurs. Our perceptions of time must change if we are to understand such phenomena. In the metaphysical world, the connections across time and space are not limited by a mind restricted to artificial boundaries. We have come to understand that our feelings and deeper sense of reality can shatter the restrictions that we have placed on ourselves in ordinary reality. Science and metaphysics may arrive at the same conclusion, however different may be the journey. Feelings and emotions may be the bridge that supersede the limits of rational thought.

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Awaken Unburden Create

Many years ago I was working with a client that was a doctor.  His main clientele were patients that had spinal or brain injuries. They were mainly quadriplegic or paraplegic and were suffering on multiple levels—not just the loss of mobility but the sudden dramatic change in life style and livelihood caused by this severe disability.  Many were suffering from depression.  It is hard to imagine how difficult such a life would be.  My client was enthusiastic  about  the soul retrieval process that I had just performed on him and wanted to bring this healing modality to his patients.  The question was how do we reach these men and women?  They were not capable of coming to me for a session and in many cases their situations were so dismal that learning shamanism seemed overwhelming.  My client kept asking me how could we reach these people because he felt that they would heal and acclimate to their new lifestyle much more rapidly if they received a soul retrieval.  I pondered and prayed about this.  As I reviewed the process of soul retrieval, I realized that it is a ceremony of retrieving energy and that anyone could retrieve their soul parts if they knew the method.  A soul retrieval is designed to bring back the pieces of you that have been lost, given away or taken from you. Through individual experiences, usually some sort of trauma, a person loses part of himself. In psychology, it is called “disassociation.” Basically, it is a survival mechanism to withstand the pain of a traumatic or intensely uncomfortable situation. What psychology does not ask is where the lost part goes and how one gets it back. A void then exists in that person’s divine essence. Think of your divine essence, your energy system, as a giant jigsaw puzzle. When you experience a trauma, a piece of the puzzle is lost, leaving an empty space in the puzzle. A soul retrieval retrieves the lost puzzle pieces, bringing about a wholeness of your true self and your divine essence.

Along with that, I believe that all energy follows particular energetic laws of the universe.  The law that I feel governs human life most profoundly is the creation laws, commonly known as the law of attraction, which says, “All energy is liken to its own kind.”  What this law means is that there is a resonance of attraction that pulls like frequencies together. For example, if you hit a tuning fork that is tuned to the note A, a tuning fork across the room will start to vibrate, if it is also A. If the tuning fork across the room is tuned to the note G, nothing will happen.

I believe that all things are made of energy, and so all things vibrate at particular frequencies. Words are energy, thoughts are energy, action is energy and beliefs are energy.  Some energy is high frequency and some energy is low frequency.  Human souls are high frequency energy systems, as are certain words and feelings such as love, laughter, joy, brilliance, radiance, and thankfulness.  The reasons these feelings and words “feel” so good to humans is because they “match” a resonance of our divine essence. Words and feelings such as loss, hate, betrayal, regret, depression, and scarcity are very low frequency vibrations; they are not a match to the true self of the human energy system and they can bring about difficulties for a person.  Good health—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually—comes about when lower frequency vibrations are removed and higher frequency vibrations are instilled in ceremonies such as soul retrieval. 

Energy systems are in constant motion. Energy moves and flows, and energy systems must be maintained.  Just as a battery can get corroded and stop working, so can a human energy system become corroded and break down.  However, with maintenance and recharging, our energy system is sustainable and high-functioning. 

Our indigenous forefathers understood this, and there are many ceremonies and rituals that are used to attend to maintaining the energetic systems of human beings. Soul retrieval is one of these ancient ceremonies. I believe that is why these cultures are notably contented, happy, and crime-free. People who are whole or feel good about themselves handle the ups and downs of life in a wholesome way. When people feel fearful, threatened, or fragmented, their responses to life are extremely different from those who feel trustful, optimistic, whole, and complete. In our culture, we have very little experience with sustaining trust and optimism.

My success as a shamanic practitioner has been extraordinary and I often wondered why I had such amazing results. What was I doing differently from others that created such consistently good responses to the ceremony.  I asked my spirit allies about this.  My allies informed me that one of the things that I am able to do is to see beyond people’s issues or problems and see the divine in them.  The divine that is, of course, healthy, vital, and full of divine essence.  The brilliance of each person. The high vibrational energy of each person. Because I was able to “see” the person this way, it opened the door for this reality to express. In other words the creation laws of attraction were activated. The spirits see us this way, just our divine nature, but rarely do humans gaze upon other humans this way. The question that I pondered was can others find this for themselves. Finding, experiencing, and feeling your own brilliance is healing. Many people are so out of touch with their own true self, their own radiance and brilliance that they have no idea what the true self actually feels like. Once the feeling is “re- membered” of felt, learning how to live from this place of brilliance will become easier.

