The End of Prophecy: Part 1

The End of Prophecy: Part 1 by Jan Engels-Smith

The End of Prophecy


We are hovering at the apex of the grandest time in human existence. For years, we have all experienced references to the year 2012 and prophecies about the cataclysmic changes that would ensue.  The most famous reference has been to the Mayan calendar and the date December 21, 2012, when supposedly the world would end as the Mayan calendar concluded its 5126-year cycle. Many religions in many different civilizations have referenced the “end times.”  The Book of Revelations in the Christian Bible speaks of the end times, but the reference to a concluding moment in humankind’s era is common across many cultures.  There are Tibetan, Hopi, and Lakota prophecies.  People have built monuments, temples, and pyramids that reflect the significance of this time, specifically this key date of December 21, 2012. Astrologically, the stars have been studied and read to forecast this event and religious documents from a variety of sources have referenced this time and its significance. We have most often looked to the “ending” but all endings presage a “beginning.” If we find meaning in these terminations of our current state, their most significant message for us is what lies on the other side.

Our most common terms for the ending include apocalypse, Judgment Day, Armageddon, catastrophe, day of reckoning, and end of the world. With such bleak descriptors, it is no wonder that we focus on disaster and destruction.  I believe we are at the end of times and that which defines our culture is beginning to break apart and disintegrate, but I view it as a moment of transformation, reconfiguration and renewal.  We are in the times of economic crises, climate change, and clashes of cultures. Religions promote crusades and jihads, wealth skews into the hands of an elite few, and partisan politics avoids solutions and promotes failure.  We are pushed to the brink, but our era of dissolution is truly about opportunity, for we possess the most significant of all possible prospects—choice.  The failures we see have been long in coming from the time we assumed domination over the Earth and created a false vision that humankind was distinct from and in control of the cosmos. Thankfully, we have been given a clear view of the future and the means by which to transform this existence into alignment with the true nature of the universe—to see ourselves as an element in a unified and effectively functioning ordered system where we are one with all existence and the beneficiary of the universe’s perfection.

We are the creators of the future and our tools of creation are our thoughts and words. Quantum physics has revealed that the simple act of observation has a tremendous impact on that which is being observed.  As scientists have attempted to observe matter at the sub-atomic level, they discovered, to their initial surprise, that their observation itself altered and mutated the matter beyond any other forces. Physicists have come to understand that existence itself is so highly interdependent that even the engagement of consciousness with external matter and force fields changes the nature of what they study.  The message from this for humankind is that we can truly create force fields of change by our very thoughts and intentions, that we can alter the vibrations that surround all of us, and that the spiritual forces that emanate from and to us are real and ever active. The prophecies have predicted this time of ascension—a movement to a higher plane of existence, a higher dimension, and a higher vibration.

Embrace this time of Ascension.  Recognize it, learn about it, practice it and ascend with mastery.

Change is a renewing force, just as stagnation is characterized by atrophy, decay, and death. Change is often distressing because it asks us to step out of our comfort zones, but the alteration of our condition provides a chance to find a greater meaning to our lives, a higher vibration of existence, and the strength and courage that comes from our restoration of the wholeness of the universe.  The prophetic interpretations of the past have focused too stridently on the “end of times” as a destructive force and failed to realize that to go forward, we must go back. The history of humankind has emphasized a movement away from our “natural selves” and toward a belief in control and dominance. The universe now sends clear messages of the errancy of our ego-focused view of existence and self-destructive tendencies by exposing the failures of our institutions, policies, and actions; but, in their beneficence, the spirits offer clarity of direction, opportunity for transformation, and the possibility of the greatest of all human achievements—an access to the power of the universe by our reunification with the cosmos.  The great irony of our “advancing” civilization is that we have diminished our power by attempting dominance and that we have created our own problems by the belief in our supremacy.  The prophecies of change are real but, as with many of our misinterpretations, we see lost rather than an opening to unimaginable opportunity, destruction rather than creative possibilities, and an end rather than a beginning. Amid the rubble of our crumbling infrastructures and the collapse of our misguided policies of greed and control, there lies an astounding and boundless resource of transformation—an activation of the choice the universe provides to transform all of existence by the conscious decision to move to a higher plane and to attune to the higher vibrations of a different future.

