A Simple Process to Change Your Life

A Simple Process to Change Your Life by Jan Engels-Smith

Here is a simple process to change your life. Throughout the day have checkpoints about your thinking. Ask yourself the question. Does this thought make me feel good or does this thought make me feel bad? If it makes you feel bad quit thinking it; if it makes you feel good, have at it and enjoy your process.

Every one of us has opinions about many things. Opinions stimulate an internal emotional response and offer a vibrational frequency that resonates throughout the universe and every opinion is a point of attraction that attracts other like frequencies. Before offering an opinion or even pondering one, consider the quality of your view. Will this opinion help or hinder your overall well being?

There are two parts of you. Your egoic wounded self and your true self. Your true self knows no wound, only unconditional love. Each day ask yourself to embody more of your true self than your egoic wounded self.

Sometimes it is hard to discern whether you are thinking about that which you desire or thinking about what you don’t desire. We often think about why a problem is a problem instead of a solution to the problem. Focusing on just the problem can increase frustration, anger, or helplessness—all negative emotions that attract more negativity. On the other hand, considering a resolution to a problem generates feelings of hope, harmony, and peace—positive emotions that send out positive vibrations that promote greater concord and amity. Ask yourself what feelings you seek in the solution that you need and then try to find those feelings in other areas of your life. Where have you found your greatest harmony with the universe and when have you felt the most confident in your personal power? As soon as you start replicating the feelings you had in these circumstances then you will start attracting more of this positive energy, which usually opens the door to the solution that you seek.

To become aware of “your point of attraction” will have tremendous value in creating the type of life that you desire. Your point of attraction is determined by your feelings. Points of attraction can be created by either deliberate action or by subconscious thoughts. Deliberate means that you are consciously paying attention to your feelings and what you are attracting to yourself. Not being deliberately conscious of your feelings may result in your subconscious attracting feelings from a wounded past or other previous negative experience. This mental inaction might lead you to think that bad things just happen to you naturally and that you do not have a role to play in determining your situation. Instead, you must realize that you are a vibrational being that creates realities through the energies that you project from yourself and the corresponding dynamisms that you attract by these projections.

What you think and what you feel will determine what you attract in each moment. Too simple you say? Ask yourself, how happy can I be today? You might be surprised how one happy or pleasant thought can course through your body and multiply the positive energies of contentment, joy, or even ecstasy.

Try this exercise. Before you drink a glass of water, hold the glass between your hands and think of positive words you would like to imbue into the water. The water absorbs these energies. When you drink the newly imbued water you are letting that positive energy flow throughout your body, into every cell, and into your mind. Your body is about 65-85% water and the molecules of the water that you have imbued with positive energies will permeate all the cells of your body and alter your state of being.

When you wake in the morning—before anything else—set a quick intention. Mine is: I love my life. This sets the tone for the entire day.

Daydreaming is a wonderful tool of creation. Pause throughout the day and daydream about what you enjoy. Not what you want, but what you enjoy. This wonderful activity has tremendous value in your well being.

Quantum physics tells us that when you observe an experiment you change the outcome of the experiment because you have observed it. If a scientist has an opinion about what he or she is observing, the results can be affected by the attitude of the observer. This breakthrough in science represents what metaphysics has been declaring for decades. If you observe your thoughts (which is the same as observing an experiment) you can automatically change the outcome of events in a very deliberate way.

We can be very influenced by the media or the collective mass consciousness. However you always have ultimate control. It is your birthright. If you don’t like what the media or the mass consciousness dictates, don’t accept it, and create your own reality through deliberate choice. This is not done by focusing on the negative quality of the existing reality but by creating positive thoughts about around the possible good outcomes that can replace the negativity of inevitable catastrophe and hopelessness. We all saw in the recent terrorist attacks in Paris a startling difference in the pain of the immediate tragedy and the subsequent outpouring of love and hope that emanated from the masses that gathered to celebrate life, not death. People were drawn together by a positive energy to affirm what is good in our relationships, not in the isolation of despair.

You get to choose what you want for yourself today—what thoughts you want to think and what feelings you want to feel.

