Availability, Willingness, Saying Yes

Availability, Willingness, Saying Yes by Jan Engels-Smith

Each year LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine conducts a practicum for the students.  The practicum setting is beautiful and blissful.  We use pristine land in Tillamook, Oregon, an area that is part of the rain forest of Western Oregon.  We spend a week together camping, singing, journeying, applying the teachings and using the land as a teaching arena. This year was LightSong’s 30th practicum.  During the practicum our spiritual connection is profound and intense. The spirits have consistently supplied me with invaluable information that has literally molded the structure of LightSong and molded the lives of those that participate.  I continually use this information as teaching material in our various classes. It is rich and encourages mind-expanding insights.

There is always a theme that presents during my initial journeys when I am preparing for the experience. These journeys precast the teaching I will deliver to the group.   I never know what the theme will be until we actually embark upon the land. There were four interlocking themes that presented this year:

  • Humans are revered in the universe and being on Earth is equivalent to working on a doctorial degree in spiritual development while enrolled in the Earth school.
  • Life on Earth is about relationships and emotion.
  • The spirits have more access to you to help when you are available and willing and say “Yes.”
  • There is always a bigger picture occurring energetically that is often divine in character.

Each of these themes has several subcategories to them, which I will flesh out in future writings.

Human beings are very complex and accelerated beings in the universe and are esteemed and revered in the cosmos. That doesn’t mean that humans have accelerated intelligence or technical skills, but that we have been many lives in many places and times, and becoming human is to be part of the advanced “school.” In my journeys, the spirits said that before incarnating as human on this planet we incarnate into many animals, plants, geological features, nature spirit forms, and, in fact, most of the things that exist on the earth. We use these incarnations as teachings. Teachings that when remembered bring us into the full expression of being human. Humans are the only species that develops a strong ego, but lifetimes as other creatures are pure and uncomplicated.  Origin instruction isn’t lost in the imprisonment of the ego.  Lessons on love, cooperation, unity, harmony, balance, communication, collaboration, and telepathy are easy and natural from nature.  These lifetimes are documented into our individual signature, which the spirits call our own personal Akashic record that we hold within.

In previous teachings the spirits explained to me that frequently the more difficult the life the more advanced the soul.  I learned while performing soul retrievals on individuals whose character and integrity I might have doubted that the spirits rebuffed me for any negative judgment.  The spirits often displayed extreme reverence for individuals whose character I might have doubted. A person’s actions that might create problems for others might not be appropriate but they are also a challenge to the person who must overcome any interior faults or shortcomings. When I asked about this, the spirits explained that challenges in a person’s life can lead to great advancement and that often extremely difficult life experiences, especially those of the handicapped, are often the source of extremely advanced souls. The degree of success of the individual will be determined by how the person develops in love. The trials and tribulations of a challenging life may well produce a stronger and more developed loving expression, which is seen as an advancement of the soul.

I thought of Stephen Hawkins and his debilitating illness, Ludwig Beethoven’s loss of hearing, and Michelangelo’s failing eyesight that might have ended their lustrous careers before they had accomplished their full destiny and recognized that their challenges might well have compelled them to greater heights of achievement. Each of us faces challenges that may seem insurmountable, but the very act of choosing to overcome these hardships of our life circumstances will lead to ever-greater potentials for accomplishment. Each lifetime contains lessons and humans, to be successful, have to balance heart, mind, and spirit in the rich fields of awareness, love, harmony, and peace if they hope to fully realize what the spirits know to be the natural conditions of existence. Our effort is facilitated by the spirits insistence that we recognize our perfection and move away from judgment, attachment and any sense of futility and toward becoming our true selves.

Earth is the planet of diversity and emotion. We are a people of diverse cultures, races, religions and language. Our emotions govern much of our actions and create strong egoic opinions. Amid this entire myriad of influences, the human race strives to develop a common understanding of the cosmos and attempts to develop an actualization that determines our future and allows for the general ascension of human beings to an awareness of our universal perfection in a loving and supportive universe.