My prophecies for ascension are for the beginnings of:

-a transfiguration of our planet achieved by an emerging realization of new possibilities for our human relationships;
-a metamorphosis of our relationship to our natural world that focuses on reintegrating ourselves into the true state of interdependence and mutual support;
-a conversion to a view of ourselves as one with the universe, gaining simultaneous humility and power; and
-a change in seeing our difficulties as simply the removal of obstacles to a better life.

It has been said that the Chinese ideogram for “crisis” is a combination of two characters signifying “opportunity” and “danger.” It has been theorized that the meaning of crisis, in this sense, is that there is an opportunity for change and growth or a danger of regression or stagnation. Whether it is an accurate interpretation of Eastern wisdom or not, the concept is valid.  As we alter our thinking, we change the vibrations around us and create intentions that impact all of our universe—we fulfill the ancient prophecies by our actions and we bring about a new reality by the inspired genius of our imaginations. Each of us embodies the prophecies of an end and a new beginning—we are the change we seek.  The crisis for the planet and humankind is real and the choice to be made lies within each of us. I believe that we will exercise the opportunity and fulfill the prophecy of the dawning of a new age.

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Ascension and The Dimensions

Ascension and The Dimensions By Jan Engels-Smith

Ascension and The Dimensions


As we ascend as a planet and humanity into the higher dimensions of consciousness it is good to understand the components of these different dimensions.

The fourth dimension fosters the futuristic realization that no one is greater or more important than anyone else. This is the beginning of our understanding of oneness. The oneness stops being a thought or a concept but a reality felt inside and incorporated into feelings, mental thought and belief. How we understand time in this dimension determines how we can manifest and gain access to the deeper meanings and richer benefits of this often-unrealized world. Manifestation has been a hot topic for a couple of decades.  Movies, books, workshops and classes have been taught on how to manifest and gain desired objects, but many people feel discouraged with the length of time it takes to manifest their desires.  The spirits told me years ago, back in the early 90’s, that time acts as a buffer in third dimension reality.  It actually saves people from self-destructing or damaging others.  If people actually manifested everything they thought about instantly, we would have bedlam on earth because of the undisciplined minds of most.  However, the fourth dimension creates conditions for time that are substantially different from our ordinary reality.  Like a dream, fourth dimensional thought and feelings create reality almost immediately but absent the confusion and destructiveness that might be present in our daily life. However, the residues of our third-dimension life often remain in the fourth dimension in the form of fears and doubts that inhibit the full realization that we seek. The progress to the fifth dimensional reality will lead to the falling away of these fears and a more perfect union with the cosmos.

In the fifth dimension there is no illusory limitation and anything is possible. The manifestation of our deepest desires occurs instantly with joy and love where we have dismissed ourselves from artificial constraints of time and limitation. The right brain achieves full dominance in the fifth dimension and we are free and full of love. We are liberated and not restricted to scarcity paradigms that contribute to lower frequency actions. In this dimension we live in the realm of the unconditional—unconditional love, unconditional possibility, unconditional oneness with the universe. There is complete freedom from judgment; in fact, judgment isn’t even conceivable.  We live in harmony and are free to express our true selves.  Our true essence is at the helm of our thoughts, actions and feelings. We can see and communicate with the non-physical beings that surround us and interact in our lives—power animals, ascended masters and teachers, angels, faeries, and other stellar beings.  There is no fear in this plane.

Many of us who practice metaphysics know of these states of being.  We experience them regularly.  However, existing in these elevated dimensions is usually not “full time.” Often even explaining our “mystical” experiences forces us into the left-brain structures and limited vocabulary, especially in English, which is predominantly a militant language and has few words powerful enough to hold the energy of the mystical experience.

As we strive for ascension and seek to change our vibrations into higher qualities of purity, we must attend vigorously to creating the conditions of receptiveness by staying focused in our right brain. If we do so, we are constantly reinforced and supported with spiritual interaction and magic and are able to better comprehend our amazing existence.

Our challenge is the same as it has always been—to not judge ourselves and to not judge the extraordinary experiences we have while journeying or in meditation.  Without judgment, we can connect to the feelings of appreciation that can cause elation.  When we have these experiences and then try to express them through the filters and structure of left-brain rigidity and judgment, we fail to fully appreciate our experiences.  The left brain cannot comprehend these experiences and it is not suppose to.  That is not its function.  Ascension is a process that involves many factors.  Stimulating and consciously activating the right brain is necessary to the process.  We must trigger the right brain to counterbalance the lifetime of conditioning of the left brain.

