Eliminating Fear: Part 2

Eliminating Fear: Part 2 by Jan Engels-Smith

eliminate fear and resistance


Fear is ego-based. And the ego constantly tells a story.  Many of the elements of this story use tiny bits of information—some from the past and many from a distorted sense of the future—and the ego and fear convinces us that this story is true.  The story may relate a case for scarcity or issue judgments or narrow our sense of possibilities. Fear is so imposing that we are convinced that the egoic endless chatter must be true and we act accordingly.  Fear than becomes self-perpetuating.  Our failure to resist fear results in our failure to act and, in our distorted sense of reality, we “prove” to ourselves that the fear was justified. We commit ourselves to a downward spiral of fear creating failure and failure multiplying our fears. In a world of endless bounty and possibility, we come to believe in fear’s story of insufficiency.

The first effort in eliminating fear is to re-frame the story into one of abundance and plenty. Our soul’s story of joy and ascendancy may be quiet in our ego-based condition but once released by our attention to its message, it can become the dominant theme of our existence. Fear thrives in our three dimensional world of ego where humankind strives for dominance rather than harmony, but as we ascend through the fourth dimension to the fifth dimension and beyond, we must intentionally break the bonds of fear through our awareness of our unity with the universe and the power that this awareness creates. As we are being summoned by evolution to move into higher dimensions, we simultaneously can unleash the power of being at one with the cosmos and fear can be relegated to lesser significance and will cease to dominant our lives.  It may take perseverance and diligence to break the bonds of fear; however, it is a necessary function of ascension and one that cannot be overlooked.

The spirits gave me explicit directions on how to eliminate fear and by so doing energize one through the positive vibrations that naturally flow into the void left by the release of negative energy. The spirits made it clear that we can establish portals into the Earth and channel the fear out of ourselves and deep into the Earth where the fear will be absorbed and extinguished. This intentional act will allow an individual to clearly identify the festering fear that gnaws at one’s being and detach it from one’s mind and see it move out and be drawn deep into the Earth.  Herewith, a process:

First, set your intention. Be clear in your mind what it is that you fear and recognize that the fear does not belong with you and that you have the power to move it away from you.

Then, identify a part of yourself that will act as the gateway or portal out of your person. If you have expressed your fear in words, you might choose to let the fear exit like a breath from your mouth. Blow it forcibly from you. If you feel its inhabitance within your whole being and sense its energy from your past, you might feel the fear seeping out through the pores of your skin. If you feel it as a negative energy in your aura, you might brush it away by sweeping your hands across your skin and flinging it away from you.  Find the way that works to free you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Next, select and define a portal for the passage of the fear into the Earth. Remember that the Great Mother is more powerful than all the fears that plague humankind and that she can consume the fear and transmute it. In fact, the passage of the fear through this portal will not only serve your better good, but also contribute to the healing of the Earth by removing this negative energy.  You might define the portal with red ribbons, pinecones, rocks, or any other visual construct n the ground and see in your mind’s eye the passageway into the earth.

Finally, visualize the fear exiting your body, perhaps struggling against your effort, and passing through the portal.  You will discover in the moment an amazing surge of positive energy and feel yourself growing in physical and mental strength as your determined effort permeates your person with a new ascendant vibration.  You will feel empowered to be the master of your fear in your refusal to allow it to dominate your thoughts and actions.

This transformation is the preparation for your continued journey to achieve a higher dimension and, in fact, is essential to your spiritual growth. The focus on this imperative step of releasing fear should be practiced often, making it part of your daily practice.  Ascension has many facets and the action of practice is a function of the entire process.  Remember that the alteration in your being directly impacts all existence, as you are one with the universe.

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Eliminating Fear: Part 1

Eliminating Fear: Part 1 by Jan Engels-Smith

“No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.”  Edmund Burke, 1756



How often have you dealt with hard choices related to your work or personal life that require decisions that do not guarantee that you will be successful in the path you might choose? How often have you failed to act or delayed a decision because of the fear that you might not choose wisely? How often has your fear of the unknown or lack of assurance of success stymied you and led you to regret opportunities missed? All of us must deal often with the hesitations and doubts that stem from relatively constant sources of anxiety and dread that we lead ourselves to believe are the product of outside forces that we lack the confidence to confront.  We may not be certain of the nature of the threats or even that they are real, but our emotional state is impacted in such a way that these perceptions govern our actions and create misgivings about our ability to trust ourselves and to be confident in our personal decisions and choices. If confronted by a real threat, our fear may allow us to act wisely and avoid danger, as when we encounter a rabid dog or avoid a downed electrical wire; but consider the number of times such real events occur versus the daily fears we harbor about our perceptions of threats or perceptions of possible negative outcomes of our actions.

Imagined fears, the distress of possible failure, and anxiety about the unknown are far more prevalent in our lives than all of the real threats we may encounter in a lifetime. Imagine a life where one might distinguish between true outward threats and the fears that are engendered in the inner chambers of our mind.  Imagine replacing fear with a confidence in decisive action and finding inner strength in knowing that your decision may or may not provide the immediate results that you seek but that you will have moved forward and are not restricted by personal doubt. Acquiring such fearlessness is possible and, in the quest for ascension, is essential.  There is a way out of the shadow of fear and into the illuminated world of confident living.

In my work as a counselor and healer, I have found that the most insidious problems that individuals face stem most often from inner fears rather than outward threats. The anxieties and distress are real, but the sources of the fears that create such pain are often in the world of our negative imagination and are often hidden in the inner recesses of our subconscious.  I distinguish this imagined world from that delightful place of imagination that creates positive energy and joyfulness. The comic George Carlin once joked, “There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.” I believe that Carlin was a very wise soul who understood the impact of imagined threats and who recognized his own internal anxieties created by self-doubt. But this quote reveals that he was able to confront his fears and through his humor was able to master them.

The spirits have entreated me to find ways to instruct people in the ways of processing, confronting and overcoming fears. The spirits have made it clear that success might require a direct confrontation (to look fear in the eye, one might say) and to let the fear flow from you by means of an intentional action or, in some circumstances, not to confront the fear but to simply let it go with the recognition that it does not own you and that it can be released with ease.  To achieve this trust in one’s personal worthiness, the will to let go of false fears, and the ability to act with fearless confidence, the spirits have taught me that there is a need for spiritual instruction and supervision.

Next month I will extrapolate the details of fear release explaining the action the spirits recommended.  Meanwhile, please pay attention to your fears and write them down on a piece of paper.  Make a list of them.  The act of writing your fears down is qualitatively more advantageous than to contemplate them in your head.  Writing helps to organize your thoughts and to perceive the fear point blank in front of you.  Sometimes just this act alone will create a shift within.

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