Humans have to coordinate all of this. Every moment of every day each of us is dealing with diversity and attempting to establish positive relationships. It is a challenge that the human race faces as individuals seek self-actualization and collectively we strive to allow our spiritual natures to break free of our egos and self doubts. The fundamental question is how to bring humanity to a higher place and achieve oneness with the cosmos. Every human experience is ultimately about relationships.  We seek personal mastery but with the goal of living in harmony with the entire planet and as one with the universe. Since Adam and Eve first established a relationship, civilization has always sought—often with little success—to bring harmony and peace to our world in congruence with all of humanity. The barriers of ego and the attractions of greed and power seem to have always held more appeal than the values of a spiritual life lived in concord with an understanding of the unity of all things in a perfect universe. We seem too willing to accept the inevitability of conflict and divergence because we have been taught in an ego-driven world that that is the nature of existence. The spirits have made it clear that such a decision is in opposition to the true nature of existence.

hathor pyramid

Tom Kenyon, in his book The Hathor Material, supports this concept with a descriptive graph titled the Pyramid of Ascension. The movement of the spiral as it spirals upward strikes all four corners repeatedly. If a corner is not solid in its foundation, the spiral will topple. The four corners are about relationship: to yourself or your Body, to others, to Earth or the elements, and to service.

I want to emphasize that as long as humans have existed or will exist, we will be occupied and engaged with this issue. Our individual attention to the ascension pyramid assists us to focus on our personal challenges with understanding that what we do individually will either help or hinder humanity. Often we don’t realize or comprehend that our individual actions affect all of humanity. We think of ourselves as individuals, with personal experiences and desires, often forgetting that our experiences have a profound affect on the whole of humanity. As we are challenged and work through issues, we are working through issues millions of people hold. They are common to the human condition. As you find success in your concerns, you bring success to others.  The common denominator in all things is relationship. Relationships are about love and the human condition is about discovering what true love is while still juggling opinion, judgment, loss and difficult situations. The spirits say we are learning what it really means to be human as we strive for the glory of harmony in diversity, which they deem as a mastery level incarnation. With that we gain understanding on why we would be revered in the universe and why we are in such a rigorous and demanding school—the Earth school. The concept of the Earth as a school may not be new—in fact I have heard the term Earth School for probably 25 years—however, the new information that the spirits delivered beckoned me to review these teaching another time.

I want to read something that I experienced when my mother passed two years ago.  I made contact with her on the other side on the two-year anniversary of her death.

I wrote about this in my article titled “Death and Dying from a Shamanic Perspective.”

My mom appeared in all her radiance.  The love emanating from her was spellbinding.  We greeted, hugged, kissed, and wrapped ourselves together.  I was overwhelmed with recall of special intimate moments.  My life flashed before me with magical instances with my mom.  It was holographic in nature.  All my senses where activated: smell, touch, sight and sound.  I was reliving my life with my mom much as I would image a life review but everything happened simultaneously and holistically instead of in chronological order. I fully embodied our life together from my birth to her death. I basked in this love fest for several minutes.

As our time progressed and I gained my composure, I asked her what she wished to share with me.  She said: Life is all about relationships.  Love is just another word for relationships.  All relationships need to eventually be unconditional. What you don’t bring into alignment in this lifetime you will repeat until you get it right. (I was thinking Groundhog Day on steroids!)  Time passes on earth like a flash, enjoy and foster good relationships.  Make that happen for yourself. Do whatever you can to make that happen, always. Share this information with your children, your grandchildren, your friends and all that you know. Relationships are the foundation of love.  I contemplated her statements. My mom never taught with words, always through example.  Her relationships were exemplary. Had she discovered the truth about love while living? My heart was bursting.

At our practicum this year, the spirits taught on this subject for the entire week.  In this article I will emphasize three words that they used: availability, willingness and saying Yes.

Availability. What does that mean? How many times a day do you make yourself available to spirit? We are busy beings and often we aren’t available to spirit. We must take the time to listen. The spirits are communicating in everything that we come into contact with every day.

Willingness. Are you willing to be different? Are you willing to make the changes the lesson is asking you to make?

Spirit can do a tremendous amount for you, but you also have free will. You are ultimately in control. When you are ready, say Yes and ask “What can I do every day to put changes into action?” If your actions support your change you will make progress.


**Artwork by Margie McMahon


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Thought Forms

Thought Forms by Jan Engels-Smith

Thought forms are bundles of energy that have come together and hold an intention. We create them consistently throughout the day and many of them influence our behaviors, determine our responses in our interactions with others, and create conditions that are either favorable or unfavorable to our well being. They exist throughout time and can gain and lose energy. Understanding thought forms—what they are, how they work, and what role they have in shamanic healing—is a vast and complex subject. In this article, I propose to introduce the concept in a relatively broad sense and then to discuss more specific healing practices associated with thought forms in a future paper.

