A Prayer for the Water

A Prayer for the Water By Jan Engels-Smith

Prayer for the Water


There is always a theme that is revealed prior to the Level 2: Telepathic Practicum experience that LightSong sponsors each year. The theme is always different and completely appropriate for the corresponding group that is involved that particular year. Now after doing 30 practicums, I realize that there has been an overall teaching from the spirits that builds on each practicum. I personally notice a building of information through the themes that helps me understand what it means to be on the leading edge of 21st century shamanism. The theme of this story is a prayer for the water.

The themes manifest after months of journeying, praying, and watching for signs. Spiritual growth, awareness, and authentic wellness have dominated the last few years in the themes that have expressed. Predominately about how to obtain happiness and how to stay in this higher vibration of wellness, which will then translate into a heather (happier) world.

Challenges or teachings occur each year that the support camp takes on that I believe are microcosms for the world. We use techniques and experiences to master our lives in this contained environment, knowing that what we become skilled at during the practicum is a template for the world at large. If we can achieve it there, it becomes part of the mass consciousness that others can then tap into.

The theme one year emerged around water. There were several examples of the power of water that became evident. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was the news that filled media broadcasts and surrounded me with information.

The rain that we experienced in Portland that spring was record-breaking and relentlessly grabbed my attention each day. The Trask River, where the Practicum was held, has a huge voice in the multiple journeys that my assistants take in preparation. Even though I knew it was too early to in the year to say with absolute conviction, I presumed that the theme would be about this most precious liquid.

My experience is that water is a reflector, a mirror for our emotions and thoughts. In journeys to water years ago, the spirit of water told me that there were two things on the planet that were created without any agendas or predisposed signatures. They are water and clear quartz crystals. Both of these substances are completely programmable and will “broadcast” the program that is laid into them. Since the water is a mirror for our thoughts or feelings, it is a form of broadcast out into the environment that shows us either how pure or contaminated our thinking or feelings are.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, has documented countless studies on the subject of water and how it is affected by our thoughts and vibrations, and has become a primary source of this leading edge information. I have written several newsletters on the topic of the importance of personal vibration and positive, intentional manifestation. It is a topic that I think about all day long. What are our thoughts and feelings creating in the world at large?

The Gulf spill seemed to tax even the most spiritually inclined and took them into the lower depths of anguish, fear, and powerlessness. However, my experience with spirit has shown me that there is no problem that exists that is presented without some sort of available immense growth. To become aware of the growth or the solution means that you must be the vibration of the solution. Sometimes a difficult truth to swallow; however, it is true. Please refer to my newsletter from March 2009, Choose Happiness in Difficult Times for more information on the topic

Another thing that I consistently think about is the layers of reality and what is hidden in the bigger picture of a given situation. The first layer is that there was oil spilling into water, but objectifying the problem by personally moving away from it enables a magnification of other realities that may be in motion.

What is oil? I remember the message from Terry Kem, a council member and one of LightSong’s Associate Teachers, when he was merged with a Spirit Being from below the earth. This spirit said that a whole world exists below the earth. I am not speaking of lower world, but a group of spirits that live below the earth and are part of the earth, but are not surface dwellers like we are. Oil is one of those groups that live beneath the earth, and oil has a spirit; it was created from the remains of millions of animals and plants that existed long ago, our ancestors of the early earth, before humans. They are giving a strong voice to a message. They are placing that message in the water, our sustenance, and getting us to pay closer attention.

Unfortunately, many humans missed this important message because they were outraged, blaming, and screaming. And if they were not overtly livid, they drowned in despair, heartache, and powerlessness. Neither of these two reactions benefitted the solution. These lower frequency vibrational emotions and thoughts about the cause only foster more of the problem. Many people desire to know what to do, but are perplexed with the enormous amount of death they were faced with in the ocean.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s broadcasted prayer for this situation is very simple, yet extremely powerful.

“To the water, whales, dolphins, pelicans, fishes, shellfishes, planktons, corals, algae, and all creatures in our Gulf of Mexico, I apologize. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. Amen.”
– Dr. Masaru Emoto

We can pray this prayer daily and forever, long after the oil spill occurred. And we can change the focus of the prayer to fit any type of situation. This prayer reveals a style of prayer that is not judgmental but yet accountable. Emoto’s message is to pray without worry, blame or judgment: To pray with love and humbleness. It addresses all life as being valuable and that each of us can make a difference regardless of what others are doing. I encourage all of us to say a prayer like this countless times a day, adding positive, emotional, grateful, and authentic feelings to what ever you are praying about. And we can change the focus of the prayer to fit any type of situation.