There are many activities that you can engage in for this process.  Journey work, interacting with non-physical spirit beings, meditation, reacting to art and music, and daydreaming contribute to the continual reconditioning of the mind.  I simply like to breathe with the intention of flooding my right brain with oxygen and energy, especially during my quiet times of the day.  I envision my right brain “turning on,” “lighting up,” and taking a prominent position in my daily functions.  It is amazing the feelings that rush through with this activity.  Love, appreciation, and expansion flood my body and my fields of energy.  It is a simple and worthy exercise to do throughout the day.  The right brain is the source of imagination and you will discover that it is receptive to creative and simulative exercises.  We may have been born into a third-dimension reality of limitation and scarcity but it need not remain our imprisonment for life. The choice to break free from these artificial restraints is ours.

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Ascension to Higher Dimensions

Ascension to Higher Dimensions by Jan Engels-Smith

Ascension to Higher Dimensions


Ascension is the act of moving upward, the transcendence of ordinary conditions of existence, the scaling to new heights of awareness and consciousness. The different dimensions we aspire to offer opportunities to create our own conditions of being and to discover the magical qualities of a fully realized life. Such states of reality are available to all but not without a conscious decision to explore the mystical realms of a reality that differs in form and nature from what we have come to accept in our contemporary culture as the natural state. Ascension is not “unnatural” but, in truth, preternatural, going beyond the commonly defined, but limited, definition of nature that our Western culture has imposed on our society.  Ascension to higher dimensions allows one to see the deeper truths of the natural world and to comprehend our oneness with the universe.  This is the truly “natural” condition and defies the artificial attempts to distinguish humankind as a separate and superior entity that chooses to dominate its surroundings rather than seeing all humans as a fully interdependent and integrated element of a universe that is a single unified life form.

We intuitively are aware of the disjointed and incongruous nature of our life within a civilization that struggles to define itself by attempting to justify what we know is inherently wrong and in conflict with our “better selves.” The reliance on the analytical left brain is limited by “facts” too meager to explain even the simplest questions of why we exist or what we can become. The ascension process seeks to balance this logical and rational side of our intellect with the rich and underutilized right brain that employs a sensuous aesthetic that comprehends holistically and draws meaning from sources far more magical and mysterious than we can manage with our left brain alone.

One of the ways we access this creative and imaginative side of our brain is through our dreams.  In dreams, we release our control of our thinking and some interior “autopilot” takes over and we move freely through arenas of thought that we could not access in our waking hours. However, this dream state can be achieved in a waking reverie if we are able to release the artificial bonds of our rational mind—not to become irrational but to access a non-rational state where we become cognizant of a truer reality. If we stand on one side of a wall, we might say that nothing exists on the other side because we cannot see it. In one sense, this is the way the left brain functions in its need for tangible proof.  But what if the proof of what exists on the other side of the wall is accessible to us but not with our normal sight?  If we think of the wall as the barrier imposed by our rational mind, then we might imagine the right brain as the window into the hidden world.  As we ascend through different dimensions, more windows open and more world is revealed.

The Earth itself is in ascension.  We are in a process of change that portends the possibility of wonderful differences in the future.  The Earth is responding to the needs of humanity to connect in more meaningful ways with our highest aspirations for momentous change to our current condition. Our Mother Earth understands better than we that existence must and can offer wonderfully positive purpose for all of us and we have only to connect to understand and benefit. We often feel that we are buffeted by powerful forces beyond our control, but the Earth reminds us that our unity with nature and our recognition that we are part of a larger cosmic force helps us to see the greater power of a spirit that exists in the universe that overwhelms the negative vibrations of the daily news of war, tragedy, and loss. Many of us who work in the metaphysical sectors are major right brain users. Employing the right brain creates this connection for us and allows us to erase the blind spots in our view of possibilities.

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2012 ~ The Year of Actualized Ascension

2012 ~ The Year of Actualized Ascension By Jan Engels-Smith



I am writing a new book entitled, Sitting In Circle with the Gods. This book has been a long time coming. I have attempted it on several occasions but now I realize that some of the experiences that I needed to capture had not yet happened. But now is the time to put it into print.