Isaac Newton changed our understanding of the Universe by enumerating his Three Laws of Motion and his First Law has applicability to thought forms. Newton stated that every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion until an external force is applied to it. If we apply this physical law to metaphysics, we can understand that thoughts and intentions put energy into motion and that energy will continue to radiate out sustaining that energy across time and space. Energy medicine, as it is understood in shamanic practice, focuses on understanding the impactful nature of thoughts, intentions, and actions and how they create a matrix of energy whose influence reaches far beyond our immediate range of vision. This matrix of energy, for example, might hold a moment of time, or a particular event, that would allow a shamanic journey to take one to this exact moment in time or the particular event. A journeyer can travel to any span of time past or future. This phenomenon occurs because of the law mentioned above. Once energy is placed into motion it will live throughout eternity held in a matrix of time and space until something interrupts it.

Some events are enormous and the effects of them can linger for centuries. A pervasive thought form is created and energy can build within it from resonance attraction. This can be either positive or negative depending on the event. Other events might be highly personal and individualized. In either case, the thought form has influence beyond the immediate possessors of the initial event. How individuals in great or minor events perceive the circumstances in which they find themselves will determine the ongoing impact of these events. Our thought forms, therefore, are important not only to our personal well being but also to the well being of humanity.

Let me give you an example of a positive way of building a thought form. When clients call me for an appointment for a soul retrieval, I would tell them that the healing starts the day that they make the appointment. Their intention for the desired healing puts the energy into motion. I would ask them to start praying in preparation for their session. My request is that they pray each day—either an asking prayer or a thanking prayer.  An example of an asking prayer is: “Please prepare me to receive back my soul parts.”  An example of a thanking prayer is: “Thank you for the gift, the return of my soul parts.” If one prays this way daily and several times a day, one will build an enormous thought form.  Through resonance attraction the thought form will grow in density, mass, and volume, so by the time a person arrives for a soul retrieval, the energy will have already been prepared and the person will step easily into it.

Prayers create the matrix of energy that actually lingers over and around the supplicant. The clients literally bring this matrix of energy through the door when they arrive. They have created the sacred space for their healing through their desire for, attention to, and building of energy. When I start my healing journey, I can capitalize on this matrix of prepared energy.

When I was in energy medicine training I worked with an incredible healer that taught me about thought forms. He would literally place energy constructs around the room. He would build them energetically with the energy coming off his hands. He would build shapes and place an intention inside of each shape. He would have them mapped out on paper of where they were in the room and what shape and program was in each. We as students would move through the room with the idea that when we are attuned to notice these shapes our energy perception would inform us when we bumped into one of the structures. When we encountered a matrix we would have to outline its shape with our hands, name the shape and then reach into the matrix and be informed of the intention that it held.  None of this was visible but all was done through our senses. These teachings are invaluable to me and they broadened my awareness of how this could be used shamanically for healing.

Now let’s broaden our scope of thought. All of us are exposed to thought forms daily. They linger. I can share an example of this from a conversation I had with an individual. She was a meek, soft-spoken woman who disclosed a troubling event to me. She lived in a rural area in Oregon and practiced an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. She told me that she had traveled to Los Angeles by car and that when she was driving on the highway a force came over her. She found herself consumed with road rage. She became a rude and aggressive driver, something she had never experienced before. I believe that a particular thought form lingers over the Los Angeles highway system. An accumulation of energy has formed over these highways, fed from years of stressed drivers, who spew obscenities, express rage, and have enormous negative emotional outbursts. Any person driving on these roads will be subjected to this energy. Some may feel it, some may not, but in some way it will affect everyone. We can counter negative energy with positive thoughts and begin to alter the energies that surround us. Even in the high energy of the Los Angeles highway system, if we are aware, we can find a different way to be in reaction to the negative forces around us.