If there is a person in your life who pushes your buttons, spend some time today sending him or her your love and blessings. Don’t try to justify why they don’t deserve your love or blessings; that just adds to the problem. Just express your best self.   You will feel an immediate relief.

Do you BELIEVE that you can have your heart’s desire or whatever is on your manifestation list? If you do not, then the “do not” energy is your primary broadcast. It will cancel out any prayer, wish, or pleading that you project. It is easy to change a “do not” vibration by moving into appreciation. Appreciate what you “DO” have and what has already manifested in your life. This will get your energy broadcast in a good place.

There is a paradox that I try to remember whenever I struggle with a situation. When I surrender and let go of the control that I try to exercise over the situation, I allow the magnificence that surrounds me the opportunity to infiltrate my awareness. It is easy to feel good when things are comfortable and going well. However, it is in life’s struggles that we find the greatest opportunities for growth and evolution of our consciousness. Notice where you struggle and what opportunities the struggles present.

The most powerful part of the human body is the heart. Not the mind, but the heart. Open your heart and notice how it feels.

Do you ever have knee jerk responses to situations or people? Knee jerk responses are because you are in a habit of thinking, feeling and responding a particular way. You can prevent conditioned negative responses through the practice of deliberate feel good exercise. The more you practice feeling good, the more the feel-good response will imbue your being. In time, your automatic reaction to anything will be positive, uplifting and loving. I have developed a discipline that I call the feel good challenge. It is something that I practice daily and you can find the entire process on my web site. Here is a sampling of a few of the challenges:

  1. Complaining is an energy that causes more problems. Some people are unaware of how much they complain. Some people think that the complaining will actually change a situation. Complaining is a low frequency energy that will actually cause your body to ache, your pocketbook to drain, and your relationships to be strained. Instead relook at any situation that you feel upset about and try to reframe it. If that seems too hard to do, decide to focus on a few aspects of your life where you can feel appreciation.

What are 5 FEELINGS you choose to feel today that will invoke appreciation

Here are mine: Potential, Choice, Inspired, Motivated, Bright

  1. A major part of life is managing relationships. Even if you are not partnered you are in relationships. You are in relationship to others, relationship to the earth, relationship to your body, and relationship to the divine. How you manage these relationships will indicate where you are in balance or not in balance. To ascend into higher dimensions of thought and well being all these relationships need to be healthy. They become healthy through positive attitude and feelings.

What are 5 feeling words you can bring to your relationships today?

Here are mine: Appreciation, Awestruck, Thankfulness, Forgiveness, Humility

  1. Be curious and expect miracles. Curiosity allows the mind to have a certain amount of freedom. This raises your vibration. Curiosity is a good thing. Anything that raises your vibration is a good thing. Be curious, expect the best, and enjoy.

What are 5 FEELINGS you choose to feel today that will invoke curiosity in your life?

Here are mine: Wonderment, Openness, Expansion, Newness, Inventiveness

  1. Through the Laws of Creation you have created yourself. Your core is divine and magnificent. If you have created a lesser version of that to show to the world then you can recreate that version to match your core. The choice is always yours. You create with words, thoughts and feelings. Celebrate yourself!

What are 5 FEELINGS you choose to feel today that expresses celebratory words for life and the version of yourself you wish to present to the world?

Here are mine: Free, Excited, Full of potential, Magnificent, Exhilarated

  1. The Laws of Creation tell us that your vibrational broadcast will equal how you feel and thus how you create. You determine your creation right NOW by how you feel. If you modify your feelings you transform your creation. What do you want to create today?

What are 5 FEELINGS you choose to feel today that will support what you wish to create for yourself?

Here are mine: Love, Equality, Prosperity, Happiness, Connection

If you enjoyed this exercise, please join us for the FEEL GOOD CHALLENGE daily on Facebook! It will change your life, it will help humanity, and it will be FUN.