I also realized that people need to be able to practice this and if their injury or soul loss was extensive they probably would need several soul retrievals.  The event will cause soul loss but then the continual thinking about the event will cause repeatedly more soul loss.  In the ideal world, a person would receive a soul retrieval and then never revisit the harmful event again in their mind.  They will move forward in life dreaming a new dream for and of themselves. Technically we are energy broadcasting towers. We are creating from our emotions with every thought, word, action and belief and broadcasting these emotional energies into the world. If we think more about what is wrong and what we don’t like, we will create more of the same. In fact, most people are creating more of what they don’t want instead of what they do want because the negatives get most of their energy. Manifesting is a cumulative thing. Whatever gets the most energy will win.

The other thing that I did before each session was I did a guided imagery meditation with each client.  The meditation was designed to bring great relaxation and opening of the heart. The meditation also was designed to help shed burdens and remove energetic blocks. Behavioral patterns handed down through family systems are gently removed and dismembered.  I found that the more I could get a person released from their attachment of their wounds, aches, pains, body image, and their perception of themselves the more easily the soul parts returned to them.

I decided I needed to take the sacred shamanic rituals that have been understood and used for centuries and makes them user friendly in today’s contemporary world. They needed to be available for those that were unable to seek out shamanic healing such as my clients patients as well as anyone else. The benefits, the healings and the results of these age-old healing rites need to be available to anyone.

I decided to create and record guided meditations that are based in the ancient shamanic rituals for healing.  I took out all reference to shamanism so the meditations fit in our contemporary world.  I now offer these recorded meditations to the public.  The title of the 3 pack of CD’s is Awaken Unburden Create.  These can be used daily for maximum benefit to maintenance your energy system in a conscious way.  I use them myself regularly.

My intention is that you are happy and that you live life fully from a place of divine radiance and brilliance.  That there is joy and excitement about each new day.  That you are empowered to take care of yourself and to create your life consciously. 

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The Meaning of Life

We all seek meaning in life and we have different reasons to believe that we have found it or we resign ourselves to an existential belief that there is no meaning to existence. I cannot subscribe to the latter because my life has meaning and it is significant.

As a shamanic healer, I have witnessed many miracles in the transformations in people’s lives in their health, relationships and future prospects. The one common factor in these events has been a return to happiness or an expansive appreciation of existing happiness. In the challenges of life, we are often traumatized, damaged, or assailed by forces we believe are taking our feeling of contentment or empowerment from us and leaving us mourning our loss. Shamanic healing work seeks to restore soul loss and a greater sense of wellbeing. The universe’s message for our restoration is in love and relationship. The work I have done returns continually to first finding the power to recognize one’s own worthiness, to love oneself, and to find the importance of the individual in the unity of the cosmos. When we have restored our lost soul parts, we can come to understand that we are not simply a part of the universe but that we are the universe. The arbitrary act of seeing our existence as an individual part of a vast space fails to appreciate the fully integrated and interdependent nature of all things. We are as vast as the cosmos and the cosmos exists within our heart.

Quantum physics emerged in the twentieth century in quest of elucidations beyond our prior Newtonian arbitrary explanations. The spiritual idea of a mystical connectedness of all things in a singular unity suddenly seems plausible in the scientific realm. Furthermore, quantum physics theorizes that experiments are influenced by the observer of the action, which undermines the basic scientific “fact” that there is an objective world, irrespective of us. And what of the mystery of consciousness? The universe exists within our perception of it, and we exist not as a part of its being but actually as the universe itself.

Seeing all within ourselves and seeing ourselves within all of existence compels us to consider the importance of relationships. In one respect, we are not our brother or sister’s keeper; we are our brother and our sister.

There is no greater joy to be found than in the pleasure of a loving relationship. We feed off each other in a symbiotic association that constantly restores us and vitalizes the bond that we have with family, friends, and, I would dare say, strangers. In these connections, we begin to exist as we were intended to—a part of one entity called the universe.

An important contributor to this understanding originated two years after the death of my mother. My mom came from the “other side” and she appeared to me in her most radiant self. The love that emanated from her was spellbinding. We greeted each other with hugs and kisses and I was overwhelmed with memories of special moments we had together. My life and relationship with my mom unrolled before me and the years passed in my mind’s eye in vivid recall. The experience was more holistic than chronological and all my senses were activated by the memories. The time from my birth until her death seemed to engulf me in warmth and love. In time, I gained my composure and we spoke. I asked her what she wanted to share with me. She said that life is all about love and relationships. She told me that what we don’t bring into alignment in this lifetime, we will repeat in other lifetimes until we get it right. She said that life was but a moment in time and that we must strive to foster loving relationships if our lives were to be fulfilled and that we should share this wisdom with our children and grandchildren.