Energy, whether positive or negative, attracts like energy. When astronauts attempt to drink liquids in outer space and the liquids escape into the capsule, the liquids float about in globules of constantly changing shapes because of the lack of gravity. It has been discovered that when two different liquids, such as grape juice and orange juice, escape their containers at the same time, they separate into multiple droplets and move about the capsule and sometimes collide. As they collide, the droplets might merge into ever enlarging masses. Amazingly, all of the grape juice droplets merge together and all of the orange juice droplets merge together, each attracted to their like and creating two completely different puddles of juice. This is a representation of the law of attraction, the process by which energy is attracted to resonant vibration. Every thought, feeling, or word that you speak is like those individual droplets of juice. All float into space and go somewhere. These energies connect with similar thoughts, feelings, and words. These collections of energy grow as more individuals and their thoughts, feelings, and words feed into them. This energy then manifests in a reality of some sort. There are positive and negative realities created in this process. Fear, worry, hatred, greed, and dishonesty all create incredibly negative thought forms, with many people continually feeding them and contributing to their manifestation. We have examples of negative realities all over our planet. In a like manner, positive forces can also be multiplied into positive realities when people choose to broadcast constructive and affirmative vibrations through energies of optimism, hope, love, and compassion.

Let me share some examples that may coincide with your own experiences and give you a more tangible connection with the concept of a collective consciousness that is filled with thought forms. Take a moment to think about some of the cities you have visited. Cities usually have a distinctive feel to them. You may have felt energized, nervous, scared, or enveloped in the history of a particular city you’ve visited. Places hold collective consciousness in them. When you walk into buildings they each have a “feel,” especially the old ones. I was nearly brought to my knees when I walked into the Sistine Chapel in Italy. The magnificence of that place was truly overwhelming. I was only 22 years old, with absolutely no wisdom concerning spiritual matters, and had not entered looking for or expecting spiritual energy. Yet when I walked in, my knees started to buckle and I got goose bumps all over my entire body. I was awestruck. Millions of people had walked into that chapel before me and shared their awe, their prayers, and their love of God. The energy of those feelings lingers and grows.

I had a very different experience when I visited the concentration camps in Germany. I cried uncontrollably. The terror, sadness, and depth of despair still linger there; it was a horrific experience. Although these are examples of two extremes in accumulated energies, they describe the phenomenon. All places have an energy in them – even your home or the individual rooms of your home. Become aware of what the energy of places feels like. As you tune in to these feelings and understand them in terms of energy, you enhance your work with energy. Thought forms can control behavior and influence thinking because, knowingly or unknowingly, individuals tap into a collective consciousness, which actually exists. Even though you may not be able to see it, it is there. Remember, we are made of energy and are affected by the energy around us. Ideas, concepts, experiences, events, issues, cultures, and spiritual doctrines all have prevailing thought forms connected to them, which may represent hundreds of years of accumulated energy.

Probably the most pervasive thought form that I encounter is from the Medieval and Spanish Inquisitions. Yes, the impact of the Inquisition still affects us all. During the Inquisition many women were burned at the stake or otherwise executed. Thousands of families lost their mothers, wives, sisters, aunts; all of humanity was affected on some level. These women were killed because they were healers, herbalists, midwives, doctors, and they were “known” because of their gifts. Even in the 21st century, we have people afraid to be “seen,” especially if they have metaphysical gifts or understandings. The residue of the energy of the Inquisitions lingers still, as people often fear revealing their different ways of thinking or being. We fear ridicule or shame or rejection. Anyone in the healing arts has experienced this or knows someone that has experienced this. We would be better served if we chose to express our spiritual beliefs, intuitions, and gifts in a positive manner and held true to ourselves. Such positive thoughts would contribute to a collective consciousness that encouraged an optimistic view of the infinite potential of the human spirit. From a shamanic perspective, a damaging thought form can be unraveled, and a person can find comfort and confidence in converting a negative energy into a positive force. I will address this process in my next article.

Acrylic on canvas artwork by Raina Imig. ©

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What Is Prayer And Why Do We Pray?

What is Prayer By Jan Engels-Smith

Prayer By Jan Engels-Smith


Prayer is focused energy with strong intent. Developing a healthy prayer life is part of the dedication that is required for the journey on the spiritual path. Prayer can take many forms—formal, informal, casual, elegant, spoken, silent. All are acceptable and all are heard. There is no right way to pray, however, some prayers can be extremely powerful. If it comes from the heart, and you understand the laws of energy, prayer can be truly miraculous.