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Climate Change

Climate Change by Jan Engels-Smith

This article is a continuation of last month’s article and the information that poured into me at our camp during LightSong’s 30th practicum. The focus for this article is the teaching that there is always a bigger picture occurring energetically that is often divine in character.  This bigger picture can be for every event that takes place, however that can present overwhelming challenges to try and explain so I will choose a couple topics to flesh out that came through at the practicum. As a teaching tool I would like you to image events, lifetimes, or issues, as a series of concentric circles.  The center nucleus being the presenting issue that has taken place.  Each concentric ring extending out from the center is a “different and more aware perception” of what the issue is actually about.  The energy moves away from the presenting facts and actually moves towards a more spiritual perspective.  The furthest circles may not address the issue at all but encompass an “understanding of life”

We have all received these teaching before in various forms using different verbiage.  Some examples are.

climate change


1.     You can not solve a problem at the same level as the problem.  Meaning if you are caught in the center with the presenting issues you are not moving into a more spiritual or aware mindset and you will stay caught in the problem.  (This is the subject that the spirits decided to teach at practicum).

2.     Life is about perception, and your perception will determine your attitude, your words, your thoughts, and your action.

3.     Change your perception and change your life.

The spirits highlighted a very hot topic to present these teaching at the practicum:  The topic of climate change.  At the very core or the center ring this topic is full of emotion, blame, and cause. We have the villains of the issue: fossil fuel emissions, deforestation, and the build up of greenhouse gases.  We become emotional with the news or experience of forest fires, drought, polar ice melting, the loss of species, catastrophic weather patters, or earthquakes.  We might become angry with politicians and their lack of attention or the greed of big business and oil companies.  Feelings of helplessness overwhelm, anger, disgust, or rage can be the result.  All of these emotions keep attention on the problem fueled with low frequency energies, which through the creation laws keep us captive to the problem with no escape and creating more of the problem.

As the spirits continued with their teaching moving into greater awareness of the issue they highlighted certain spiritual facts.

1.     There is a bigger reason for all events.

2.     The spirits love us and work with us with our prayers and desires.

3.     The universe is on our side, working for us not against us.

4.     Love prevails and is the strongest creative force in the universe.

5.     All things are created from love but it might take great exploration to find.

I for one have been praying for global peace, unity, harmony, balance, and well being for years.  It is a constant prayer of mine.  I believe that most of my readers would agree with this prayer and they too speak something similar.  So how can the world look so dismal and disjointed?  The spirits had me move away from the core of the issue of climate change and look at a bigger picture.  That possibly climate change is part of an answered prayer, that the earth is responding to us in a way that can be helpful.  What is a bigger perspective that is actually happening?

For the first time in history countries, nations, big business, clergy, lay people, scientists are actually coming together having conversations working in collaboration and in unity.  Politicians have to address issues and changes are finally happening that have the earth as the center point for wellness.  Alliances, teamwork, and relationships are being established.  Even the Pope is highlighting this to the peoples of the church.   In the bigger picture cosmic forces have come together to help us wake up and possibly achieve the peace, unity, harmony, balance and well being that we have prayed about.  Climate change is bringing people together. It is a catalyst of transformation.

So each one of us has to imagine Climate change being a gift instead of a problem and this changed perception will change the energy of it.  The changed perception puts energies into motion. Hold this intention in your heart.  We are creator beings and where we put our energy will manifest. The nature spirits say we love you more than you can ever imagine.

Another layer is to realize that so much of our belief of human existence is that humanity is destructive which goes back to the belief of original sin. We believe ourselves to be destructive so we consistently create that belief.   This has become cellular in many. We need to challenge this belief and change the core beliefs at a genetic level.

If we believe that we are gift and love ourselves as a species on earth we can make the difference and create that change.

We strive for a generational shift from the older generations, which are littered with guilt that humans are in charge of creating the damage on earth.  Look closely at the younger generation who have come in not to harbor this guilt and just go straight into the healing of earth.  Every single person has the full ability to change the whole world single-handedly.

I loved a comment from one of my students, Judith Harrigan who stated. Another version of climate change is the climate of the mind. Moving from greed, self-indulgence, fear, lack of awareness, and obliviousness to one of love, collaboration, unity, and hope. An internal climate change of perception. Personal climate change is the change in the climate of thought and awareness.