The meaning of life for me, therefore, is defined as existing in compatibility with the oneness of the universe and in life that translates into loving relationships that bring us all together. It is all we know and all we need to know.

Jan Engels-Smith is an author, a Shamanic Practitioner (ShD), an Usui, Tibetan and Karuna Reiki Master, a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Chemical Dependency Specialist and a Hypnotherapist.

Jan founded LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and LightSong Healing Center. Jan has performed over 3500 soul retrievals and considered a leading expert in her field of shamanism. Jan has authored two books; Jan’s book Becoming Yourself: The Journey from Head to Heart, won the Reader’s Choice Award and Through the Rabbit Hole: Exploring Energy and the Shamanic Journey.  She is a diamond level author with Ezine Articles and writes a monthly article for Sedona Journal of Emergence. Jan also authored two CDs: Take Your Body With You a shamanic drumming CD and Awaken~Unburden~Create a meditation CD package of shamanic healing practices.

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Healing Yourself and the World

Years ago, the spirits said to me that every person born has the capacity to heal the world singlehandedly. That means that YOU and I have remarkable powers. The important lesson for each of us is to understand how to recognize and employ the influences that we can bring to bear to change ourselves and our world. I would like to share some things about myself so you might understand how I approach life and the experiences that have convinced me that we can all have an amazing influence in the universe.

I started my career as a biology and chemistry teacher, teaching science in high school for ten years. I acquired an advance degree in psychology, worked as a counselor, and eventually began a private counseling practice. 

I then had a mystical experience that turned my life upside down and inside out.  I have spent the last 25 years exploring this experience and how it relates to all of us. I had a vision where an old Native-American woman appeared to me. In my vision she approached me and I asked who she was.  She replied:

I am you,
I am your mother,
I am your sister,
I am your grandmother,
I am the Earth.

She had gray hair pulled back tightly in a bun and her skin was wrinkled and weathered by life. She was wrapped in a wool blanket and was smoking a pipe. She asked if I wanted to join in the sisterhood, but warned me that my life would be forever changed. I was doubtful.  There was a crow cawing outside my window but instead of hearing caw, caw caw I heard trust, trust, trust. I nodded my head and spoke the word “Yes.”

I remember being extremely nervous, but there was a peculiar kind of strength surrounding and supporting me. We sat down and she handed me the pipe and we smoked it together, passing it back and forth. When we finished smoking the pipe, she spoke again. “Your guidance will be provided. Your medicine that you carry is North—Wisdom, Healing, and Love. Begin now to start reading and learn to understand the Ways.” This propelled me into the study of shamanism and energy medicine, where I became preoccupied with wellness and how to be well. 

The part of this exploration that I would like to share with you concerns my discoveries. My mystical experience compelled me to move out of the box of what current research explains about these types of experiences and to study, interact with, and learn from indigenous peoples, cultures and mostly my own spiritual ally’s in the invisible realms. In these studies and explorations, I learned “the ways” that the old Indian woman had referenced. I came to understand that indigenous peoples and cultures view mystical experiences as the norm not an anomaly.  I learned much about mystical experiences, some of which date back several millennia. In these past 25 years, I have performed some of the ancient healing ceremonies, including more than 3500 individual soul retrievals, primarily to promote wellness—emotional, physical, and spiritual.

I learned how to contemporize the process so that I could bring these ceremonies to my clients in my private practice. The essential practices remain the same but the context and language that I use with clients allows for clear communication and connects to the spiritual enlightenment that we share today. My practice eventually led to my creating a school that teaches these approaches to spiritual healing that honors the ancient wisdom of our elders, which I believe is pertinent to everyone.

In shamanism or energy medicine we view a person as a spirit, soul, and energy system having a human experience.  Every part of you is energy, just as everything else that exists in the universe is energy.  Therefore, maintaining your energy system is primary to wellbeing. The practices that we share are beautiful examples of living the truths of caring for oneself and others in the realms of the physical, spiritual, and philosophical.

I want to encourage you to look at yourself as an energy system and how to heal, live a longer life, and be healthier in all your natures by simply thinking about yourself as energy and believing that you are in control of your energy.  You are at the helm of your wellness.   

Remember every person can heal the world singlehandedly because as you heal yourself, you heal the world. Positive energies in individuals multiply out into the universe and alter all that is around us. Each positive energetic vibration affects all that it touches and our energy is infinite.

Another thing the spirits have consistently taught me relates to a question I always pondered in the study and teaching of biology. Why do we die so young, when we are perfectly designed to live at least twice as long as we do? Again the answers seem to relate back to the maintenance of your energy system.