Prayer is a powerful energy. It not only connects you to the Force-greater-than-self, but it stimulates the power of creative energy within you and puts into action your ability to create. You literally merge energies with Source. You step beyond limitations and into the realm of possibilities. It is a powerful means of adding energy to one’s desires. Each time you pray, you add layers of energy to your desires. Thought forms emerge and energy multiplies. The more faith and trust you have, the more you stay in joy or peace with your feelings the faster thought/prayer manifests into physical reality.

Prayer is an expression of gratitude, of love, and of relationship. It helps you to center yourself and gives nourishment to the soul. It recognizes your divine connection, reconnects you with your own holiness, and nurtures your relationship with Spirit. Your soul is held in the body, a fragile and limiting vessel. Prayer literally transcends the limitations of the body and the linear mind controlling it, into the non-linear space of Spirit. It allows you to open up and to expect that things can be created which do not yet exist, even things beyond your current grasp. Your soul knows this. Prayer serves as a passageway out of the concrete mind and into the realm of possibilities.

Prayer also serves as a medium for building trust and faith. It is a communication, between the universe and yourself, which recognizes the divinity in both. It helps you to prioritize, to reevaluate, to self-reflect, and to discern your needs and desires. The act of prayer is an expression of your confidence in a larger divine order, and in the significance of your own existence. It expresses a faith in life and life’s experiences. As you walk the spiritual path, you develop a respect for a Force- greater-than-self. You learn to love life in all of its forms and to treat life with respect and reverence. Prayer becomes an overt way to express this growing awareness to yourself and to the universe.

The longing of the soul for connection is answered in prayer. It is the foundation for spiritual connection. If you desire connection, prayer must be built into your life in a way that will withstand the daily pressures and interruptions of life. The quantity of time is not important, but the priority is.

How to maximize your experience of prayer:

1. Commit yourself to a daily communication with Spirit through prayer. Your relationship will be enhanced immeasurably.

2. Set realistic goals for yourself. Don’t try to set up a monk-like routine if you’ve not previously incorporated prayer into your life. According to the teachings of hypnosis, it takes 21 days to create a new habit. Can you pray ten minutes a day for 21 days? If so, you can establish the habit of prayer.

3. Find a quiet time for prayer. It may mean you have to get up earlier or stay up later to find a time that will work for you. Once you’ve established the time, stick to it. Don’t let other “busyness” get in the way of your special time.

4. Give thanks for all things, especially for those things, which have not yet been manifested. You will discover that prayers are often answered before they are even asked.

5. Remember that prayer is energy and follows Universal laws such as the Laws of Attraction.

• Negative energy begets negative energy. Always state desires positively. If you say to Spirit, “I want a new job. I hate this one, it is terrible”, the resultant energy is about wanting, hating, and sadness or anger. Energy doesn’t evaluate; it merely multiplies and manifests. Eventually, the negativity of your energy will make the job more and more difficult. Alter the energy by reframing the prayer to say, “Thank you Great Spirit for the divine job. Thank you for open doors of new opportunities.”

• Requests for the future stay in the future. Claim your desires in the now. Time doesn’t exist in the spiritual realm. If you are always asking for a wish to be fulfilled someday in the future, then your wish will continue to reside in the future. Your prayer should say, “Thank you for the divine job now.” NOW carries much power.

• Doubts negate prayers. If you are praying with a positive attitude but are thinking, “This is ridiculous. I don’t have my divine job and never will,” your energy of doubt and fear will counteract the positive energy you generated in your prayer. If you pray for ten minutes, giving it all your heart, and then spend the rest of the day thinking about how undeserving you are, how things never really work out for you, and doubting that your prayer could ever be answered, which outcome receives the most energy? A ten-minute prayer cannot compensate for a day of negative thoughts.

• The faith and beliefs behind your prayers will manifest. What you manifest will be in direct proportion to the amount of faith you possess and the peace that you hold in that faith. Jesus, Buddha, the holy ones, healed by faith. They never questioned their power of manifestation. Their faith was/is pure. No doubts filled their minds. Their hearts were filled with love, gratitude, and thankfulness, those are the frequencies of desired outcomes.

6. Faith and your level of trust will determine your relationship with Spirit. Prayer requires faith, a belief in the unseen, that which cannot be proven. It is “knowing” with an assurance that defies the rational mind. Faith with trust can only be established through having an intimate relationship with Spirit. All relationships are as strong as the trust embodied in them, and a relationship with Source is no different.