The model of the concentric rings can be used personally, and collectively.  Explore your issues.  Where are you caught in the middle and then image, and explore vast possibilities.  Notice and watch what happens energetically inside of you as you do this.  The possibilities are endless; the feelings of wellness are the result.



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Ascension, Appreciation, Action

Ascension, Appreciation, Action By Jan Engels-Smith

Ascension, Appreciation, Action


Ascension and greater consciousness have been my intention for years. I work with the spirits consistently and follow their guidance to the best of my ability. For the past several years the spirits have been diligent about me aligning with the natural rhythms of the earth and stars. Under their guidance, for one year I slept outside under the stars to regain this galactic rhythm. Yes, that means with no tent and yes, it rained and was very cold at certain times. It is amazing the melodies you can construct with the rain hitting a tarp over your sleeping bag. I then had to sleep on the ground in a cave realigning with the Earth, with no light. This was makeshift in my yard with tarps over a picnic table, which seemed to work just great. Now the spirits have asked me to move away from the Gregorian calendar. They have said that to realign with the stars and earth and then to continue to plan according to the Gregorian calendar is counter productive. LightSong dates need to be in astrological alignment not Gregorian. With that said my newsletter will reflect more lunar timing.

The conducts and methods of this world often pull us from our true self instead of aligning with it. Being in alignment with the natural cycles of the planets is minor in comparison to specific devastating thought forms that hold us separate from our mother, the Earth. Through the centuries we have remained caught in an illusion and a delusion that humans have dominance over the Earth and the children (creatures) of the Earth. Indigenous cultures see all of life as interdependent and unified. The stories of indigenous cultures provide a wisdom that exceeds the simple logic that human beings rely on. Human beings have evolved to lose that understanding and to imagine themselves as separate and superior. Mankind’s need to dominate has led him to resist and be blind to the true nature of the living system.

A vital step toward ascension or raising your vibration into higher levels of awareness is being in harmonic resonance with all life, to respect, honor, and devote one self to expressing reverence for all life; to be of service to the whole of life. This does not need to be gallant or noble in effort, but originates from the heart. It is expressed by the feeling of great appreciation — of spending time each day appreciating the Earth and all of her inhabitants.

Those who have walked this way may consider this obvious; those new to the idea might find it strange. Independent of your history, the act of appreciation toward the Earth will help heal the dire straits we have created. To literally send the energy of love and appreciation with thoughtful intention to the Earth moves the pendulum on the continuum of life and starts creating a new thought from that will influence humanity positively, a thought form of veneration and respect of life, all her creatures in all its forms visible and non-visible.

Appreciation cuts through inter-dimensional lines of reality and services those of the invisible worlds. We are all together as we move collectively with the Earth into her ascended state of consciousness. All inhabitants are involved. Appreciate, and be in awe of the unseen (faeries, devas, sprits, elves, etc.). Yes, they do exist.

I recently asked the spirits how much do we actually see around us, what kind of percentage? I was dumbfounded when they replied, less than 1%. Wow, we are blind and yet try to have dominance. How arrogant of us.

Earth sings a song of deep unconditional love, which changes the vibration of all things. This song originates from the pure heart of her being; it transforms matter, spiritualizing it into its transcendent form. The Song of the Earth can rectify humankind when humans realize this, appreciate it, and harmonize with it. We can fortify the Earth’s song by sending appreciation to her. She will in turn augment and enrich us with inter-dimensional awareness, feelings of bliss and ecstasy that will well up within your being and you will become one with the One Song, the Universe. This simple, fortifying act can be done throughout your day and definitely during defined meditation times of concentration and focus. The transmutation of your being is without question one of the greatest contributions that you can make to the world. This reminds me of the truth that I live by, which is, it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world is doing; what matters is what I am doing. What vibration am I broadcasting? If I stay in my “Song” I will affect the world in the most positive way.

