The Highs and Lows of The Laws of Attraction

The Highs and Lows of The Laws of Attraction by Jan Engels-Smith



We are living in an attraction-based universe, and when you ask, it is always answered, but the answer may create a positive or negative result depending on our way of asking. If we ask for a positive result with a positive frame of mind we will receive the result we seek, but there is a danger in assuming that a focus on a negative condition that we seek to keep away from us will drive it away.

Remember that this is an attraction-based universe and a negative thought will attract a negative result. The attention to the negative draws it to us even as we wish for it to go away. We attract; we do not repel. If you yell-I want this! You attract it. If you yell- I DON’T want this, you attract it. The important consideration is how we frame our thoughts, how we use the power of attraction to draw to us that which we wish to have, and how we allow what we do not wish to have to not be in our sphere of attraction.

The Laws of Attraction are based on vibrational frequencies of energy. Energy emanates from and is attracted to all living beings as well as inanimate objects. These invisible forces interact with other forces within their orbits and there is a constant interplay of energies that alter each other and create conditions of physical, emotional, and spiritual alteration. The attraction of energy is governed by the principle that vibrations match other vibrations. High frequency energy vibration is attracted to energy vibrations of a like frequency and low vibrations are attracted to like energies of low vibrations. Similar energies resonate with each other. A simple example of this exists in tests with tuning forks. Tuning forks are made to vibrate to certain notes on a musical scale. If an “A” tuning fork is placed at one end of a football field and another “A” fork is placed at the other end, when one is struck and frequency waves are generated they will cause the other fork to vibrate to the same frequency. But when unlike tuning forks are tested, a “G” tuning fork will not create a responding vibration in an “A” tuning fork.

The vibrations are invisible but the reactant object recognizes the vibrations and reacts accordingly. Like tuning forks, we are resonant with vibrational forces around us. When we emanate positive vibrations they interact with like vibrations and when we tune to a negative frequency, we connect to negative energies.

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Achieving Maximum Impact with The Laws of Attraction

Achieving Maximum Impact with The Laws of Attraction by Jan Engels-Smith



The universe is governed by a physical condition in which bodies are attracted to each other and stability is achieved by these forces. Celestial masses are drawn into orbits and paths that create solar systems and galaxies that maintain themselves for eons of time. These fundamental Laws of Attraction, like the laws of gravity, sustain existence. Just like these enormous physical bodies in the universe, we are subjected to Laws of Attraction that may create significant conditions that allow for our lives to maintain and improve, but we must exercise options to achieve the maximum positive impact. As the Earth’s gravitational force draws objects with physical mass to its center, so as living beings we are capable of attracting either positive or negative conditions into our surrounding environment and even into our souls. There is constancy in physical gravitational laws that creates a perpetual and never-changing condition. In a like manner, the Laws of Attraction in our lives are constant and predictable.

Our thoughts and attitudes are our comparable “gravitational pull” that draws to us the objects that revolve within our sphere of influence. Like the invisible forces of gravity, the Laws of Attraction impact us regardless of our knowledge of them or our consciousness of their presence.

As a spaceship travels around the moon and returns to Earth, scientists work with an awareness of the effects of gravity to achieve a desired result—the movement of a spacecraft from Earth’s orbit and the return by engaging Earth’s gravitational pull. In a similar fashion, we can make decisions governed by the Laws of Attraction that attract within our “orbits” either positive or negative forces but, like the scientists using the laws of gravity to positive affect, we must understand the Laws of Attraction if we are to be successful in using them to our greatest advantage.

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