For me, 2012 is the year of actualized ascension. Ascension is greater awareness, the ability to hold higher frequencies of energy in the physical body, higher dimensional thought and movement away from the old paradigms that left-brain logical analyses have created. We need to begin to use our right brain more deliberately to expand our thinking to a greater truth and new awareness of future possibilities. We are all a product of our environment. We have been toned down, repressed, shamed, criticized and made small by the limited thinking of our modern age. I have certainly been affected by such thought but my spiritual journey has shown me a way out of the Western culture’s narrow thinking and the box in which we have all been placed.

This journey has permitted my mind and heart to “see” the vastness of the things that my physical eyes are incapable of registering because they too were blinded by the influence of this culture. Indigenous cultures have been known to say that Westerners can’t see and are blocked by their limited thinking. Indigenous cultures believe that our realities are too small and do not realize our real potential. According to the spirits, we see less than 1% of what is actually around us! The shamanic lifestyle that I adapted years ago has chiseled away the walls of this prison cell and finally I can comprehend the vastness of life and the presence of others that share the universe with us. I hope that this book will influence you to find freedom from the limitations of the left brain, to entertain and actualize your own Ascension and to be filled with awe that you live in such a state of ecstasy in this magical, mysterious, joyful, alluring nature of life and what it offers to the human soul.

I will be publishing excerpts from this new manuscript in my newsletter. Your feedback is welcome and your participation with LightSong is always embraced with joy.

In April 1998, I was in Egypt with a group of shamanic practitioners. We had traveled to this ancient land with its mystical history of alchemy and connection to spiritual realms. We were scheduled to do a ceremony in one of the pyramids. There were several individuals who didn’t feel well that morning, so our group shrank in size to 11 from the original 22. We entered the side door of the pyramid and ascended through a narrow crawl space with a hardened dirt floor surrounded closely by earthen walls and traveled deep to the interior of the pyramid. We emerged into a great room just below the apex and in the center of the pyramid. In the room was a great sarcophagus off to one side and altar spaces with a demarcation of the direct center where we congregated in a circle. We stood chatting excitedly. One of our members seemed to move into a trance-like state and started to emit a very strange sound, which seemed to emanate from deep inside her person. It was a combination of toning and quick lip movements that created an odd sound like a code of some sort. Our ceremonial leader instructed us to stand in a circle and travel energetically to the North Star out through the top of the pyramid. Shamanic journey “travel” is a standard part of shamanic study and was familiar to all of us, so this was very easy for us to do. The journey is one of the most effective ways to make contact with the spirits. The altered state of consciousness achieved in a journey allows you to transcend the limitations of the rational world and connect with a non-ordinary reality. The shamanic journey is common to all cultures (even European) and the nature of the journey is remarkably similar, even in cultures widely separated by era and geography. In the spirit world, both time and place are illusions and part of the three-dimensional reality construct. The lessons from the other worlds are universally true, drawing from a collective consciousness that is accessible to all. Journeying often involves rhythmic drumming or rattling. With the sound of our companion’s rhythmic coding creating an altering and eerie background, we began to rattle in the traditional rhythm of the shamanic journey. The effect was to release us from our immediate condition into a higher awareness of the place and the moment.

We traveled as a group guided through imagery to a portal gate. The sound that my colleague was voicing had some sort of code embedded in it that miraculously opened the portal. We all went through this mystical passage in single file. From that point each of us had our own experience on the “other side” of the portal. For me, my experience was rich with wide-eyed wonder. I met a group of beings that have changed my life and confirmed my suspicions about Egypt and my doubts about the stories that tried to explain this amazing land. While I was visiting this remarkable country I would stare in amazement at the statues and buildings. I would listen to the educated Egyptologists with their theoretical explanations of how these structures were created and I would think to myself, “No $(#*$ way.” Others seemed to have similar thoughts that we fondly termed NFW. I felt as though humankind had created a common explanation of how “man” had these amazing talents to build mathematically perfect structures, 4,000 years before Christ, in ultra-primitive conditions with no machinery, tools, or power equipment. Although this description lacked a reasonably substantial explanation for how such super-human feats could have been achieved, it is still widely accepted without consideration for an otherworldly possibility. There were many evidences that a different understanding was needed.