The other lethal thought form that humans have generated is that they are separate from God, Creator, or Source. This thought form has destroyed vitality, worthiness, inspiration, creativity, and passion amongst humans. Many people behave like beaten dogs with their tail between their legs, hovering, wining, and pitiful. No organization, government, religion, community, or person can give you your worth. It is intrinsic and your connection to Source is unequivocal.

Appreciation is again the healer of this illusionary state. To feel appreciation actually changes your DNA. It creates new connections in your brain and re-patterns thoughtwaves. It reprograms, revitalizes, and reconstructs new harmonic patterns in your lightbody. The feeling transfigures you.

During these turbulent times of chaotic weather patterns, governmental holocaust, environmental distress, be an activist of the highest order. Take action through appreciation! You will not only change yourself you will contribute to the transformation of humanity.

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The Occupy Movement

The Occupy Movement by Jan Engels-Smith

The Occupy movement

The Occupy Movement is impressive in its scope and in the numbers involved in demonstration, but I believe its greater power lies in its ability to elevate our individual consciousness and to create inner reflection on who we are and what we may become. The events that are playing out serve best to teach us to stay present to our own feelings and to understand how our inner thoughts are contributing to this cause. What we do externally matters, but the feelings we hold internally have the greater power to either promote or harm this cause.

The focus on external action is the natural consequence of social movements, but it is the alteration and enhancement of our inner beings that ultimately provides the impetus for the powerful shifts in humankind’s existence. An individual thought, an altered awareness of one’s surroundings, or an adjustment in attitude may ripple through the entire cosmos to create monumental changes in the universe. Something as simple as a random act of kindness or the appreciation of a sunset can create support for the movement, just as an argument or a cruel act can contribute negatively to the cause.

As the spirits have taught me, appreciation is a pre-creative emotion. Appreciate everything without judgment or evaluation; embrace within the love you would want the entire world to hold; and become the enlightened being that changes all that it touches. That which becomes real within us, becomes the reality of the universe. The Occupy Movement is symptomatic of the pent-up desires of humankind for a fundamental change in the conditions of our existence. To truly promote it and give it full life, it must be fed with the nourishment of the higher frequency energies of our souls and the power that lies within our inner selves. As we become, the world becomes.

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A Year of Action

A Year of Action By Jan Engels-Smith

John Lockley Workshop


2011 is a year of action. 2011 is a year for divine action. It is time to put action to your desires and create a lifestyle that is in alignment to the new truths that are emerging. The next couple of years have great potential for individuals. A changed humanity is being birthed, and your active participation is needed. The desire for a new world and a love-based society is at the tipping point.

Since the essential nature of human beings is to be notoriously resistant to change, the “shadow” part of our person will surface during these transitional times. The shadow exposes us to our resistances, wounds, and faulty beliefs — all of the obstacles to our advancement. The difficulty of shadow work is that it can often be insidious and before you know it you can be in full participation with it.

Strive to act as a witness to yourself. Watch and observe yourself like a scientist might observe an experiment. Notice what thoughts or beliefs create which emotions. Ask how often you stay rigid with an attitude or opinion and why? Remember that beliefs are created by thoughts and beliefs will determine your reality. Thus everyone can PROVE that his or her belief system is true because our attraction of like vibrations affirms the truth for us. One will have experience after experience that supports the individual’s belief system. In that it is their reality, it is true. However, just because the belief system proves itself to be true, does not necessarily make it either right or helpful for the individual. Remember that what we attract to us might promote positive conditions or might draw in negative energy and prove damaging.

Whatever the nature of this reality, the continuing reinforcement of the reality of the belief will over time produce a thought-form. Thought-forms become overarching paradigms that take on the nature of perceived “universal truths” in the collective eyes of a culture and can define an era and last for centuries. Their “truth” exists in the acquiescence of a civilization to accept and not question the validity of the thought. The passing of an era and the emergence of a new world occurs with the shifting of a paradigm, and “truth” becomes redefined.

Early human civilization was characterized by a belief in the oneness of humans with their environment and as hunters and gatherers these so-called primitives lived as part of their surroundings and not apart from its wildness and naturalness. Indigenous cultures continued to hold these thought-forms even as so-called advanced civilizations became detached from the world and sought to subdue and control it.