Think of yourself as a jigsaw puzzle.  When you are born, you have all your pieces of the puzzle.  As you age you experience trauma and other difficulties.  When this happens, we tend to dissociate, which is the psychological term for what we in shamanism would refer to as experiencing soul or energy loss. In the pain that we encounter in difficult times, we experience a numbing condition that is natural and a biological survival mechanism. This loss of energy can be an effective way for the mind to cope and endure pain. However, we need to ask ourselves, “Where did this energy go and how do we get it back?”

This energy is yours, your signature, and your divine essence, and in these traumatic conditions you come to have less of it. In thinking of yourself as a jigsaw puzzle, imagine that you have lost a piece of yourself. Throughout your life, you will lose more and more pieces, which equates to losing energy and potentials.  Sometimes the energy loss carries personal qualities with it, such as the loss of confidence, worth, self-esteem or significant values.

You now have “holes” in your system, just as the jigsaw puzzle has open vulnerable spaces.  These spaces will then fill with energies that aren’t yours.  Remember everything is energy.  Words, attitudes, and opinions can infiltrate into your system when you are vulnerable. We call these intrusions. These energies, which are often negative, are intruding into your energy field. Soul loss makes you more susceptible to these invasive forces.

The beautiful thing about the soul, another term for your energy system, is that it is considered a very high energy vibration.  It is vibrant, magnificent, brilliant, curious, and creative—the epitome of wellness.   Complete wellness is reestablished when the intrusions can be taken out of your energy system and the divine essence can be brought back.  This can be done professionally with a shaman; however, I believe that you have the power to do this for yourself, especially if you develop a maintenance program for yourself.

As a licensed professional therapist, I didn’t want to work with clients longer than necessary. It is important for every individual to achieve personal success and not to be perpetually dependent on others.  I always wondered why people are in therapy for years; it just didn’t make sense to me.  I realized that with therapy a person could cognitively understand what had happened to them, and possibly even why it had happened, but they couldn’t seem to own the healing fully in their body, mind and soul.

When I learned about shamanism and soul retrieval I understood why.  The part of the client that needed to own the healing wasn’t even present within the person. Divine essence had floated away in soul loss and the energetic program of the intrusions in their system were having a major influence on the person’s wellbeing. That is when I converted my private psychotherapy practice over to shamanism.  The treatment involved clearing out the intrusions in a person and then bringing back the soul pieces, one’s own divine essence. The return of their own divine essence appropriately filled the void and a feeling of completeness ensued. When you fix the energy system then everything else adjusts accordingly.

My pursuit of understanding wellness and how to restore it became an integral part of my life.  I was doing two soul retrievals on many days for years, booking out four months in advance, with each person requiring about seven hours of work.  After 3500 sessions, I learned a lot!

A doctor once participated in a soul retrieval with me and after he had gone through the procedures told me that many of his patients had brain or spinal cord injuries.  Their lives had changed dramatically and some were either paraplegic or quadriplegic and often suffered from extreme depression.  He wondered if these methods could work for them?  I believe that they can even in these most extreme of circumstances.

There are many dynamics to consider in a healing practice: the individual’s belief systems, the desire to learn something like shamanism, the availability of individuals to receive help. I wanted to bring this healing modality to as many people as possible and I turned to my spiritual allies for help. They suggested that I create guided imagery and provide the major components of wellness from a shamanic perspective on recordings for many to access.  People could then listen to them daily and receive the benefits of continual maintenance of their soul. That led to the creation of Awaken, Unburden, Create, a compact disc that I have distributed for several years.

I also devised follow-up steps for clients to employ on their own after our healing sessions.  The goal is for the individual to maintain the healing, to make the changes necessary in thinking, and to believe with confidence that they can return to the divine essence they were created with.  That was the reason for writing my first book Becoming Yourself, which offers not only explanations but several activities to practice for a well being lifestyle. 

I realized that when a person is whole and complete they broadcast an energy out into the world from their chakras and their auric fields that is also whole and complete.  That energy is invasive and it connects to every other living thing, since we are all energy.  You literally heal others by being in your radiance.  To change the world, you don’t need to attend rallies or be on the front lines of protests; although some may find such practices energizing.  What you do need to do is focus on yourself.  Notice your broadcast out into the world.  Is it from a wounded soul or from a wellbeing?   Whatever your broadcast consists of is what you are contributing daily to humanity.

How important you are, how influential you are, and mostly how incredibly brilliant and magnificent you are.  You are the key to wellness for yourself and for others.