I remember standing in a town square near the pyramids. More than 60 pillars soared skyward to a height of 50 feet or more. Every square inch of their surfaces was embossed with writing and graphics, not chiseled, but embossed with raised letters and pictures that stood out from the stone surface. Scattered about the town were sculptures of beings that looked nothing like what I have ever witnessed on this planet. The images did not have human or animal qualities but were alien-like. I thought about those who would seek to provide “realistic” explanations for conditions that defied logic. What I encountered in Egypt required an understanding that had to be drawn from an awareness that existed outside the scholarly and intellectual constructs that served the purposes of traditional historians and scientists. My colleagues and I shared common doubts about the sufficiency of conventional theories. While wandering about the city, a few of us began playing with random and imaginative explanations of how these structures might have been created. The journey into the pyramid and through the portal into the North Star would provide new insights for me.

When I had ventured into that place behind the portal, the beings that I encountered told me that my imaginations might not be wholly correct but they were closer to the truth and a possible reality than other theories that have been espoused. They understood that I wanted information about the Egyptian mysteries and they were more than happy to supply me with this information and the understanding that it would greatly enhance my life on the planet. However, they indicated that they could not supply the information until the correct questions were asked. I was told that the spirits had tremendous amounts of things to teach us humans but we had to discover the right questions before the answers would be revealed. They entreated me to: “Keep imagining, keep stretching, and break out of the paradigms that hold you captive. We are here for you. Ask the right questions and all will be revealed.”

When our group returned from its journey, we stood in awe and in silence in the bowels of this great pyramid. Collectively, we realized something amazing had taken place but the wonder of it defied verbalizing and simple statements eluded us in that moment. Our common sense of a deeper meaning was sufficient for us to share in spirit if not in words. We decided to reassemble outside of the pyramid and take a picture. When the eleven of us formed a circle outside we consciously ordered ourselves into the positions we held inside the pyramid. Something influenced us to sustain the physical association we had inside, so that we might better hold on to the experience we had generated within the pyramid. We were not sure if the order of our standing had anything to do with anything so we captured it on film with the expectation that we would try later to explore what it all might have meant. We decided to reconvene at 7:00pm to process what had happened.

We seemed to experience more mystical moments. Before we came back together, one of our members walked into a bookstore and a book fell from a shelf to the floor and opened to a back page at her feet. It was an Edgar Cayce book. Cayce is known as a psychic, healer, and modern prophet and is still widely read by people who have an interest in clairvoyance and prophecy. The book opened to a page that described a portal that would be opening in Egypt in April 1998, the date of our trip to Egypt. Cayce had made the prophecy in 1932, some 66 years before the event. Cayce predicted that this portal would be the last of three portals opening in various parts of the world. One would be in Egypt, one in Bimini, which consists of two very small islands among several thousand in the Bahamas, and the third in the Yucatan. When our group gathered that evening, the woman who had discovered the book, or which had discovered her, shared its remarkable contents with all of us. The woman who had voiced the eerie coding sounds in the pyramid revealed that she had just visited these two other sites and was now at the third portal. She established the link for all of us to the three portals. She had followed an internal guidance by spirit to the three sites but was not aware of the portals or why she had been led to these places. Mystically, she had produced coded sounds at Bimini and the Yucatan before coming to Egypt. Magic happened.

We all had different and personal experiences on the other side of the portal and I don’t remember any others’ accounts but mine remain vivid and clear. My experience continues to encourage, nourish and fascinate me. The journey was revealing, enlightening, and life changing. The information and who I met on the other side has redirected my life work which is my shamanic practice and teachings. The intergalactic connections that I made are servicing me through the process of Ascension and I believe were pre-created for this auspicious time.

I leave you know with mystery. If you desire to learn more about who I met on the other side of the portal please follow my newsletter.

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Ascension, Appreciation, Action

Ascension, Appreciation, Action By Jan Engels-Smith

Ascension, Appreciation, Action


Ascension and greater consciousness have been my intention for years. I work with the spirits consistently and follow their guidance to the best of my ability. For the past several years the spirits have been diligent about me aligning with the natural rhythms of the earth and stars. Under their guidance, for one year I slept outside under the stars to regain this galactic rhythm. Yes, that means with no tent and yes, it rained and was very cold at certain times. It is amazing the melodies you can construct with the rain hitting a tarp over your sleeping bag. I then had to sleep on the ground in a cave realigning with the Earth, with no light. This was makeshift in my yard with tarps over a picnic table, which seemed to work just great. Now the spirits have asked me to move away from the Gregorian calendar. They have said that to realign with the stars and earth and then to continue to plan according to the Gregorian calendar is counter productive. LightSong dates need to be in astrological alignment not Gregorian. With that said my newsletter will reflect more lunar timing.