7. Establish a ritual space for your prayer. Creating a sacred space for prayer supports your prayer and enhances your state of awareness. It brings honor and reverence to the process of praying and declares that you are taking the time and energy to connect with Spirit. You create this sacred space through intention. Although there is no defined protocol for the appearance of sacred space, some of these hints might help you create a space of your own:

  • The space is personal and will reflect you and what you believe. It can be a single Buddhist pillow in an empty room or a fancy decorated altar. Keep it holy by respecting it.
  • Choose objects that have meaning to you. Choose wisely and remember your objects will carry energy. The energy is real and it will have an impact on the energy of your prayers. Take care of your sacred items, clean them and honor them for it is through them that you are connecting.
  • Ask the place if it would like to honor you and your prayers. In the process of choosing your place, always ask. Asking is a major component of respect for all things, including places. The answer will become clear to you.
  • Dedicate the space with a ritual of some sort. You might sing, pray, chant, rattle, drum, meditate, or bless the space with water. Use your imagination. Whatever works to make the place feel special and cleansed will be appropriate. Be still and notice what you feel, hear, and see, and what your intuition is saying to do. Draw energy down from above and up from the earth; fill your spot with divine light.
  • After the ordination of your sacred space, it will become your holy place of prayer. With love, respect, and honoring of the space, it literally becomes sacred. When you enter, it will be for prayer and meditation, a time when you and Creator share in building your relationship.

My own sacred space

When people walk in to my healing space where I do my prayers, most say, “It feels wonderful in here.” They are responding to my intention, to the love, energy, and relationship I have built with Spirit in my room. My space reflects my extremely eclectic belief system. I have everything from angels to animal bones in my sacred space. I also like to honor Spirit with fresh flowers on my altar, usually roses, as a gift from my heart. My particular spirit allies love roses and I can feel the energy of delight when I place them on my altar. When the roses open wide, I gather the petals and sprinkle them under my favorite Douglas Fir tree as a gift to the forest, always thankful and grateful for what Spirit brings to my life. My intent is to be conscious of my interconnection with all things. Everything is done from genuine love and respect. I believe that all acts of respect help to build my relationship with Spirit and enhance the energy of my prayers.

As you sit at the same place each day to pray, you will find that your space will begin to accumulate a tremendous amount of energy. This energy stays and lingers in your sacred place. The thought form created by your daily prayers will reinforce stilling the mind, settling into prayer, and connecting with Spirit. You energetically react, so your entire being prepares for prayer as soon as you enter this space. Each day this thought form builds energy and multiplies. It quickens your state of awareness and opens your nonlinear mind. With time you will discover that the moment you enter your sacred space, you fill with the sacred energy of prayer and meditation.

You have probably noticed thought forms of sacred energy in places you have visited. Have you ever walked into a sacred temple, a church, a beautiful setting in nature, a Sundance arbor, or other holy setting, where you could feel the power of the place? Innately you knew that something sacred or holy took place in this space. This energy affected you in some way. This is because the energy of prayer or holy intention lingers in such sacred spots. I remember a hike that I took in Hawaii. At a certain location I suddenly became keenly aware of sacred energy all around me. I could feel the presence of love, sexuality, and intimacy. Upon inquiring about the area, I learned it was the site of holy ceremony, usually weddings, which the natives of the island still performed there.

Pray mindfully, and with an open heart. Respect all things. Be thankful. Create a sacred space with honor, intention, and love. In these ways you will add energy to the universe that will change your life and the lives of countless others.

Questions to ponder:

What does your prayer life look like? What kind of relationship do you have with Source? Are you satisfied with your relationship with Spirit, with the universe? How much effort do you put into this relationship? In comparison to other relationships that you have, how much time does Source get? Prayer establishes this relationship. If you are unhappy with your prayer life, then the next question would be, how can you change it? What do you want it to look like? You need to decide how it will work in your life. How much time and effort are you willing to invest in prayer? Do you want a relationship with Spirit or do you want to just request from Spirit? You always have these choices.

If prayers can be sent to Spirit by thoughts, then thoughts are prayers.

If thoughts are prayers, then what have you been praying all day?