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Fire Walk

In 1992 I was introduced to a native elder and he changed my perspectives about life and truths in amazing ways.  I remember him saying that Christians believe miraculous stories out of the Bible, such as the burning bush, the parting of the Red Sea, the dead coming back to life, but they don’t expect miraculous things to happen in today’s world.  I have pondered that comment for the past twenty-five years.  During that time, I have immersed myself in shamanism and energy medicine, which dwells in the realities of miraculous norms much like the perspective of my indigenous elder.  I have witnessed countless occurrences that boggle the mind and fall into unexplainable categories.  The spectrum is vast in its “awe and wow” factors.  Things that I now experience as normal still shock many acquaintances of mine when we chat and to me these are minor in comparison to the reality that I live.  I experienced this the other day when I was sharing some photos on my phone with a friend and I came across photos of a fire walk. 

To me fire walking is normal and something that I do regularly and I had forgotten that this is still not understandable to many.  When my friend asked how do you do this, I realized there is a chasm of personal realities that separate us.  I thought back to my first experience of fire-walking in 1994 to remind myself of how he must feel.

“Earth, my body,

Water, my blood,

Air, my breath,

And fire, my spirit.”

This tune rhythmically repeated over and over in my mind. The excitement and energy swirled around the others and me. I felt connected to nature, to the fire, and to my spirit allies. My bare feet were tingling from the immense amount of energy running through my body. I felt a force vibrating in my muscles and deep within my being.

I had participated in the building of the fire, embellishing each log with my prayers. I ignited the corn oil soaked logs and watched a blaze leap and dance fifteen feet into the air. We danced and sang for two hours as the heat intensified, burning the wood to its hottest point. I participated in raking the burning embers into the sculptured runway that we would walk across. My hands burned from the intense heat rising up from the sizzling wood and the rake handle grew hot to the touch. My face was flushed and hot, sweltering from the heat. The whole process brought me intimately close to the intensity of the heat, to the fire, and to the reality of my quest. I had become invested in the fire and felt a kinship with it.

As I stood there ready to walk, I called to my spirit allies and felt them swirling around me. I set my intention; it was simple and precise, “I am walking to the other side.”

I stood at the threshold of a moment of truth. The heat of the embers and the smell of the smoke intruded momentarily into my senses, but they seemed overwhelmed by the faith that had built within me. I found all the scientific laws I had learned to be replaced by the natural laws of the universe I had come to know. What was to prove true in this moment was not a part of the “truths” I had been taught by the world, but those I had been taught by Spirit.

When I raised my foot from the coolness of the dirt edging the pit, I did so without hesitation or trepidation. I had anticipated a test of wills between the fire and myself. I had expected to draw on my inner and physical strength to resist the intensity of the heat. It was to prove otherwise.

I stepped out onto the burning wood and started across. I was immediately surprised that I felt no heat on my feet; not just an absence of burning, but actually an absence of any heat at all. The only physical sensation was a hard, crunchy feeling as I placed each foot one before the other as I moved across the burning wood. I was not competing or resisting the fire—our strong spirits honored and respected each other. There was no contest of wills, only a merging of the fire’s powerful spirit with my own.

A fire capable of consuming flesh did not deny me. It invited and understood the changes in my soul—the vanishing of learned fears and the growth of courage and confidence. What the spirits had been teaching me about faith, about transcending physical law, about willingness, had just become a physical reality. Concepts became real and tangible and set into my cells as experience—unexplainable perhaps to the mental mind, but real just the same. The walk was exhilarating, an empowering journey without fear or pain. I made it to the other side.

My faith soared in the process. I was elated and high on life from what I had just done. I had to do it again. That night I went over the fire several times. With each experience, I built tremendous trust in the process. At the end of the night I was completely empowered.

I thought, “Just look at what I have done!” 

I felt that anything was now within my grasp.

These feelings held true for everyone in my group. A buzz of conversation ensued. Everyone laughed easily and shared the excitement and sense of accomplishment. There was giddiness to the occasion—all earlier efforts at focus and preparation were now replaced by giggles and laughter. The energy remained high, but there was an almost audible release of tension. It was like moving from holding one’s breath to squeals of delight. The initial sense of apprehension was replaced by elation at having mastered one’s fear. All were ecstatic.

Fire-walking is about love, intention, willingness, and mystery. The outcomes of this experience were happiness, trust, faith, and empowerment. Not a bad set of results! Fire-walking is just one way the spirits have physically taught me that all things are possible. I learned firsthand that fire-walking cannot be explained by the rational mind, and to attempt to do so is a waste of energy. I also learned that intention and belief alter physical law, even the law that says, “Fire burns, fire kills, fire disfigures.”

The spirits again brought home the fact that we, as humans, are only limited by our own minds, our belief systems, and our fears.

Since this experience, Spirit has taught me much about manmade laws and physical laws. We need them to help us understand our world and to explain why things work the way they do. They provide a tremendous amount of safety to our frail humanness. However, when working with Spirit, we are capable of altering any of our frailties. Spirit is not limited by gravity, fire, the speed of light, time, or locality. All is possible. Belief in such feats is non-rational, requiring that one be able to move beyond rational thought to understand that the universal consciousness dwarfs our rational minds.