The conducts and methods of this world often pull us from our true self instead of aligning with it. Being in alignment with the natural cycles of the planets is minor in comparison to specific devastating thought forms that hold us separate from our mother, the Earth. Through the centuries we have remained caught in an illusion and a delusion that humans have dominance over the Earth and the children (creatures) of the Earth. Indigenous cultures see all of life as interdependent and unified. The stories of indigenous cultures provide a wisdom that exceeds the simple logic that human beings rely on. Human beings have evolved to lose that understanding and to imagine themselves as separate and superior. Mankind’s need to dominate has led him to resist and be blind to the true nature of the living system.

A vital step toward ascension or raising your vibration into higher levels of awareness is being in harmonic resonance with all life, to respect, honor, and devote one self to expressing reverence for all life; to be of service to the whole of life. This does not need to be gallant or noble in effort, but originates from the heart. It is expressed by the feeling of great appreciation — of spending time each day appreciating the Earth and all of her inhabitants.

Those who have walked this way may consider this obvious; those new to the idea might find it strange. Independent of your history, the act of appreciation toward the Earth will help heal the dire straits we have created. To literally send the energy of love and appreciation with thoughtful intention to the Earth moves the pendulum on the continuum of life and starts creating a new thought from that will influence humanity positively, a thought form of veneration and respect of life, all her creatures in all its forms visible and non-visible.

Appreciation cuts through inter-dimensional lines of reality and services those of the invisible worlds. We are all together as we move collectively with the Earth into her ascended state of consciousness. All inhabitants are involved. Appreciate, and be in awe of the unseen (faeries, devas, sprits, elves, etc.). Yes, they do exist.

I recently asked the spirits how much do we actually see around us, what kind of percentage? I was dumbfounded when they replied, less than 1%. Wow, we are blind and yet try to have dominance. How arrogant of us.

Earth sings a song of deep unconditional love, which changes the vibration of all things. This song originates from the pure heart of her being; it transforms matter, spiritualizing it into its transcendent form. The Song of the Earth can rectify humankind when humans realize this, appreciate it, and harmonize with it. We can fortify the Earth’s song by sending appreciation to her. She will in turn augment and enrich us with inter-dimensional awareness, feelings of bliss and ecstasy that will well up within your being and you will become one with the One Song, the Universe. This simple, fortifying act can be done throughout your day and definitely during defined meditation times of concentration and focus. The transmutation of your being is without question one of the greatest contributions that you can make to the world. This reminds me of the truth that I live by, which is, it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world is doing; what matters is what I am doing. What vibration am I broadcasting? If I stay in my “Song” I will affect the world in the most positive way.

The other lethal thought form that humans have generated is that they are separate from God, Creator, or Source. This thought form has destroyed vitality, worthiness, inspiration, creativity, and passion amongst humans. Many people behave like beaten dogs with their tail between their legs, hovering, wining, and pitiful. No organization, government, religion, community, or person can give you your worth. It is intrinsic and your connection to Source is unequivocal.

Appreciation is again the healer of this illusionary state. To feel appreciation actually changes your DNA. It creates new connections in your brain and re-patterns thoughtwaves. It reprograms, revitalizes, and reconstructs new harmonic patterns in your lightbody. The feeling transfigures you.

During these turbulent times of chaotic weather patterns, governmental holocaust, environmental distress, be an activist of the highest order. Take action through appreciation! You will not only change yourself you will contribute to the transformation of humanity.

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Ascension 2012

Ascension 2012 by Jan Engels-Smith

Ascension 2012


The years 2011 and 2012 are pivotal times for humanity. The old paradigms that govern our lives are being deconstructed and new ways of understanding our existence are emerging as we reshape our universe in communion with the greater powers that lie within ourselves and our universe. Critical choices that we make at this time will determine the outcome and the degree to which we will align with and shape this new age.

Humans are the creator beings on this planet. I have come to clarity in my own thinking that this is the significant message from the universe and I have tried to instill this in my students and with other audiences. The magnitude of this message is staggering. Our current paradigm is one of limitations that views humanity as shaped by incapacity, unworthiness, and aimlessness. We have seen the collapse of social systems, a degradation of cultures, and a loss of an individual sense of meaning and happiness.