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Awaken the Right Brain-A Shamanic Exercise

Awaken the Right Brain-A Shamanic Exercise by Jan Engels-Smith

Awaken the right brain


Reading this blog is a very left-brain activity. The goal of this exercise is about trying to move out of that left-brain way of being and more into the right-brain. The left-brain understands and creates the structure of ordinary reality—this is the reality we see as ordinary. It is the way we are accustomed to functioning. When we are working with the spirits, we are working in non-ordinary reality. The right-brain understands and inhabits non-ordinary reality.Bring your awareness into your body to shift your focus and dominance from that very busy mind of the very linear, left-brain, and more into the spaciousness of the un-manifest, or the right-brain. Start by calling your self back into your self. You might ask, “What does that mean?” We get really scattered, we have a busy mind, and it fragments us. I want you to bring yourself present, feel yourself right here. Ask any of your energy that has been scattered to return to you now. Allow your consciousness to come back to your center, and call yourself back in. Notice what starts happening with your body and the shifting of energy. Make sure you keep your breathing nice and deep.Now I want you to consciously open up your crown chakra. Your crown chakra sits right on the top of your head. And just like an aperture of a camera, I want you to see it opening up. And when it opens up like that, light almost immediately starts pouring into it. That light will move down through your face, down thru your neck, and then have it go to your heart. Have it swirl around in your heart, meeting the energy of you. The energy you carry in your heart.And so this beautiful dance is created as these two energies come together. And then I would like you to open the apertures either on your feet or your root chakra, and draw up the energy of the earth, the sacred earth. This beautiful, beautiful planet we live in and on. And drawing this energy up through your root, be sure to get your legs taken care of, and through your abdominal area, through your solar plexus, and again into your heart. And so now you have three energies swirling around there. One from the earth, one from above, and your own personal energy. Just feel your heart expanding and opening, and the energies there are getting larger and larger, and more connected.

Now I would like you to take that energy and send it down your left arm and out your left hand to greet the person next to you or to fill the space you are in. Intentionally say hello to all the beings, seen and unseen, through your energy. Greet them with a purity of truly honoring who they are, to be sharing this space with them. You are saying hello; it is so wonderful to meet you. My heart recognizes your heart. And then bring your attention back to your center. Now have the energy swirling again, and with intention again send it down your right arm and out your right hand and say hello. I am so glad that we are sharing this time together. I want to meet you. Our souls, our energies have come together in a good way. Hello. It is so wonderful to meet you and see you and to be with you. Our lives are now connected in some way, and that is a wonderful thing. And now bring your attention back to your center.

Now, with all of this swirling energy, I would like you to say hello to yourself. Do you ever greet yourself during the day? Do you ever say hello to you, and I’m glad I’m me, I’m glad I’m you. There are two parts inside of us. There is the ego self and there is the True Self. They live simultaneously in our bodies. You are just saying hello, you are appreciating, you are in awe of the wonder of it all. You have woven a beautiful tapestry of light, of connection, of beauty. It holds your container, your circle together.

So could you get a sense of what it was like to direct energy? Could you get a sense of that in your body? And move it in a different direction? Could you get a sense of that change?

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Achieving Maximum Impact with The Laws of Attraction

Achieving Maximum Impact with The Laws of Attraction by Jan Engels-Smith



The universe is governed by a physical condition in which bodies are attracted to each other and stability is achieved by these forces. Celestial masses are drawn into orbits and paths that create solar systems and galaxies that maintain themselves for eons of time. These fundamental Laws of Attraction, like the laws of gravity, sustain existence. Just like these enormous physical bodies in the universe, we are subjected to Laws of Attraction that may create significant conditions that allow for our lives to maintain and improve, but we must exercise options to achieve the maximum positive impact. As the Earth’s gravitational force draws objects with physical mass to its center, so as living beings we are capable of attracting either positive or negative conditions into our surrounding environment and even into our souls. There is constancy in physical gravitational laws that creates a perpetual and never-changing condition. In a like manner, the Laws of Attraction in our lives are constant and predictable.

Our thoughts and attitudes are our comparable “gravitational pull” that draws to us the objects that revolve within our sphere of influence. Like the invisible forces of gravity, the Laws of Attraction impact us regardless of our knowledge of them or our consciousness of their presence.