The Native Americans have a term that is used for Spirit, for All. They refer to the Great Mystery. It is a perfect expression. Spirit is a mystery and should stay that way. Some things are not to be explained. When we explain, we limit. When we believe in the Great Mystery, we see the possible in the impossible and understand that which cannot be explained. The rational mind limits possibilities, growth, discoveries—it limits you.

Spirit wants us to change from the question, “How can that be done?” to the statement, “I can do that.”

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The Birthing Sash

Throughout history spiritual practitioners have imbued objects with special powers and have sought healing from the physical world. There are healing waters in special places, physical icons such as pieces of Christ’s cross, and many images and symbolic representations that people of all beliefs attend to for their magical powers. The power of the cross, the star of David, the crescent moon of Islam, and all of the other symbols of religion do not have power independent of the energies that followers of religions bring to the symbols. In the darkest histories of any religion one can identify the powerful negative energy that produces violence against others, wars, and persecution when people distort the power of their religion for evil and selfish purposes. In contrast, in the most enlightened moments of religious faith, people have imbued their beliefs and the symbols of their faith with powerful positive dynamism that embodies the best of our spiritual souls and we have benefited from the power of positive thoughts. The reason that such objects have such profound effects is because of the energies that people have brought to the objects in their quest for healing or the restoration of damaged soul parts or simply to feel an improvement in their emotional state.

In my work I create altars to share with others. The altar might, in any iteration, contain objects from many sources and can serve to connect us to each other as well as to the cosmos. The most significant characteristic of an altar is in the intentions that are placed in the objects and that in turn impact those who would participate in a ritual or ceremony. In some of our gatherings, people are encouraged to place objects on the altar after they have imbued the objects with their blessings and joy. Our accompanying meditations are intended to convey positive energies and everyone in the circle of community can benefit from the shared affirmations.

Many people are familiar with Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author and researcher, who created experiments to demonstrate that human consciousness could have an effect on water. His book, Messages from Water, contains photographs of ice crystals that were formed after the water had been imbued with either positive or negative thoughts and words. The resulting crystal structures reflected the energy of the words that were used, resulting in forms that were aesthetically pleasing if the water had been exposed to positive word images and “ugly” forms if the water had been affected by negative intentions. Emoto has done extensive research with the concept of imbuing. He did numerous studies and published four books. In his experiments he would tape words to vials of water, bring the water to freezing point and then photograph the crystals that formed. He found fascinating results with both the beauty of positive words and the crystals that formed and the ugliness of negative words and the broken or unformed chaotic masses from the energy of negativity. His research contributed to my understanding of how powerful blessings are and how powerful words can affect us especially those that we wear on clothing or on objects against our bodies. Remember that we are 75-80% water and the energy of the words works on our bodies just as it does on vials of water.

Our thoughts and our intentions affect our environment and all the people and objects that fall within our influence. Energy fields pulsate out and carry with them positive or negative messages that impact and alter all with which they come into contact. This effort to imbue objects with positive powers can carry into the everyday experiences of our lives. This phenomenon was the reason that I created a “birthing sash” for my daughter as she prepared to give birth to her first child. I wanted her experience to be positive and an affirmation of the joy of giving birth. With all experience, a positive beginning presages the greater possibility of a more sustained and affirmative result and long lasting joy and happiness.

The purpose of the sash was to bring the positive energies of blessings and well wishes from family and friends and to make the experience of the birth an affirmation of the joy of bringing a new being to life. Pregnancy and giving birth can be a difficult experience because of the trauma that a mother might endure physically and emotionally and this makes the contribution of positive energy even more important both to the comfort of the new mother and to the new infant.

As my daughter prepared for her birthing experience, she prepared a nursery in her home with new furniture and decorations. She chose particular colors to highlight the room and to create the new “home” for her soon-to-be son. I planned the birthing sash to coordinate with her images of the nursery by purchasing a large amount of colored ribbons in the colors she had selected for the room. The ribbons would become the fabric of the sash. I cut the ribbons into appropriate lengths that could later be woven together and rolled the pieces into balls and put them into individual small containers in preparation for a baby shower sponsored by my daughter’s friends. I was hosting the celebration at my house and that provided me the opportunity to organize the event of the blessing of the ribbons by friends and family.

As we sat together we did a meditation and blessing ritual that involved the passing of each ribbon from one person to the next until all in attendance had bestowed a personal blessing on each ribbon. Each attendant offered a blessing for the labor process and for the newborn. About thirty people touched each ribbon, not just with their hands but also with their hearts and their souls. The positive energy of the blessing ceremony was palpable and people were enthused to have the opportunity to send wishes that we all knew would make the experience and the resulting birth a success.