We are the creator beings of this planet. EACH ONE of us makes a difference! YOU can help with the ongoing healing of anything. Where two or more are gathered, there is an exponential amount of energy gathered and sent.

Remember that there is always a greater message and teaching in every situation. Being on the leading edge means to not get caught in the everyday drama and hype about what is “wrong” in the world. A bigger perspective or a spiritual growth perceptive can reveal that the oil is not the enemy. These ancestors have been helping us survive, warm ourselves, and flourish for decades. See beyond the “disaster” and look at the bigger picture. There are no accidents. What are the messages that are being given from these two mighty forces, the water and oil? Journey, pray, and meditate on this. The answers and solutions will surface as we stay in the vibration that allows them to manifest.

These are the teaching of the leading edge in 21st century shamanism. The healer must be the vibration of the solution or the heeded situation not the vibration of the problem.

We are changing the world, and it is moving forward in a glorious way.

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Raising Your Body’s Vibrational Energy: Part 2

Raising Your Body’s Vibrational Energy: Part 2 by Jan Engels-Smith

Vibrational Energy


The following question was posed on the radio to a leading breast cancer surgeon, “Is there more breast cancer today than 30 years ago or is it just that our awareness of it has increased and more proper diagnosis is possible?” The answer was emphatic, “YES. There is MORE breast cancer today.” The surgeon continued with an explanation that there is something in the environment that we are exposed to that is increasing not only breast cancer, but also illness in general. Cancer research is now targeting the DNA code that is triggered with this environmental “pollutant”.

My question is, “What if it the pollutant is actually a frequency of energy?”

We know, because of a variety of signals in the air and water, that whales are being beached, their sonar affected and their homing signals interfered with during migration. The whales are suffering because of frequencies of vibrations being introduced into the water from submarines and military testing. The result of this testing and the frequency signals being used is devastating to the whales. Like humans with increased cancer and other diseases, the whales are ill.

The same type of thing is happening with bees. Cell phone usage and the amount of microwaves in the air are harming them. Their migration patterns and breeding patterns are also being interrupted and they are ill.

We as humans are also exposed to these enormous amounts of lower frequency wavelengths from microwaves, radios, computers, and cell phones. Our bodies are continuously bombarded with these lower frequency waves traversing through us. It is the lower frequency energies that cause illness within us. We are a high frequency system. When a high frequency system has low frequency intrusions in it, there is dis-ease in the system.

So is our predicament hopeless? Are we doomed to go out as a species on the earth because of cell phones? Heaven forbid.

Shamanically, the answer to health is always the same. The more high frequency energy that you can contain within you and surround yourself with, the healthier you will be. And remember, worry is low frequency so worrying about this is also detrimental to your health.

A proactive approach is what is necessary. Since EVERYTHING is a frequency of vibration, you can be active in what you choose and decide to expose yourself to, whether it is violent movies, negative news, or processed foods. You can reduce your exposure by choosing differently with just these three things.

You can be active in your choice of the words that you utter during a conversation. You can be active in your choices with your thoughts. You can be active in your choices to meditate or to fill with light, do Reiki self-treatments, do journeys and connect with spiritual beings. All of these are choices of exposure to high frequency energy.

Everything is a frequency of vibration. You are a frequency of vibration. If you are thinking thoughts that make you feel bad, then stop thinking them. Your body is actually saying to you, Warning! Warning! Warning! A harmful thought is being thought. I am communicating this to you by feeling bad, sad, or mad.”

Also do the obvious. Don’t consciously expose yourself to lower frequency energies. Keep a cell phone away from your head, use the speaker or use a head set. Don’t stand in front of a microwave, or better yet, don’t use one.

Can you think of one thing that you can change each day that will clean up your external environment and improve your internal environment (the internal environment being your own energy system)?

Be active in your choices. Read inspirational materials, play uplifting music of higher frequency when sitting at the computer, go for a walk in nature instead of watching the news.

Most of all, you have the choice to smile, inside and out, and raise your own frequency and for those around you.

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Raising Your Body’s Vibrational Energy: Part 1

Raising Your Body’s Vibrational Energy: Part 1 by Jan Engels-Smith

Raising Your Body's Vibrational Energy


The other day a phenomenon that had to do with vibrational alignment happened in my body and left me amazed. Many years ago, I was sitting in a sweat lodge with an excruciating headache asking for relief. The voice of spirit said loud and clear, “You cannot drink coffee or eat chocolate anymore.” I discounted the voice. Later, in another highly activated spiritual experience, I had a migraine and again the voice of spirit said, “You must stop ingesting coffee and chocolate. They are in direct opposition to your vibration.” Again, I didn’t listen.