As a spaceship travels around the moon and returns to Earth, scientists work with an awareness of the effects of gravity to achieve a desired result—the movement of a spacecraft from Earth’s orbit and the return by engaging Earth’s gravitational pull. In a similar fashion, we can make decisions governed by the Laws of Attraction that attract within our “orbits” either positive or negative forces but, like the scientists using the laws of gravity to positive affect, we must understand the Laws of Attraction if we are to be successful in using them to our greatest advantage.

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Awareness: Apply it to change

Awareness: Apply It To Change by Jan Engels-Smith



We are living in the 21st Century — the Age of Aquarius — an age of enlightenment and of new hope. But this new millennium is also the era of rapid change and confusion. We face the ironic condition of a globalization that seems to separate us more than it brings us together. We are in an Information Age that overwhelms us with rapidly accessible data that leaves us with less wisdom and understanding.

Messages from the media simultaneously tell us of new advancements in medicine, but also new strains of viruses and bacteria. Advances in technology offer opportunities to make our daily life more effortless, while threatening us with identity theft and de-personalization in the workplace. Science allows us to grow more disease-resistant crops in greater abundance, while mutating our food into a potentially dangerous combination of new genes that might well create threats to our physical well-being.

We are confronted with both hope and threat from the same sources. Our sense of confidence in a better life in the future is offset by uncertainty and a sense of impending doom. How might we find a better way of dealing with our rapidly evolving civilization and create a greater possibility for personal growth and happiness in such a contradictory world?

I believe that there is a way forward that offers the prospect of not only a better life, but the means to thrive and exceed all of our limiting expectations. I believe that we have the resources within ourselves to not only heal, but to discover extraordinary possibilities for our individual and collective futures. You possess these powers, but you need to find a way to unlock them.

In my tenure as a healer, I have immersed myself in two modalities that I feel are umbrellas for wellness. All of the capacities for healing fit under these umbrellas in some way. The two modalities are the Laws of Attraction and the basic understanding of Shamanism and how it relates to energy medicine. I believe that the Laws of Attraction and Shamanism are intertwined and interdependent to the degree that each is in truth a part of the other, and that the practices associated with both modalities offer the means of strengthening an individual’s power, resulting in the ability to produce miracles in one’s life.

The universe is governed by a physical condition in which bodies are attracted to each other and stability is achieved by these forces. Celestial masses are drawn into orbits and paths that create solar systems and galaxies that maintain themselves for eons of time. These fundamental laws of gravity sustain existence.

In the same fashion, we are subjected to Laws of Attraction that may create significant conditions that allow for our lives to maintain and improve. But we must exercise options to achieve the maximum positive impact.

Like the Earth’s gravitational force, which draws objects with physical mass to its center, as living beings we are capable of attracting either positive or negative conditions into our surrounding environment and even into our souls. Unlike the constancy of physical gravitational laws, the Laws of Attraction are influenced by our thoughts, and we have choices that we can make to influence what is attracted to us. Like the invisible forces of gravity, the Laws of Attraction impact us regardless of our knowledge of them or our consciousness of their presence.

As a spaceship travels around the moon and returns to Earth, scientists work with an awareness of the effects of gravity to achieve a desired result — the movement of a spacecraft from Earth’s orbit and the return by engaging Earth’s gravitational pull. In a similar fashion, we can make decisions governed by the Laws of Attraction that attract within our “orbits” either positive or negative results. But, like the scientists using the laws of gravity to positive affect, we must understand the Laws of Attraction if we are to be successful in using them to our greatest advantage.

This is an attraction-based universe, and when you ask, it is always answered. If you yell, “I want this!” you attract it. If you yell “I DON’T want this!” you attract it.

Each person has difficult situations they deal with. Write these situations down on a piece of paper and take a good look at them. Even though this might seem arduous it has exception benefits to the process. Create columns and write down the things that you think about them, or say about them. Write down the type of action you put forth about them. Are you yelling, “I don’t want this?” If you are, how can you reframe your perspective? Then write that down, too.

Find a way to reframe your situation so that you can be in alignment with the Laws of Attraction so you can begin to have the laws work for you, not against you. Remember, it is an attraction-based universe.

We are living in a time where it is imperative to change and to become in resonance with what you desire. There is a galactic, predicted, movement that is in motion and you will either ride the wave of, or feel the resistance of the force. Becoming aware of your own attraction powers is elementary and curative to each person. Writing out this simple activity can produce perceptive and insightful rewards.

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