After the shower, I braided the ribbons into strands that I could weave together into sections that I then sewed into a wide, long sash. My daughter could lay the sash across her belly as she awaited the delivery date. During her delivery, we placed the sash across her as her son was born. The energies of the many friends and family members who had blessed the ribbons were present throughout the event and a strong and healthy child was born. To this day he continues to exhibit all the joy and love that was consecrated in him by so many people who shared their love and kind wishes for his life.

Later we mounted the sash on a rod that allowed it to be hung on the wall in the nursery. The positive energies of this object of love continues to this day to create joy in the room of this little boy as he grows up, loved and cared for by parents and grandparents and friends.

We all emit vibrations that have effects on all that we observe and touch. When these vibrations carry constructive and joyful energies they alter all with which they come into contact in a positive way. The birthing sash was an opportunity to capture these energies and transfer them in a magnitude compounded by many people joining in a common effort of caring and love.

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The Election of 2016

Like every one before, the past year brought many challenges, opportunities, setbacks and progress. We are confronted as always with choices in how we view our world and how we respond to the conditions that exist. Politics was a big part of the story of 2016, but I am not one to dwell on political issues in my work and my relationships with my students and clients. We can all agree that there were surprises in this election year and that many people feel apprehensive about the future. I prefer to address the difficult circumstances of the unpredicted phenomenon of changes in the political landscape from an energetic view rather than an ideological one.

For many years, I have taught, written, and lectured on what I call the Creation Laws commonly known as the laws of attraction.  I started this study in my early twenties and became fascinated with the concept of manifestation.  My study started simply with goal-boarding, visualization techniques, and focused attention.  I found the results often profound and amazing. The universe responded in ways that provided positive outcomes and clarity of meaning and direction. 

As I continued my study I realized that it wasn’t simply my thoughts or focused attention that was getting the results I envisioned but the associated feelings (which equates to vibrational) broadcasted about what I wanted to manifest.  This realization of the power of an emotional attitude and an intentional optimism has shaped my teachings on this topic for four decades.

We live in an attraction-based universe. If you desire something, you attract it to you.  If you are against something, you attract it to you. There is no repulsion, only attraction.  As a trained hypnotherapist, I have come to understand that the universe, and by extension your subconscious and unconscious, doesn’t comprehend negatives as a deletion or resistance to negativity but as an attractor. Hypnotherapists are versed in how to compose positive suggestions versus negative ones. For example, we would promote the thought that a client should desire to be healthy and smoke free, rather than thinking that he or she did NOT want to smoke anymore. This example may appear to embody a subtle difference but the results that might be manifest were significant and the modifications in behavior resulting from the positive approach were profound. Thinking that one did NOT want to smoke reinforced the undesired behavior, while the affirmative focus on being healthy energized positive motivations and a greater likelihood to manifest the desire. In an attraction-based universe there is no: no, not, don’t, can’t.  Since we are governed by the same attraction-based laws, our unconscious minds eliminate the words no, not, don’t and can’t. Repulsion or resistance creates more of the undesired outcomes.  You can’t create what you want by pushing against what you don’t want.  You will only create more of what you don’t want.

In all phases of my work I have received spiritual guidance and repeated successes in the application of positive energy vibrations to difficult situations. This was substantiated not only in my hypnosis work but, as years passed, through extensive teachings from the spirits about the Creation Laws or laws of attraction. Where negativity governs one’s thinking, doubt and resignation result. In the extreme condition, hopelessness and helplessness become the dominant forces in one’s life. Contrarily, when one chooses to focus on affirmative solutions and to imagine and feel favorable outcomes, there is alignment with an attraction-based universe and the cosmos suffuses our lives with positive energy that propels us to auspicious and constructive results. Whether negative or positive, we multiply the energies that we project and we manifest the outcomes according to how we feel.

This past election was probably one of the most toxic elections in United States history as well as the most blatant example of the laws of attraction at work. It was rather fascinating from an energetic standpoint.  We can all learn from this example when we acknowledge how these energies created the results.  Partisanship, distrust, and anger fueled the actions of candidates and their supporters. I am not proposing some false equivalency to suggest that there was no difference in the policies of the opponents or their behaviors, but I am suggesting that negativity was the dominant force at play in this long, tortuous process at the center of our democracy and many people were left with feelings of rage, anger, disappointment and anxiety. These caustic and toxic energies attracted greater pessimism and angst. This went on for 18 months. Negative energies will always create harm.  With a vibrational broadcast of despair, loathing, hatred, rage, anger, or fear a tragic world will manifest.  The vibrational matches for those emotions are manifestations of war, greed, poverty, crime, abuse, violence and disloyalty. 