The Early Agricultural Age was characterized as a struggle to control the forces of nature, to subdue the natural elements and to bend the forces of the universe’s energies to satisfy the power lust of civilized man. After the passage of centuries, civilization took another giant step into the future with the emergence of the Industrial Age and the conversion of work into a process of a larger corporate entity and humankind into mechanisms to feed this machine. What had been crafts and satisfying individual achievements became work on an assembly line or toil at desks where the individual had little knowledge of the larger complexity of the system, much less any influence. Thought-forms created a reality that seemed to be the natural condition of advancing civilization and the acceptance of this belief made it real.

This example is of a thought-form in the largest possible context, but a thought-form may also exist as the product of an individual belief system. In fact, the larger thought-form emerges as the individual thought-forms of the members of a civilization begin to converge and a common belief system materializes and assumes the role of “truth.” The ending of an era also is the result of individual alterations of individual thought-forms.

The dawning of the Age of Aquarius is the product of emerging new understandings of the necessity to align oneself in harmony with the world and to see the oneness of ourselves in the universe. As these common beliefs coalesce around a new universal awareness, we become collectively conscious of our new “truth” and the old thought-forms begin to fall away as a new era comes into being.

For us as individuals, the significant takeaway from this knowledge of the constructs of civilization is that our individual thoughts, beliefs, and actions are the source of the fundamental change that shifts an entire culture to a new consciousness. All great change begins with individual transformation and the universe depends on each of us for our contribution to the shift.

A new era is at hand and you and I are faced with the choice to resist and live in the fading thought-forms of a passing age or to engage actively in the creation of a new world.

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Prediction for 2011

Prediction for 2011 by Jan Engels-Smith

Prediction for 2011


We can have heaven on earth. 2011 can be 2000 heaven. Heaven is created through love. Love is expressed with inclusion, random acts of kindness, sharing, impeccability of spoken words and things that draw people together in a conscious way. In others words, COMPASSIONATE ACTION. This is a year of inclusion, and making the effort to be welcoming and thoughtful.

Heaven is a place of grace. A place of togetherness. A place of radiance. Yes, we can have heaven on earth. We can rise above the density of 3D reality and the lower frequency energies of hopelessness, doubt, fear, anger, isolation, gossip, betrayal, and hardship. These lower frequency energies are broadcasted from outside sources such as the media. We also contribute to this broadcast from our inner personal environment, which are our thoughts. This broadcast weakens us and feeds a false reality about our divinity. No matter what is happening to us inside or outside, we can create heaven on earth by choosing differently. 2011 is going to be a year of great choice. A year of finding JOY in the Difficulties. A year of Deciding to Choose Happiness.

This year will require very conscious decisions because 2011 will also be a year of great challenges. These difficulties have the power to split you off from your true self or from your spiritual self and walk. Or your decisions and choices of response have the ability to encourage you to embrace your spiritual self even more strongly. The Tower card in the Tarot shows us that there needs to be a crumbling of systems, belief systems and structure in order to rebuild from a completely different place that doesn’t look anything like the old.

Also 2011 will be a year of blending the divine feminine and the divine masculine energies together to find balance. The exclusion of one for the other needs to stop. A blend is needed. Blending the divine feminine which is unconditional love, understanding, inclusion, sharing, allowing, and compassion with the divine masculine which is action, inner confidence, inner courage and holding true to your light. An example of the divine masculine is choosing Joy in Difficulties and Deciding to Choose Happiness no matter what the outside world screams at us. This blend, this balance allows us to stay grounded, loving, open, compassionate, and positive and to take ACTION, with these expressions. Show them to the world, act on them daily and constantly. Some of the greatest things that we have on earth have come from the contrast or the difficulties that we have endured. The spirits recommend the following: that you keep things near you that will remind you that a new structure is needed, to let go of the old ways and to trust that the universe supports you, that there is only love, that you are loved, that there are many non-physical beings that only want to help you, and to not resist but to embrace the process. Please get in the habit of saying I CAN and I say YES to the positives.

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