For the past few years we have watched the emergence of catastrophic weather patterns amid global warming, the failure of financial systems with foreclosures on peoples’ homes and high unemployment, strained international relations and wars, and an ominous sense of a dire future that threatens our children and hinders planning for a better life. Every individual and every family has been severely affected by these shifting energies and their negative nature.

The media has attempted to explain these new conditions, but they are trapped in explaining present and future conditions with mental models that have been fully discounted by events that they cannot understand and with historical perspectives that lack credibility in these new times. The challenges we face demand a new understanding on the metaphysical level and the old paradigms are sorely lacking in this realm.

The new energies appear to have only negative consequences when viewed through the lens of the old paradigm but, in truth, they offer the opportunity to deconstruct a system that has served humanity poorly, and to create a new order that restores our alignment with the positive forces of a benevolent universe. We must both create and participate in these new energies and take the responsibility to reshape our world and ourselves through our conscious effort to channel our own energies in this positive flow. Our individual thoughts and practices will determine whether humankind takes advantage of this opportunity or continues to flounder in outmoded and failed thinking. Each individual contributes to the whole, enhances the process, and contributes to the greater good with ease and grace when he or she revisions the future and engages with spirit and commitment.

What does it mean to ascend into a higher frequency of energy? It means that you must diligently practice raising your vibration. You are a broadcast of energy. This energy has a certain quality and variant intensity that creates your vibrational field and the power of the energy that radiates from your being. If you are a negative person, you will have a low vibration and you will be in alignment with the doom and gloom of what is happening around you. The internal energies of fear, worry, hopelessness, and incapacity are resonant matches with a world that is viewed as failing, and these energies blend with and enhance the prevailing negative forces. You will resonate with the problems that the media broadcasts and you will suffer despair and will not be capable of happiness, joy, or ecstasy.

Low vibration, negative energy has the ability to “prove” to the individual that the hopelessness that surrounds us is our reality and we come to accept what we perceive as inevitable. However, the acceleration of one’s vibrational energy through new positive understandings of our possibilities generates an energy within that emits a totally different vibrancy that shapes and reshapes all that it touches as it flows outward, and we come to recognize that all that we had believed was an illusion created by a faulty paradigm of limitation and scarcity.

Energetically, the earth is ascending into a new dimension. The great shift is toward a paradigm of unity and wholeness in a universe that is not fragmented and in conflict. This is a world that exists with forces that sustain life and create perfection — love, joy and ecstasy, and promise of a positive future. In order to reap the benefits of this prophesized shift you must be an energetic or vibrational match with this ascension.

Humankind has given little attention to this personal development and each of us must practice and master the natures that will fundamentally change us and our universe. Personal mastery will lead to emotional stability, great happiness, ecstasy, and personal ascension. Your new energies will be in harmony with the earth’s new fields of energy. The conflict that one has felt with one’s surroundings can be replaced with a sense of interdependence and wholeness, and the struggle of negative forces can be replaced with an inner peace and contentment. There is much to learn and to practice, but success is possible and the potential for change is REAL.

We are the pioneers of this new age, at least those of us that choose to venture into the uncharted landscape of the new world. The pressures exerted by the forces that currently envelope us should bring us to recognize that the time for us to respond is NOW-without hesitation or delay. We cannot procrastinate or wait for positive change to happen without us. If we are non-participatory we will not feel the positive currents of energy because our vibrational rate will not be in harmony with it.

The spirits have been molding me for this current phase of life for years and I feel excited, ready, and passionate about the information that they have presented. My classes have been the template on which I have recorded my new understanding and I have watched and witnessed the responses of others to this new information as it has evolved for years. Now I believe I am beginning to see an overview of the strong message that they have presented. My life’s work has been preparing others and myself for a different future.

The first of the year I will make this available to a larger audience, including those that are not grounded in the shamanic principles that I have taught for the past twenty years. The spirits are clear that to be in alignment with ascension there are particular principles and practices associated with our energy fields that must be understood and implemented. These will be presented in 2012 for those interested in the personal ascension necessary as the Earth shifts into a new dimensional reality.

Life is to be lived differently. I hope that you will participate with me during this next year and move through 2012 with a conscious decision to be participant with these emerging possibilities. The pay off will be a greater awareness, joy, and prosperity for you as an individual, and a long-needed healing for our world.

Doctor Who (Photo credit: Cayusa)

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