This may seem dismal; however, I believe that we as a country and as individuals have the potential to learn from this and change.

Now we are at the crossroads to continue down the same path of negativity, pessimism and dismay or to envision and feel into a different future.  If you desire to have world peace, universal health care as everyone’s right, environmental awareness and alternative energy that does not damage our planet, peaceful cites, productive schools, equal opportunities and mutual respect, and happy children with bright futures, then we must be an energetic vibrational match for these desires.  Emitting vibrations from emotions such as joy, passion, enthusiasm, positive expression, optimism, hopefulness, appreciation and empowerment create a vibrational resonance that results in the manifestation of these matching desires

What will we promote in our lives, how will we address the future, and who will we become? We have before us a beautiful and uplifting opportunity. Like the phoenix arising from the ashes, we will choose our destiny, and in our alliance with the universe and our spiritual helpers we will manifest the world that we desire.

Our individual frequencies not only affect our immediate surroundings and ourselves but they affect the whole of humanity.  As the spirits emphasize, you are a powerful creator.  Everyone alters the universe by the energy that she or he emits. Collectively, we all contribute to the whole and individually we all make a difference.

Consider these energies and the outcomes that they might create:

Joy =    World peace                                                  Despair     = War

Passion               =     Health care                             Jealousy          = Greed

Enthusiasm =     Environmental awareness          Hatred/Rage   =   Poverty

Positive Expression =Alternative energy               Anger     =   Crime

Optimism   =     Peaceful cities                                 Unworthiness =   Abuse

Hopefulness   =     Peaceful schools                         Fear       =    Hunger

Appreciation   =    Equal opportunities                  Grief       =    Violence

Empowerment   =   Happy kids                               Depression       =    Disloyalty

Mother Teresa once said, “I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.” Activism and creating change in the world needs to involve a new tactic. Being “anti” something is not the answer.  “Anti” energy is usually an angry, frustrated, fearful, or aggressive vibrational broadcast.  It might seem to make a difference for a moment, but the problem one attempted to solve will usually pop up in some other form. “Anti” energy doesn’t work according to the Creation Laws in an attraction-based universe.  If you want to be an activist, be an activist of the light.  Dream your new dream of reality and then be a match for it vibrationally by being enthused, motivated, excited, appreciative, passionate, and happy.  Spend time in altered reality envisioning your dream by engaging all your senses. Create it in the imagination with detail and then feel so excited about this creation that it easily is drawn to you through the power of the law.

This election was amazing and profound from an energetic perspective, especially watching how the Creation Laws prevailed in the most unpredictable ways.  There is no getting around them; they are law.  Because there was virtually no broadcast of being “for” something, all the “anti” energy accumulated manifesting in an unexpected and unpredicted outcome. These negative energies are so powerful that against all odds and even the popular vote, they will turn results toward whatever gets the most energy. If “anti” energy gets the most attention, it will prevail.

The universe is the ideal democracy where every energetic vote counts.  No one has more clout or power, everyone is treated equally and everyone’s energy broadcast contributes.

For greater clarity of some of the laws of the universe here is an excerpt from my book Becoming Yourself:

Change occurs when energy shifts. To understand change, one needs to understand the dynamics of energy. Everything emanates energy and frequencies of vibration—animate beings, physical objects, even thoughts and feelings—and these energy vibrational “fields” impact and alter all that they touch. If we are to have control over the changes in our lives, we must also understand the importance of thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and feelings as vibrational frequencies of energy. Only when we understand and can apply these basic Laws of the Universe will we be able to consciously affect the change process:

  1. Energy follows intention.
  2. Whatever you add energy to multiplies.
  3. Thought followed by word and action equals form.
  4. What you believe becomes.
  5. Vibrational frequencies attract like-minded frequencies.

These laws apply to all of life and are fundamental in understanding how to work with energy in order to create.

For example, when someone gets cut off in traffic and explodes in anger that explosion feeds a negative thought form proportional to the negative feeling being broadcast. When a person lets another driver into a line of traffic, there is a gentle wave of thanks.  This kind act feeds a positive thought form in proportion to the positive broadcast.  Unfortunately most people express negative responses with much more gusto than positive responses. 

Think of how you talked or responded to the news in the past eighteen months concerning the election.  Notice what you contributed, what you were against, or what you were for.  Then notice how much of your broadcast contributed to a positive feeling or a negative feeling.

The spirits have called us to declare what we stand for, not what we are against.  Be passionate and joy-filled as you envision and feel what you are for.  Talk about it, be excited about it, stay focused on it.  Let go of any grief, resentment, sadness, or worry.  These feelings will only prevent the outcome you desire. Pay attention to your words and feelings.  You make a difference and your energy contributes to the whole. There are only two choices—positive or negative. 

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