My argument was that some of my greatest physical spiritual mentors just about live on coffee. How come they can do it but not me? The answer I received was simple. That is them and not you. This is your vibrational truth. And, I still didn’t listen. The next time I had a migraine, I literally thought I was having a stroke my head hurt so badly. I finally listened. I went off of coffee. That was about twelve years ago, but I still wasn’t rigid about restricting chocolate because I’d never been a chocoholic. .

I write this today because there is so much talk about vibrational alignment, raising vibration and what it means to live in a higher vibrational state of well being. AND there is also much conversation and information about food allergies, genetically engineered food, and processed food. All of these directly influence your well-being and your spiritual vibrational consciousness.

In the Level 3 class that I teach, students are required to merge with a spiritual ally and must hold the vibration of that ally for at least an hour. This often requires great shifts in their vibrational capacity to hold this energy. I often hear that students must change their diet as one of the requirements that their ally needs. The spiritual allies always vibrate at higher frequencies than humans and for humans to hold this energy they must build up to those particular vibrational frequencies. This is an amazing benefit to the human, because it realigns all facets of them, especially in their consciousness and their physical health. If the human doesn’t make the changes that are suggested by the spiritual ally, there will be a resistance or a conflict that will happen in the body. This can be experienced as pain. The container, the human body, isn’t capable of holding the higher vibration and so it hurts. It’s like sticking your finger in a light socket, zing… too much energy too fast, much more than our body can handle without building up to it, and so it hurts!

However, it is in these higher states of vibration that our divine essence thrives. The spirits have continually said that you must raise your vibration to be healthy, conscious, and aware. The higher vibrations are above the densities of much of human experience — the densities of doubt, fear, jealousy, revenge, sorrow, powerlessness, fear, disappointment, and judgment.

Humans have been reaching for higher consciousness since the beginning of time through meditation and spiritual methods of enlightenment. Egos were the prime resistance to the higher frequencies. Now, in 21st century spiritual consciousness, a new factor is brought in — FOOD. So many people have food allergies. As our desire for spiritual enlightenment has escalated into the masses, our quality of food has diminished because of genetic engineering and the processing of foods. Our bodies are rejecting these lower frequency energies. From a vibrational stand point as we try to increase our vibration, if the food we ingest isn’t a vibrational match, we will be in pain, the food will make us sick, and we will hurt. It’s as if the body screams, “Warning! Warning! Warning! This is not a match for who you are. This cannot sustain your vibration!’

My original statement at the top of this newsletter was, “The other day a phenomenon happened in my body that left me in amazement.” I finally “got” what the spirits have been telling me all this time at a very physical level. I was in a class running tremendous amounts of higher vibrational energy. There were pieces of chocolate on my altar and I decided to have a piece. I hadn’t eaten in several hours. I put the chocolate in my mouth and within ten seconds had a surge of pain go through my neck and track up into my head, which resulted in a full migraine. I was in pain until the next day when I could get to the chiropractor. My neck was dramatically “OUT” (the advanced medical term that many chiropractors use). I explained what had happened and asked, “Can chocolate really move my bones?” The answer was emphatically, “Yes!” My chiropractor gave me the same answer that I have heard so many times before, “Chocolate is not a vibrational match for you. Your body responded immediately with a shot of resistance, followed by pain as it responded to the intrusion of unmatched energy.” I finally got it. Thank you.

So all of you out there with food allergies and all of you that want to change your vibration, be more aware, more conscious, more open, and take a look at what you eat. As the spirits said, “We are all different.” There will be different foods that affect us in different ways. No two people are alike. Some, like me, will not be able to tolerate chocolate or coffee; others will find it takes them to the divine. We are all different and we are all vibrational energy. What I do know is that as my vibration has increased, my need for “healthy” food has also increased. I must follow the clues of my body and not resist the pain by taking an aspirin or getting endless chiropractic adjustments.

If you are not getting to the levels of spiritual awareness that you desire, OR if you are on a spiritual path and find yourself getting sick all the time and not understanding why, investigate your food and drink. Ask your spiritual allies for guidance. Pay attention to the obvious. What are you eating? Processed foods and empty calories? A shift to organic can make a tremendous difference. There are many methods that guide a person to the higher vibrations and the expansion of the mind and heart, but if your body is sick, something is still out of alignment. I hope it doesn’t take you as long as it did me to really understand.

I have spent the last 20 years of my life expanding my heart and holding higher levels of vibrations, yet my head would sometimes ache through these expansions. Since I didn’t actually have “allergies” I wasn’t looking at the obvious in myself. I know that I can be a hard sell at times to the spirits, but when I finally get something, I like to pass along the wisdom. Notice what you are ingesting as fuel for your spiritual growth.

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