Creation Laws and Creation Story

Creation Laws and Creation Story by Jan Engels-Smith

During a meditation I was told that every person that is born holds full capacity to change the world singlehandedly.

In following meditations I received a download of information. This is an extremely brief description of the Creation Laws, which were at the foundation of the download. The Creation Laws are primary in comprehending our power as human beings and to claim our empowerment as individuals, both of these are essential for our evolution and the Ascension energies of today. Because of what I have witnessed as an energy medicine practitioner these laws form my beliefs and much of what I have highlighted for several years in my teachings. My guidance has been insistent and consistent that I don’t only understand the CREATION LAWS myself but that I live by them and teach them. The CREATION LAWS are easiest to understand in a creation story.

Every culture has creation stories at their foundation. I am briefly creating a creation story to understand the Creation Laws. Even though this is mystical and metaphorical it explains the Creation Laws that govern the universe and all that we know. Creation stories are not logical, or scientific, they are designed from the right side of the brain that houses imaginative explanation and creation. Such as one Native American creation story implies that the land we term United States rides on the back of a giant turtle sometimes referred as Turtle Island.

Creation Laws

In the beginning there was The Breath of Creation.

This breath filled man and woman on the Earth.

Through the breath of creation, man and woman on the earth where given charge of being the creator beings of the all the universe. This gave them great joy and great power. They could create anything they wanted or could imagine: anything physical or non physical. Thus they colored their world with stars, galaxies, planets, moons, trees, streams, rocks, they created an exquisite world of beauty, texture and diversity. They also created the unseen worlds of faeries, devas, giants, gods, spirits, intergalactic beings and all the unseen forces of the universe. They developed profound relationships with their non-physical creations.

Just to make things interesting they created good and evil.

The Creation Law says: you will create with your thoughts, your feelings, your imagination, and your action. You will choose to create the good or the evil. You will never lose this choice. The choice will determine all of existence. At any given moment you can choose differently.

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